The Courageous Ask: A Proactive Approach to Prevent the Fall of Christian Nonprofit Leaders

The Courageous Ask: A Proactive Approach to Prevent the Fall of Christian Nonprofit Leaders

Christian leaders are falling all around us. Most of us have felt the pain, the betrayal, and the disappointment.
From money mismanagement to moral misgivings, even the most devout leaders can succumb to deviations from the path. Almost always, blame lies at the feet of the fallen leader. But how often do those surrounding servant leadership see the signs and refuse to act when something’s amiss—then feign surprise in the aftermath? It’s time to be proactive. With this comprehensive and candid guide, learn to acknowledge the humanness in leadership and Courageously Ask the difficult questions to strengthen your leaders before they lose their footing on the bridge of ministry. $9.99 on Kindle.

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Free: 7 Days to Upping Your Prayer Life, Loving Others, and Having More Joy

7 Days to Upping Your Prayer Life, Loving Others, and Having More Joy
Do you want a better prayer life? Need more joy in your heart? Wish you felt closer to God?

In this short action guide, author John Christopher Frame, PhD, sets out a quick seven-day plan to help you revitalize your walk with God.

7 Days to Upping Your Prayer Life, Loving Others, and Having More Joy is an easy-to-follow workbook that can lead you to become the better Christian you want to be.

You’ll discover:

–Seven powerful concepts that can motivate you on your faith journey and help you improve your relationship with God
–Short daily readings, brief Bible passages, and compelling prayers that can strengthen your spirituality
–Reflective questions and doable challenges so you can experience God’s greater presence in your life

If you like spirit-filled devotionals and practical steps to help you live out your faith, then you’ll love this new inspirational action guide.

Grab your copy of 7 Days to Upping Your Prayer Life, Loving Others, and Having More Joy to renew your spiritual life and experience a deeper level of faith. Free on Kindle.

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Your Costly Blood Covenant – Discover The Riches of Your Relationship with God

Your Costly Blood Covenant - Discover The Riches of Your Relationship with God

This book is about the blood covenant relationship that every Christian has with God. It is an unbreakable, eternal bond that allows every believer to know God intimately and experience a glorious and powerful life. It reveals how the blood covenant is the foundation for everything in the Bible and that the Bible is not a book of mere religious doctrine, but rather a collection of covenant promises that He will always perform to every believer. $9.99 on Kindle.

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Free: The Secret to Finding Your God-Given Wife


A guide for the single Christian man who desires to find his God-given wife. Choosing your wife is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, and one of the greatest adventures you will ever go on. Following the biblical principles outlined in this book will help you to search carefully, discern wisely and choose successfully. The book answers the questions; what is a husband? Why is it not good for the man to be alone? Why is a wife a good to have? How do you date biblically? What is the place of your wife’s beauty and character? How do you know if she is the one? Free on Kindle.

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Free: The Secret to Finding Your Godly Husband


There is a well-kept biblical secret to finding your godly husband. What young, Christian woman doesn’t dream of finding that certain one, that chosen man whom God has selected just for her? In these pages you will discover that secret, as well as the secrets to starting your marriage off on the best possible footing. As with all things in life, if you submit yourself to doing things God’s way, then you are setting yourself on the path of God’s blessing and God’s best. Why not avail yourself of His wisdom in the most important decision of your life? Free on Kindle.

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Free: God is Speaking 3, Visions, Dreams & Voices

God is Speaking 3, Visions, Dreams & Voices
GOD IS SPEAKING 3 (VISIONS, DREAMS & VOICES) is the third book of a three-part series describing what God has spoken to us through His word, the Bible. In the Bible eras, certain chosen men received information from God through visions and dreams. These great visions and dreams are written out for us to see in the Bible. They are often breath-taking in their beauty, dreadful in their declarations of judgement, and stunning in their prophetic accuracy. Free on Kindle.

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Free: God Is Speaking 2 (The Bible, Prophets & Preachers)

God Is Speaking 2 (The Bible, Prophets & Preachers)
How God speaks to us today through His word, the Bible, bringing freedom, healing, life, protection, guidance, transformation, purpose and mission. Free on Kindle.

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Are Billions in Hell Who Have Never Heard the Gospel?

ARE BILLIONS IN HELL WHO HAVE NEVER HEARD THE GOSPEL?• Is God at war with Satan? If so, who is winning?
• Is Satan’s “good news” more appealing than God’s?
• Has Hell been the Church’s main selling point to get people into Heaven?
• If Christians have God’s truth, why are they so divided as to what His truth is?
• What if God plans to offer salvation to the billions who have never heard the gospel? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Into Africa: A Biographical Story

INTO AFRICA: A biographical story

This is a gripping and inspiring story of the greatest evangelist in Africa, Dr. Egon Falk, also known as Africa’s Billy Graham.

The book is testimony to his great love for the African people, his passion for serving God, and helping African people out of poverty, darkness, suffering, and pain.

This easy-to-read biography tells his story, including the humble beginnings as the son of a fisherman, his calling to Africa, the start of gospel crusades, amazing stories of signs, wonders, and miracles, and giving quality education to the poor and needy children by establishing schools in African communities.

Dr. Egon Falk has experienced hate from the witch doctors, who, through curses and spells, sent people to kill him.

Recently, a lady was sent to kill him, but through the love of God, she ended up delivered from demons and saved by the power of the Gospel.

His faith has been put to the test many times by people asking for physical healings.

A dying woman with a visible tumor as big as a soccer ball asked him to heal her in front of thousands of people.

With love and compassion, Dr. Egon Falk put his hand on her stomach and cried out to God.

Several thousand people at the crusade meeting experienced firsthand how God healed her, and the tumor disappeared.

Through anecdotes, his wife and children reveal the ups and downs of living with a man who has dedicated his life to the African people and God’s cause.

As you read this story of a person who had dedicated his life to helping people, you will be inspired and encouraged.

Hopefully, this story will motivate you to seek God and give you a passion for helping other people. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Lessons From Philippians: The Christian Struggle for Authenticity and Joy

Lessons From Philippians - the Christian Struggle for Authenticity and Joy
Paul’s letter to the Philippians is rich with wisdom and direction for our time. We learn so much in its few pages about the purpose of Christian suffering. We see God’s hand pulling all the levers and strings behind the scenes, sovereignly directing all that befalls His people. And we see the glorious results as the gospel is more widely preached. Paul writes the epistle from prison in Rome, while he waits to see if he will be executed or set free.

We see in the letter many of the real-life difficulties that believers face in the battles for humility, righteousness and obedience. The great Apostle warns us of many of the pitfalls and traps which the world presents to those who would follow Jesus Christ. We see the familiar struggles that we all face as strangers in a fallen world. We see what it takes to make the right efforts to be authentic and real with God. We see the truth about what we must let go of in order to more fully grab onto Jesus Christ. And we see the great need, both in Paul’s days and in our own time, for bold, selfless Christian leadership among us. The over-arching theme of Paul’s letter to the Philippians is the joy that sustains God’s people through all of their appointed trials. Thank God for this short but powerful book which encourages, directs and sustains us. Free on Kindle.

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Young Christian Prayers: A Child’s Thank You

Young Christian Prayers: A Child's Thank You

Modern prayers for your children, praying for mom & dad, their brothers and sisters, their friends, and teachers. Prayers for climate change and the environment nurture your child’s growth and knowledge of contemporary modern issues, such as our shared planet. Read alone or read along with your children. A make me feel good read. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Start Your Day with God: Christian Morning Devotional

Start Your Day with God Christian Morning Devotional : 10 Empowering Affirmations to Meditate on the Word (New Day Devotional® Series)
Are you ready to start your day with God? This inspiring morning devotional will help you become more aware of God’s presence, favor, and love.

Meditating and applying God’s Word is made easy and enjoyable with exciting and insightful teachings, exercises, and real-life stories. Each life-changing promise quickly becomes a daily reality as it is declared in faith and put into practice. $0.99 on Kindle.

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How To Keep The Sabbath Day A Bond Between You and God

How To Keep The Sabbath Day A Bond Between You and God

If you are a beginner in the faith or looking to gain and understand on keeping the Sabbath Day, you will enjoy the information found inside. You’ll get a glimpse and understanding of the Sabbath day. How to prepare for it, why it’s important, and keeping it holy. Scripture’s for the reader’s reference can be found inside as well. All facts of the book can be referenced with scripture. All teachings of this book are from the King James Version Bible $5.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Ecclesiology: Understanding God’s Church

Ecclesiology: Understanding God's Church
Ecclesiology is the study of the church, which is God’s people throughout the world. God has chosen the church to be his global representative (Matt 28:19) and to glorify him throughout eternity (Eph 3:21). The church is God’s temple (1 Cor 3:16) and his family (Gal 6:10). It is Christ’s body, including various members with different spiritual gifts (1 Cor 12:12-28). It is the salt and light of the world (Matt 5:13-14). While on earth, Christ promised to build his church and that the gates of hades will not prevail against it (Matt 16:18). It is the most important institution in the world. Therefore, as the church goes, the world goes. If the church is healthy, it positively impacts society, and if it is unhealthy, it negatively impacts society. Therefore, what we believe about the church is very important. Let’s study it together with the Bible Teacher’s Guide.  Free on Kindle.

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I Never Knew You

I Never knew You
Is the God you serve the true God of the Bible? If you profess faith in Christ, this book will challenge you mightily from beginning to end, GUARANTEED! Many are calling it Patrick Higgins’ best book to date. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Feeling Free

Feeling Free
If the Son has set us free, then why are so many Christians still struggling with toxic emotions keeping them in constant pain and suffering?

When best-selling and award-winning author, Terry Toler, discovered through Scripture that emotions were meant for present reality, he wrote a book that revealed a new approach to emotional freedom.

Feeling Free is unique with its entirely different biblical approach to mastering emotions based on current reality. The premise is that most people struggle with their emotions because they combine present troubles with past hurts and future worries. That creates an overload of emotional instability. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Times: Book Two

The Times: Book two
The first book of this series covered the “Nine Calamities” Jesus warned us of in His Mt. of Olives discourse. He called them the beginning of sorrows. This final book of the series covers the last part of that warning, “The Great Tribulation.” This is where we are heading. Every major event on the world stage, every war, the natural and manmade disasters, every societal trend, and every technological break thru is driving us to that unavoidable apex that Jesus spoke of. In this book I’ve attempted to sequence and order these events and passages. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Living the Life you Always Wanted

Living the Life you Always Wanted
Do you lack peace or joy in your life—feeling stuck in your Christian walk?
Do you find yourself wondering if there is more to the “abundant, victorious” life?
If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then this book is for you.
How do you get to experience the victorious life – The Life You Always Wanted?
That’s the question this book answers on many levels. $0.99 on Kindle.

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