I’ve never been that great with women.

Wait. Hold up. That’s not necessarily true. I’ve always been good with them physically. But at a certain point, that’s not enough.

And that point is now.

I never thought I would get to a point where I wanted more. But here I am. Single, living alone, and still missing my dead cousin who, if he were still alive, would give me shit for still being single and living alone.

But when I saw her singing along to a song I didn’t know and strumming her fingers on the wheel of her expensive Mercedes, I needed to know more about her. I needed to know her name. How she walked. How her lips looked when she said my name.

I never imagined that one conversation with her would change my entire life—and put me in the crosshairs of a man who has been making her life a living Hell for the last few years.

Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t know who the f*ck I am and what I’m willing to do for the girl who stole my heart the first second I saw her. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Come A Little Closer

Free: Come A Little Closer
Sophie was the love of my life. Okay, we were twelve the last time I saw her but still. I’ve tried everything to move on—whiskey, women, weed. Nothing seemed to fill the void.

Now, ten years later, she shows up out of the blue. The problem, I’m not the boy she used to know. I have a reputation that could ruin everything. Still, I have to try. Even if nothing happens between us, having Sophie in my life as a friend is better than not having her at all. Free on Kindle.

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Claiming His Valentine

Claiming His Valentine
The bad boy CEO always gets who he wants, especially on Valentine’s Day. First a box of chocolates mysteriously appears at my door, followed by a bottle of perfume and a beautiful necklace. Then some expensive lingerie comes wrapped with a big pink bow. Finally a card arrives which simply says ‘you’re mine, be ready at seven.’I don’t know what makes me do it but I’m ready and waiting at 6:55. There’s a knock at my door, three short raps that send tingles down my spine. My hand trembling, I open the door and my jaw drops. It’s my filthy rich boss and he means business. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire
I’m sitting at the bar with my boys and in walks this bombshell socialite.

I can’t help but think this ain’t a place for a girl like her.
And when she tells me she dumped her cheating fiance it all makes sense.
There’s lust in her eyes.
Her lips beg to be kissed.
Her hips yearn to be caressed.
I’m more than happy to scratch her every itch.
I’m a Manhattan firefighter who has seen more than his fair share of death and destruction.
It would only help me disconnect – even for one wild night of passion.
But things between us get…complicated.
She’s more than just a pretty face and I want to see her again.
Two turns into three and
she’s having my baby.
Her family wants to cover the scandal and get her back together with her cheating ex.
There’s no way I’m letting that *sshole raise my child – or marry my girl.

I’ll let this whole city burn before I let that happen. $0.99 on Kindle.

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More Than Expected: A Bad Boy Office Romance

More Than Expected: A Bad Boy Office Romance
New York was a rush of people and cars. As much as I wanted to make it here that hadn’t been easy for me. When I landed an interview as a photographer as one of the best local agencies, I hoped that all my hard work would pay off.

It needed to since my sister was moving out of our shared apartment to pursue a life with her fiancé.
Priscilla was all I had for family and the size of the city made it hard to meet people.

I worked for freelance company a lot and had little time for a social life, much less dating.
Every man that drifted into my life seemed to drift right out.
Meeting my boss at the interview changed my life.

He wasn’t only gorgeous and successful, but he seemed to feel the same way about me.
He pursued me and made me feel wanted.
I couldn’t resist him too much longer.

What about the job that I’d longed for so long? What about making a name for myself? Was Michael worth the risk I was taking for her career? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Manage Me: A Vagabond Romance

Manage Me: A Vagabond Romance
Dakota’s always been a planner, and her life shows that: a growing career in finance, friends, and a fiancé. So when she loses her job and her fiancé in the space of a single day, she finds herself without a plan for the first time. Her friend Lauren decides that this is the perfect time to give Dakota’s life an injection of spontaneity, and persuades her to go on a road trip to San Francisco, where she meets broody, driven Ryan. Dakota thinks initially that she doesn’t want to get involved with anyone new, but the chemistry between her and Ryan can’t be ignored. What’s an LA girl to do when planted in the misty forests of Big Sur? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Playing it Dirty: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

Playing it Dirty: A Bad Boy Sports Romance
My job is my life and I take my responsibility very seriously.

It’s a calling and not just something I do to make ends meet.
I want to help people.
I thought I could be professional.
How is that possible when his body is begging for the touch of a woman?

He wasn’t married and didn’t have a steady girlfriend.
He was built like a wet dream come true.
I found myself staring at his likeness on my computer with a finger playing over the edge of my bottom lip.
Those eyes can convey a certain need that has been unsatisfied.

I’m trying to resist, but the temptation is too much.
I have to remain detached.
He has a problem and I can fix it.

Sports medicine is a new chapter in my life.
There’s a reason why I have this desperate need to see my clients fighting their emotional issues.
He is a beautiful specimen.

It’s not possible to look at him without thinking naughty thoughts. $0.99 on Kindle.

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My Agent’s Son: A Bad Boy Christmas Romance

My Agent’s Son: A Bad Boy Christmas Romance
Alicia is one of the many struggling artists in New York, using her chance to prove herself every chance she got. One night at a gallery wouldn’t only be the start of her career but the start of an all-consuming attraction that would be hard to shake.

It was too bad that the man was the son of her new agent and completely off limits. It was too much to know that he’d slept with most of the socialites in the city.

Something about Brandon made her give in to him despite my doubts.

They fell into a passionate affair that was strong if not brief, one that would rock their worlds.

Could they make it through all the barriers?

Could they hide their relationship and keep everything Alicia worked so hard for?

Could Alicia handle her professional life along with sleeping with the son of the woman that controlled her future career? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Hale: Lords of Carnage MC

Hale: Lords of Carnage MC

A favor will kill you faster than a bullet.

It’s been years since the disaster that destroyed our lives. Years of me trying to forget everything that happened.Of trying to forget her. I thought I finally had. Now, the only girl I’ve ever hated Shows up in the last place I ever thought I’d see her. This world I live in – the world she’s turned up in –It’s too dangerous for her. She needs my help, Even though she doesn’t want it, And I sure as hell don’t want to give it to her. I can’t tell her yes. But even worse, I f*cking can’t tell her no. I have to protect her, Even though everything in me is telling me to just walk away. She’s always been an addiction. One I’ve tried my hardest to resist. I’m about to lose that battle. I’ll go through hell for her. Even if this favor ends up putting a bullet straight through my g*dd*mn heart. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Forever Yours

Forever Yours

Screw him.
My ex was more wife beater than bad boy, and I’m never going back.
But that means I’ve got to be careful.
I can’t let anyone get close. Especially not Ted.
His endless biker tattoos and thick muscles are haunting my dreams, but they’ll have to stay dreams.
Even when Ted tells me he wants to be more than friends.
I made some promises to myself when I ran. No romance. No men. And definitely no falling in love.
I never thought I’d break those promises so soon.
Ted says he’ll protect me, but he wants to know my secrets.
How can I tell him the truth?
That husband of mine is closing in. Which means I’ve got to run.
There’s no time for goodbyes. No time to tell Ted about our baby.
But Ted won’t let me go without a fight.

And the prize is me. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Brutes (Contemporary Romance Box Set)

Brutes (Contemporary Romance Box Set)
Fall hard for the infamous Beckett brothers in this steamy bad boy bundle. A four book Amazon Top 50 Bestselling series now available in one complete box set.

These tough, alpha brothers play hard and love harder, willing to do anything to protect their women. From hot football superstars to detectives, dirty mechanics and more, get them today! $0.99 on Kindle.

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My Best Friend’s Sassy Sister: A Bad Boy Romance

My Best Friend’s Sassy Sister: A Bad Boy Romance
She was my best friend’s sister. Nothing could ever happen between us…

I didn’t mean anything by it. I was only kidding.
I can’t risk losing them. They are like a family.
The world isn’t black and white. These feelings are wrong.
I thought I could control them.

It’s her birthday. I want her to blow out more than candles.
I have to indulge. I want to find a way for us to be together. Las Vegas is calling.
A little drinking with a little flirting with other women will help. Why can’t I stop thinking about her?

She is forever etched on my lips. One kiss and I know I will fall head over heels. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: The Fall of Diablo

Free: The Fall of Diablo
Tall, dark and dangerous Rusty (Diablo to the rest of the world) could make you forget your own name when he turns those soulful brown eyes on you. But Autumn Simon has more to worry about than a sexy bad boy when she, along with Rusty and her ex, Kendal, gets caught up in the middle of a robbery. With her life on the line, Autumn needs to make a choice. Can she trust the man who shattered her heart ten years ago, or should she put her faith in the tattooed biker who’s been warming her bed? Free on Kindle.

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Faded Gray Lines

Faded Gray Lines

All Mateo has ever known was a life of crime, and he’ll risk everything for the one he never saw coming back. Leighton is the tortured girl turned tortured woman who finally breaks. Only one man can reach through the darkness to save her…the one who already lives there. $2.99 on Kindle.

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SEAL’s Captive: BWWM Bad Boy Romance (The BWWM Captive Series Book 1)

SEAL’s Captive: BWWM Bad Boy Romance (The BWWM Captive Series Book 1)
Take a peek inside to get hooked on Gigi & Duke’s love story. The death of a wealthy Nigerian unites his daughters from around the globe…Each one is devastatingly beautiful, with toasted walnut-brown skin, Ivy League educations and new inheritances of over $10 million.

GIGI JACKSON: Ill-gotten gains are never safe. Gigi Jackson’s father left enemies behind when he went six-feet-under. His bodyguard and ex-SEAL, Duke, kidnaps Gigi. Fighting against Duke for her life leads to Gigi fighting on his side. A common enemy thrusts her into the arms of the unforgiving alpha. She’s a pampered princess, he’s a stone-cold, pure-muscle, ex-Navy SEAL hero… They’ll either survive together or die in the heart of the jungle. $0.99c sale for a limited time only. This book is a re-edit and 2nd edition of a book published in 2016. Extensive updates have been made to the manuscript. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Right Kind of Reckless

The Right Kind of Reckless
Maxwell Martinez
I’m in love with a woman I can’t have, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to stop myself from falling.

The problem? Her brother’s my best friend.

I shouldn’t want her this much. Not when it goes against the bro code. Not when I’ve never been able to commit to a woman for longer than a night.

But one look into her eyes and I’m a mess for her. She’s my everything. And I have to walk away with nothing. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Top Dog

Top Dog

Thug. Mafia Leader. Rival.

My family forbids our love – so I loved him all the more.
I’m back, and I’ve got a six-year-old secret. Romeo’s a daddy.
And our forbidden love is about to start a war.

I inherited the family business.
And I made a vow that things would change.
I’ll make things right. Starting with Julia.
She’s the only woman I want.
The only one I can’t have.

Her power-hungry uncle has eyes on my throne.
And he’ll use Julia and her son to get it.

I won’t let anyone bring harm to them.
Even if I have to take down everyone around me to do it. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Boardroom Bride

Boardroom Bride

Take a good little girl like Elsa
Rub her against a filthy brute like me
What do you get?
A very dirty little Angel…

She’s got everything a man could ever want.
Gorgeous. Brilliant. Pure perfection.
Girl like that should be on my arm.
Only problem?

We hate each other’s guts.

Two CEO’s with a decade of animosity.
But now we’ve gone too far.
Tit for tat is what it started with.
A PR disaster is what we ended with.
Now both our boards are ready to toss us into the gutter.
The only solution?

A completely fake engagement.

Build back our reputations.
Become darlings of the fashion world once more.
Smile for the camera.
As we whisper how much we hate each other.

But when you stand a little too close, things start to change.
Hell, maybe I’ll have some fun with this.
Mix some of this work with just a little pleasure.
It’s a fine line.
Filled with risks.

Because when it comes to business, it’s always a game I play to win.
And if I lose this one, I may just lose my heart. $0.99 on Kindle.

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