Halstead Billionaire Brothers

Halstead Billionaire Brothers
“Don’t do it.
Don’t drool over him.
It’s a mistake.
He’s going to be your boss.”

With a teasing smile, deep voice, expensive suit and perfectly chiselled abs. It’s enough to melt your soul. Halstead Billionaire Brothers will make your brains go out the window.

The Billionaire’s Chef

Falling for a sexy legend has consequences.
Serious consequences.
Especially when that sexy God is your boss.

The Billionaire’s Nanny

After everything I’d been through,
the last thing I needed was to fall for another man…
Especially when that man just hired me as his nanny.

The Billionaire’s Lawyer

If temptation had a name, it would be Eric Halstead.
Powerful, sexy-as-hell billionaire and my romantic nemesis.
He’s the one man responsible for the worst date of my life,
And the only person that stands between me and my dream job.

The Billionaire’s Fake Bride

They say you shouldn’t fake it…
But with half a million dollars on the line,
I’d do just about anything to fix my possible eviction and empty bank account.
Even if that means marrying billionaire playboy Jesse Halstead. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Princess Perfect

Princess Perfect
Princess Isabella’s life is a hot damn mess. And yet, no one can see past the perfect princess to the real woman within. No one except Marco, that is. He sees her, and he likes what he sees. A lot. The only thing is, Marco enjoys life on the wrong side of the law. He’s addicted to the adrenaline rush. If these flawed royals hook up, will they bring each other completely undone? A stand-alone story in the Rich & Royal series. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Man with Money

Man with Money

Handsome. Domineering. Passionate. Tyler Murphy is a billionaire. This man with money has everything money can buy – except the woman of his dreams.

And then she walked into his hotel…. $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Billionaire’s Surrogate

The Billionaire's Surrogate
What do you say when the hot billionaire guy friend you’ve been crushing on asks you to have his baby? Yes, please. Where do I sign?

Joey Williams is filthy rich, smoking hot, and has a killer career.
What’s missing? A family.
More specifically – kids of his own, minus the wife.

He’s crazy enough to think being a single dad is easier than a relationship.
The only thing crazier than his single parenthood plan?
And he thinks I’m the perfect woman to be his baby mama.

But I wouldn’t walk away empty handed.
All I have to do is agree to be his surrogate…
And the restaurant I’ve dreamed of opening will finally be mine.

Have as much sex as possible with a rich hunk I’ve been drooling over?
Sign me up. Get my dream career out of the bargain too? I’m in.

The contract: I agree to have his baby, no strings attached.
He gives me the deed to a building to open my business in.
We both walk away with what we want.

Seems simple enough.
Until it’s time to actually walk away…
This deal comes with far more than either of us bargained for.
No matter how hard we try to resist, we keep falling right through the cracks of our contract and back into bed together.

Will my heart inevitably do the same? Better question…Will his?

An irresistible small-town billionaire and his hot surrogate who will give you roller coaster ride of emotions, possessiveness, intensely hot love and happily ever after! $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Billionaire’s Secret

The Billionaire's Secret
Serena Aisling has made it to the top as a high-powered executive all on her own merit. No thanks to her millionaire father who’d abandoned her at birth to be raised single-handedly by her mother. She has come a long way, so she’ll be damned if she allows him to have a hand in her career by dangling the CEO position of the Mäkelä Group in her face. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Billionaire Boss, Undercover Affair

Billionaire Boss, Undercover Affair
Driven by ambition, Susan Johansen  agrees to her boss’s demands to break up his daughter’s engagement to inveterate Casanova Miles Middleton, taking up a job as his EA. Soon, as her plans appear to be succeeding, seducing the irresistible billionaire, she begins to question her motives – are they even more selfish than she could’ve imagined, as she now wants him all to herself? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Mr. Baby Maker: A Secret Baby Romance

Mr. Baby Maker: A Secret Baby Romance
Brody Harrington is more than a rich, powerful CEO.

He’s a prince. As in heir-to-the-throne-of-a-foreign-country prince.

Only he conveniently kept that part of him a secret when we first met. For a reason.

The passion between us was one I couldn’t deny. We tumbled into a hot hook-up that tasted like the beginning of something beautiful. Every kiss made me feel like my curves were made just for him.

He said that he wanted to win my heart, and claim my body.

He got both.

I gave myself to him, but only for a night.

And he gave me a gift to remember him by.

However, the stakes are high. Nobody can know about the baby growing inside me. Especially my baby daddy. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Billionaire Bear’s Nanny (Fire Bear Shifters Book 3)

Billionaire Bear's Nanny (Fire Bear Shifters Book 3)
A leader of bear shifter clan, who is fierce and rules his clan with an iron fist. And opposite to that she is a human and totally unaware of the danger she was living with.

Surprisingly, the most gorgeous billionaire on the planet gave me the job.
And I started to fall in love with my boss immediately, while lying about my past.
He is strong, powerful, and is known to be extremely reserved.
My legs wobbles, every time he is around.
He is very protective but also unpredictable at times.
He is too rude and dominant but I have seen desire in his eyes.
My past will never let us be in peace.
I must stay hidden, to keep everyone safe.
The monster from my past haunts me, and I can’t let him tear down the man I love.
It is hard for me to stay away from him, but I have to… just to keep him safe.

I was known to be a vicious fighter, until the birth of my niece, Laura.
I killed her father and now I was forced to hire a nanny for her.
After lots of efforts I finally ended up hiring an inexperienced nanny.
Even though she was not experienced, she was a good distraction for a while.
She gets nervous when I am around and I love that.
Looking into her eyes, bear inside me desires to take her.
The way I feel doesn’t make any sense.
When I look at her, I want her.
When I am with her, I feel strangely happy and content.
She has been hiding something since the beginning.
Laura is in danger only because of her.
And I had already warned her that I will destroy her if something happens to Laura.

Will the most powerful alpha werewolf, destroy the woman he loves? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Her Bratva Billionaires: A MFM Billionaire Mafia Romance

Her Bratva Billionaires: A MFM Billionaire Mafia Romance

Her Bratva Billionaires is a sexy, panty-drenching, standalone romance in the New ‘IRRESISTIBLE BILLIONAIRES’ Series by Harper West. If you love thoroughly alpha Mafia bad boys who know how to seal the deal, this one’s for you! Free on Kindle.

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His Beauty: The Cohan Billionaire Brothers Book Three

His Beauty: The Cohan Billionaire Brothers Book Three (An Enemies To Lovers Office Romance)
Lance has met his share of loud-mouthed rude women. But he’s never had one in his office. His first instinct is to fire her but he has enough on his plate trying to convince his brothers that Candin Inc needs to expand.

Corrine is not his type at all and more importantly, he has been burned before and has no intention of getting involved in an office romance.

Why then is he drawn to her? Why does he find her laugh cute and why can’t he stop dreaming about her? $0.99 on Kindle.
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The Billionaire’s Frenemy

The Billionaire's Frenemy
I always thought sleeping with the enemy was just an expression,
Until I met Nick Ransom.
Greedy, slimy landlord extraordinaire.

He’s hell-bent on closing the doors of my business just for some quick cash.
But if he thinks I’m going down easy—he’s got another thing coming.

The moment my hometown of Cherry Falls, NC was named the new “it” town,
I knew our quiet little slice of heaven was in trouble.
With offers pouring in from wealthy realtor investors,
It was only a matter of time before my boutique was on the chopping block.

So when Nick and his business partners show up to toss me out,
I’m prepared to give him a piece of my mind and then some.

Their motto?
Make money. Have fun.
They don’t have time for anything else.

Only he’s a gorgeous devil that has me wondering why I hate him in the first place.
If temptation was a four-letter word it would be spelled N-I-C-K.

With his tall, muscular body and tan skin stretched over his rippling muscles.
He’s like a delicious slice of chocolate cake,
Rich, tempting and sinful, but the moment you have it…you’re filled with regret.

To make matters worse, he seems to get off on how much I hate him.
But the real trouble starts when we both start getting off on it.

What’s a girl to do when the man she can’t stop thinking about,
Is the one man who can destroy her? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Broken Billionaires: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

Broken Billionaires: A Contemporary Romance Box Set
A Collection of three Amazing Stories!
If you like Best Friend’s Brother, Secret Baby, Second Chance Romance, then this Box Set is for you.

Book1: Secret Baby Daddy

Just hearing his deep voice, I could almost tell that he was extremely gorgeous.
His familiar green eyes made me look down at me, making my knees wobble like jelly.
I still couldn’t believe that I’d just seen him again.
He always had a lot of women around him.
He was one of the playboys.
Every girl wanted that irresistibly gorgeous man.
For me, he was like an unreachable dream.
I pushed my wits and rationality aside to go after him.
And that was the stupidest thing I’d ever done.
A part of me wanted to believe that he was not completely a bad person.
But I can’t fool myself anymore.
And why he has appeared in front of me after all these years?

Book 2: Full of Fire

If you even looked at her, you will get burned.
Yes, you got that right.
She is full of fire.
And touching fire is a bad idea…

I had no plans to be with someone.
But everything changed the day I spilled coffee on her.
Being around this ballbuster felt so good.
Looking into her eyes made my heart melt.
She is determined and tough one.
She wouldn’t let anybody in.
And she made sure that everybody knows that.
She is a walking disaster.
So how can I even dare to get close?

Book 3: My Best Friend’s Brother

Have you ever fallen for your best friend’s brother?
I am sure many of you did.
But did you end up kissing him?
And I was not drunk…

He kept yelling at my best friend.
I never felt comfortable around him.
He just left a bad taste in my mouth.
I was at peace…
Because the sullen jerk moved away a few years back.
He was always bossy and arrogant.
I hated him.
Now he is back in the town.
And I can’t avoid him…
For how long, I will be able to hold back myself? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Beau: The Secret Billionaire Society

Free: Beau: The Secret Billionaire Society
Beau must rise to the challenge to get his fortune back in this captivating romantic suspense series. The Secret Billionaire Society.

Six billionaires. One unforgettable birthday bash. Now their livelihoods are in the hands of a stranger. Each is tasked a mission. If one fails, they all fail. Billionaires, no more.

Steady and calm under fire Beau Miller is fourth in line to get his assignment from the ominous, covert Smith. Tech and security are his game, so

Beau doesn’t flinch when assigned to help a small business eradicate a virus attacking their computers. He plans a quick in and out to complete his mission in record time. Everything changes when Tess Roberts greets him at the office. Beau’s immediately taken by her. What he believed was a simple job turns perilous when Tess disappears. Free on Kindle.

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Christmas Santa Mystery

Christmas Santa Mystery
Romance in a nursing home for elderly people. Are you kidding?
Billionaire, Ryan Gilbert, returns from overseas to find his beloved grandfather, Jack, in a nursing home.
Maddie Hamilton is the old man’s favorite nurse, and Ryan can’t deny his interest in her.
Will a touch of Christmas magic, combined with Jack’s scheming, deliver Maddie into Ryan’s arms, and give them the happily ever after ending that the old man wants for them? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: The Billionaire Doctor

Free: The Billionaire Doctor
Billionaire doctor, Owen Montgomery, can fix any medical emergency, but he can’t fix his disastrous relationships.

After a failed engagement, an argument with his grandfather, and a promise to his sister, Owen finds himself face-to-face with Natasha, a beautiful former schoolteacher. But he has to ignore his feelings for her—he doesn’t trust himself in love anymore. Besides, he’s immersed in saving the struggling county hospital—his last big work before he’s forced to leave the medical profession behind.

Natasha Campos quit her job to open a learning center, only to find that running her own business isn’t as easy as running a classroom. When Owen brings his niece in for tutoring and he and Natasha work at a business fair together, they discover their feelings are deepening. But soon, Natasha’s instinct to run when things get hard is affecting not only her learning center, but her relationship with Owen, as well.

Will they set aside each other’s pasts and grow in love? Or will the expectations of others come between them?

The Billionaire Doctor is a stand-alone with a happily ever after. It’s the second book in The Billionaires of Gramercy series. Free on Kindle.

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The Billionaire’s Fake Bride

The Billionaire’s Fake Bride
They say you shouldn’t fake it…
But with half a million dollars on the line,
I’d do just about anything to fix my possible eviction and empty bank account.
Even if that means marrying billionaire playboy Jesse Halstead.

I never thought I’d be desperate enough to work with a matchmaking agency,
Let alone one that pairs broke people with billionaires for financial gain.
But here I am, pretending to be a blushing bride,
And pretending not to notice how drop-dead sexy Jesse is the moment I met him.

With his looks, money and charisma he can have any woman alive,
And he knows it.
That whole cocky, arrogant ahole thing…so not my type.
Even if his wandering eyes suddenly seem to only want me.

I promised myself one rule throughout this agreement, Don’t fall.
Don’t fall prey to his irresistible allure…not going so well.
Don’t fall into his bed…it was only one time!
And absolutely don’t fall in love…oops.

I’m starting to realize that pretending I’m not in love with Jesse Halstead,
Just might be the hardest thing I’ll ever fake.
Do I risk telling him how I feel?
Or is falling for my fake husband just flirting with disaster? $0.99 on Kindle

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Billionaire Dragon’s Nanny

Billionaire Dragon’s Nanny
After years alone, a dragon shifter has found his one true mate — his gorgeous human nanny.

The Southern Nanny
After my escape from an abusive ex, I lost everything.
Resigned to sleeping on the streets, I was broken and alone.
But a hot billionaire rescued me and saved me from that fate.
He took me in and gave me shelter.
Now I’m living with my powerful boss — as his nanny.
During the day, I care for his son.
But on warm Texas nights, I crave my boss’s touch.
This sexy CEO ignites passion inside me, but I’ve vowed to never trust another man.

The Irish Dragon
Over a decade ago, I abandoned my home.
The Irish Cliffs still call to me, but I can never return to my rightful place in the world.
As a dragon shifter forced to hide in Texas, I’m a single father, raising my son alone, with only the help of my shifter brothers.
My hatchling needs a female’s influence.
Then I find a gorgeous woman desperate for a job.
My beautiful nanny is the mate I’ve always needed.
But she’s human, and I could never share my secret with her.
Even as my dragon insists she’s my mate, I keep the truth hidden from her.
Now it’s too late to confess — an enemy from my past has returned. And my actions have put my nanny’s life in danger.

Can an Irish dragon shifter prevail against an ancient enemy to keep his nanny safe? $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Long Con

The Long Con

Some men were made for the con, and a sexy, sassy heiress is his mark.
He’ll change his looks. Drastically. Recruit an ally from deep within her world.
Chip away at every one of her defenses. Put a plan into motion that there’s no turning back from.
Dedicate millions to one endgame…to get close enough to Jaclyn Long to pull the ultimate con. $0.99 on Kindle.

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