Free: Steamy Romance Collection

Steamy Romance Collection
The Steamy Romance Collection contains four novellas focusing on sensual, confident women embracing their sexuality during their late forties. Packed with good, naughty, sexy fun these stories include: Backside of 40, One-Night Stand, Most Likely to Tease, and Pleasure Hunt. A happily ever after for everyone! Free on Kindle.

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Happily Ever After: A Contemporary Romance Boxed Set

Happily Ever After: A Contemporary Romance Boxed Set
These heroes and heroines are lost without each other…but obstacles stand in their way.

Inside the pages of this steamy, limited edition boxed set created for you by your favorite romance authors, you’ll find sexy, funny, heartwarming, and red hot romance reads, where characters navigate their love through all the twists, turns, and ups and downs required to reach a happily ever after.

Which passionate romance will be your favorite? The enemies turned to trusted lovers or the rock stars who know exactly what they want? Best friends who wish they could be more, forbidden love, or second chance at forever?

No matter what you love – enemies to lovers, second chance romance, a forbidden tale, vacation fling, opposites attract, comedy, or contemporary romance – every story in this limited edition boxed will deliver the satisfying end you crave.

One-click now to discover your new favorite ending with twenty-one happily ever afters guaranteed. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Rockstar Dragon’s Bride

Rockstar Dragon's Bride
At twenty-two I had everything I dreamed of.
Generous parents, a dedicated fiance, and an upcoming wedding in Las Vegas.
For the icing on the cake, my parents paid to have Garrett Hudson, a gorgeous rock star, sing for my bachelorette party.
Vegas was supposed to be fun; a way to relax before I got married.
But the fun ended when I walked in on my fiance.
He was with someone else.
He was with not one other woman, but four.
He begged my forgiveness. But he had betrayed me.
To bury my pain, I take risks. Out in the desert while rock climbing, I fall. I should have died.
But someone catches me, and saves my life..
I wake up in the arms of a man.
Not just any man. The sexy rock star who sang for me.
I’m single now, but he’s a playboy.
But he’s different with me. He’s kind and considerate, but he’s hiding a big secret.
After my ex betrayed me, can I let myself fall for this handsome rock star? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Third Party

Third Party

Josh Rhodes was the love of my life. We were all set to do the ‘til death do us part’ thing. But when the video game he’d created sold for millions, I realized I wasn’t prepared for the ‘for richer or poorer’ part.

All I needed to do was prove that I could still support myself—if I had to.
All Josh wanted to do was support me—because he finally could.

But I’d seen what happens when a woman is financially dependent on a man. She gets stuck. Stays when she should leave.

So I took a well-paid temp job overseas. Just for four months.
When it became a year, Josh told me not to bother coming home.

So I didn’t. Until I did. Still broke and still madly in love with Josh Rhodes.

Third-Party is a full-length, steamy, second chance, holiday romance.

This is book 3 in the Mixed Six-Pack series. Each book features a different brother and can be read as a standalone. Never any cheating and HEA is guaranteed!

If you love stories with emotional depth like books by Nicole Snow and Lauren Landish, you’ll love Third Party. Free on Kindle.
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Red Planet Box Set

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Escape to Tajss with the ordinary human survivors of a crashed generation ship!

USA Today Bestseller Miranda Martin delivers romance like no one else. Read the first 5 books in her Steamy Science Fiction Romance series Red Planet Dragons of Tajss: DRAGON’S BABY, DRAGON’S MATE, DRAGON’S LOVE, DRAGON’S HOPE, and DRAGON’S KISS. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Lost in Love

Lost in Love
She called the cops on him. And then they fell in love.

Frances didn’t know what she was getting herself into. She hasn’t seen her father, Charles, for the longest time. But when he went silent on her after sending a distressing message, Frances knew something was off.

What she didn’t bank on was seeing his house empty and abandoned when she arrived. Meeting a tall, slick, broad-shouldered Drake perusing the scene, even less so. Severe words were exchanged, which caused Frances to run out and call the cops on him.

Little did both of them know that was just the beginning of a steamy love affair amid utter uncertainty.

Will Frances ever find Charles?

Will she ever make sense of why Drake was in her father’s house in the first place?

Is their love story doomed from the very beginning?

Find out for yourself in “Beyond Her Curves” by prolific romance action-thriller author Evelyn Love!
In this compelling suspense adventure, readers will:

Sink their teeth into one of the steamiest alpha male-curvy girl romance series of the genre
Lose themselves in the gripping world of crime, kidnapping, romance, and hot CIA Agents
And so much more!

It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. Frances and Drake have crossed paths. And they’ll soon find out how hard it is to untangle themselves from each other’s webs $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Naughty Temptations Collection Four

Naughty Temptations Collection Four
Sixteen Sizzling Stories by the romance authors of the Naughty Literati!

Mature Contemporary Romance 18+ MFM, Cougar, threesomes, step-siblings, 2nd naughty chance at love and more! Free on Kindle.

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Billy’s Baby

Billy's Baby

Morgan is everything I never knew I wanted. Smoking hot and stubborn as hell.
She’s only here for a few weeks. Too bad my heart doesn’t get the memo.
When a freak storm threatens the island and my woman,
I’ll risk my own life to make sure she’s safe. I just hope I live to kiss her again. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Cole – Big, Sexy, Alphas of Wildwood County

Cole: Big, Sexy, Alphas of Wildwood County

Welcome to Wildwood County, where the love is instant and the alphas love curves!


Being a woman in a fire station filled with men is hard enough.
Accidently buying a date with your boss at a charity auction, that’s a nightmare.
Then again, one night with Cole Andrews may just start a fire not even the chief can put out.


I want out of Wildwood County. I’m bored with the country life. I need to be in the city where I can make a difference.
When Frankie Kincade shows up, decisions get more complicated, and I’m faced with listening to my heart, or saying goodbye to my firehouse family once and for all.

Dear Readers,
This is an ultra-steamy, over the top, firefighter, curvy girl romance. This title comes with my ‘Easy Escape Seal’, a no cheating, no cliffhanger, happily ever after guarantee. Free on Kindle.

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Hottie Guy Next Door

Hottie Guy Next Door
HOTTIE GUY NEXT DOOR is a sweet and steamy Insta-Love Romance, featuring a Cop Hero and a strong curvy girl, with a Happily-Ever-After. This is Book 1 of the Hottie Guy Next Door Series. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

An enemies to lovers, steamy, contemporary romance about a case of miscommunication that leads to total crisis management and proves that in the game of love, winners never quit. Featuring a precocious K9.  $2.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Finn’s Christmas Dilemma

Finn's Christmas Dilemma
Even after being featured on TV and hailed as a sex symbol in the media, Finn Brogan’s career as a dancer meant losing the respect of his father, a hardworking construction worker who refuses to accept his son making a living “spinning around on his toes.” Finn returns home for the holidays intent on repairing the rift, but he runs head-on into an even bigger problem—his unresolved romance with the only woman he could ever love. Free on Kindle.

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The Slade Brothers: A Complete Small Town Contemporary Romance Collection

A StaticTitle1
“Meet the Slade Brothers. Brooding. Protective AF. Rich and drop-dead delicious.
Get the complete best-selling Slade Brothers Series in one steamy collection.

Books Included:
Billionaire’s Unexpected Bride
Off Limits Daddy
Baby Secret
Loves Me NOT
Best Friend’s Sister

This collection of FIVE full-length novels has something for everyone! Get ready to steam up the sheets, cry tears of joy and angst, and fall in love with each delicious story. Whether you like alphas, second chances, enemies to lovers, accidental babies or down and dirty country boys this collection has something for you!”

$0.99 on Kindle

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Free: Triple Passion Play

Triple Passion Play
Two guys and one girl – love isn’t always simple or easy, but this closed-poly-triad is built to last and their love is worth the risks.

Book one in the Triple Passion Play series is a Male-Female-Male (MFM) romance with mild bi-curiosity that kicks off the unfolding bisexual menage saga in the next three books. (Translation: straight menage romance with hints of what’s to come. Ken and Tommy love Trisha. Both guys love each other too, but haven’t realized it yet.)

All four deeply emotional books contain pulse-pounding, put-you-in-the-moment love scenes with graphic, descriptive language. To varying degrees, books two through four contain, male-male-female (MMF) bisexual romance, including relations between two males (MM), bondage play, spanking play, mild domestic discipline, and adult toy play. If you are offended by alternative lifestyles, LGBT or poly relationships, or sexual content, you might want to look for a different series. Free to $2.99 on Kindle.


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Girls Night

Girls Night
A romantic and steamy collection of stories about women who love women.

Seven authors bring you unputdownable dark and devious delights.

From the ends of the earth and back again, each story will take you on a wild ride sure to ignite a roaring fire.

Sinister perfectly mixed with sweet, these vixens are playing for keeps.

Prepare for stories unlike any other because these GIRLS own the NIGHT. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Fragile Things

Fragile Things

When the invitation arrived, the opportunity to learn about my mother’s past was too great to pass up. Heading west to meet an aunt I had never heard of, I knew I was taking a risk, but I craved answers. Instead, I ended up with more questions, and now the dark history of this town threatens to tear me apart. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Daddy’s Little Captive

Daddy's Little Captive
I met Sophie online—but we can never be together.

Sophie has a family and a life of monotonous responsibility—there’s no time for her to become my little girl.

But she never counted on one thing: A Daddy who wants control. A Daddy who always gets what he wants.

A Daddy like me… $0.99 on Kindle.

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Sparks fly in this forbidden football romance as the hottest wide receiver in the NFL falls for the coach’s daughter! $0.99 on Kindle.

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