Faded Gray Lines

Faded Gray Lines

All Mateo has ever known was a life of crime, and he’ll risk everything for the one he never saw coming back. Leighton is the tortured girl turned tortured woman who finally breaks. Only one man can reach through the darkness to save her…the one who already lives there. $2.99 on Kindle.

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SEAL’s Captive: BWWM Bad Boy Romance (The BWWM Captive Series Book 1)

SEAL’s Captive: BWWM Bad Boy Romance (The BWWM Captive Series Book 1)
Take a peek inside to get hooked on Gigi & Duke’s love story. The death of a wealthy Nigerian unites his daughters from around the globe…Each one is devastatingly beautiful, with toasted walnut-brown skin, Ivy League educations and new inheritances of over $10 million.

GIGI JACKSON: Ill-gotten gains are never safe. Gigi Jackson’s father left enemies behind when he went six-feet-under. His bodyguard and ex-SEAL, Duke, kidnaps Gigi. Fighting against Duke for her life leads to Gigi fighting on his side. A common enemy thrusts her into the arms of the unforgiving alpha. She’s a pampered princess, he’s a stone-cold, pure-muscle, ex-Navy SEAL hero… They’ll either survive together or die in the heart of the jungle. $0.99c sale for a limited time only. This book is a re-edit and 2nd edition of a book published in 2016. Extensive updates have been made to the manuscript. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Right Kind of Reckless

The Right Kind of Reckless
Maxwell Martinez
I’m in love with a woman I can’t have, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to stop myself from falling.

The problem? Her brother’s my best friend.

I shouldn’t want her this much. Not when it goes against the bro code. Not when I’ve never been able to commit to a woman for longer than a night.

But one look into her eyes and I’m a mess for her. She’s my everything. And I have to walk away with nothing. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Top Dog

Top Dog

Thug. Mafia Leader. Rival.

My family forbids our love – so I loved him all the more.
I’m back, and I’ve got a six-year-old secret. Romeo’s a daddy.
And our forbidden love is about to start a war.

I inherited the family business.
And I made a vow that things would change.
I’ll make things right. Starting with Julia.
She’s the only woman I want.
The only one I can’t have.

Her power-hungry uncle has eyes on my throne.
And he’ll use Julia and her son to get it.

I won’t let anyone bring harm to them.
Even if I have to take down everyone around me to do it. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Boardroom Bride

Boardroom Bride

Take a good little girl like Elsa
Rub her against a filthy brute like me
What do you get?
A very dirty little Angel…

She’s got everything a man could ever want.
Gorgeous. Brilliant. Pure perfection.
Girl like that should be on my arm.
Only problem?

We hate each other’s guts.

Two CEO’s with a decade of animosity.
But now we’ve gone too far.
Tit for tat is what it started with.
A PR disaster is what we ended with.
Now both our boards are ready to toss us into the gutter.
The only solution?

A completely fake engagement.

Build back our reputations.
Become darlings of the fashion world once more.
Smile for the camera.
As we whisper how much we hate each other.

But when you stand a little too close, things start to change.
Hell, maybe I’ll have some fun with this.
Mix some of this work with just a little pleasure.
It’s a fine line.
Filled with risks.

Because when it comes to business, it’s always a game I play to win.
And if I lose this one, I may just lose my heart. $0.99 on Kindle.

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BEAST: Lords of Carnage MC

BEAST: Lords of Carnage MC
Coming back to my hometown was never part of the plan.
But now I’m a federal agent, working a case deeply rooted in our community,
And his club is in the middle of an investigation I’m about to crack wide open.
I fell for the man once. I can’t get hurt again.
But the harder I fight, the harder it is to resist the Beast. $0.99 on Kindle.

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From USA Today Best Selling Author, Ali Parker…

Seven men were killed last night.

Their bodies were sliced and diced by a psycho with a machete, and no matter what angle I look at it from, I know it’s only a matter of time before I have to get my hands dirty.

Real dirty.

Shit gets even more complicated when Holly Whitton, the girl who captured my heart a decade ago, moves back to New York City. She has secrets, that much is clear, but I can’t help but be drawn to her warmth. She’s a haven from the chaos that lingers at my doorstep, and she’s my responsibility to protect.

But my life with my MC is a threat to her—and so is the man with the machete and the hunger for blood. Maybe I’m the one I need to protect her from.

Maybe I’m the reason it will all fall apart.

Or maybe I’m the only one who can hold it all together. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Accidentally Married

Accidentally Married
I saw Holly, a curvy redhead in a tight green dress. I knew she was mine. And I had to claim her. I tasted her full lips and devoured every inch of her.

But then I woke up with a ring on my finger, and she was gone…

Our marriage was an accident, but my vows are real. F inding her isn’t easy. And I’m not the only one who wants her. The cartel thinks they own her, but they have no clue.

I’m not your ordinary billionaire. I’m f*cking ruthless. I’ll protect my wife. And our baby growing inside her. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Making Her Mine

Making Her Mine
A Western Steamy Romance.

Race owns the largest cattle ranch in Colorado and advocates for rights of ranchers. Jake is a new Federal Government Land Agent. His job is to take away land rights. Their backgrounds give credence the two will never get together. But when they do, it’s explosive! $0.99 on Kindle.

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Last Time We Kissed: A Second Chance Romance

Last Time We Kissed: A Second Chance Romance
I just ran into the girl who got away.

Holding a hate letter addressed to me.

And now we’re stranded. Last time we kissed, I broke her.

Ready for a twisted second chance romance? Want to watch an alpha male fight like hell to win his woman back? $0.99 on Kindle.

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