An Alpha for Christmas (BWWM Holiday Romance): 3-Book Set

An Alpha for Christmas (BWWM Holiday Romance): 3-Book Set
This set includes:

Hawaii Christmas Baby
When Talia, a beautiful, black, independent, make-up artist wakes up from an enchanting night in billionaire Jody’s arms, she has no idea that she’s slept with her new stepbrother, the estranged son of her mother’s new wealthy husband, Ben. Even though Talia is convinced their affair is wrong, Talia and Jody can’t keep their hands off each other. Meanwhile, Ben is running for mayor in Hilo, Hawaii, and feels Talia and Jody will jeopardize his campaign. Just when Talia tries to end things with the lovesick Jody, she finds out she’s pregnant and must choose between satisfying Ben and her mother’s best interests or being with the man she loves.

A Savior For Christmas
Because of his parents taking out a loan before they died in an accident, Zach will lose the family ranch to the bank if he doesn’t come up with the money to repay. Unfortunately, the only person who can help him is Mariah whom he embarrassed by leaving her at the altar a year earlier. Mariah has never gotten over how Zach broke her heart and has wanted to confront him all this time. But the minute his dusty cowboy boots march into her office, Mariah’s hit with a thunderbolt of emotions she’s not prepared for. On the flip side, seeing the love of his life again has Zach’s heart doing cartwheels, and he’s forced to face the mistake he made by letting her go.

The Best Christmas Ever
All hell’s breaking loose in the Bible Belt. After getting out of prison, 23-year-old LJ McCormick settles in Beluga, Georgia for a fresh start. That won’t be easy thanks to Beluga’s bible-thumping residents who have issues with LJ’s past and him being an atheist. Everything the community doesn’t like about LJ makes him irresistible to Ginger, the wild and flirtatious daughter of Reuben and Nola Ryder, the pastor and first lady of the church. Sick of being seen as just the preacher’s daughter, Ginger finds solace in LJ, and the two fall in love despite the obstacles in their way. Meanwhile, 45-year-old Nola is desperate to get her marriage back on track but her world turns upside down when she meets Quinn Moretti, an ex-con with a heart of gold, who gives her the attention and passion she’s not getting at home. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Christmas with my Irish Boss

“Look at you Cara. You’re all grown up.
I need you to know something I’ve kept hidden for all these years….”

Working for the O’Neil brothers is wild.
But the gorgeous, social-media famous doctors were my next-door neighbors growing up…
And proving that my job is not a handout will be hard.

The headstrong eldest is Ronan.
Now living the dream with his new adorable family.
Then come the spectacular twins Collin and Aiden.
I’ve always taken a secret interest in Aiden.

The boy turned man is as sexy as they come.
Tall with a body so lean I could caress it for days.
And, of course, that broad, mischievous grin that makes me feel all kinds of ways.
Growing up he took special delight in picking on awkward little me.
But now I’m all grown up.

Something is different this time.
Maybe it’s the way his eyes examine my body.
And linger at all my curves.
I must be imagining it, right???

Will this be the most unforgettable Christmas ever?
Or, will I regret letting my inhibitions finally get the best of me?
$0.99 on Kindle.

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Secret Santa: A Limited Edition Christmas Romance Collection

Secret Santa: A Limited Edition Christmas Romance Collection
Meet me under the mistletoe…

In this limited edition Christmas romance collection love blooms underneath the mistletoe as secret admirers finally confess their love and secret santas make holiday wishes of the heart come true. Get into the Christmas spirit by diving into these stories where anything can happen through the magic of Christmas—and love. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Fighting for Us: An Enemies-to-Lovers Holiday Romance (Heart of Hope)

Fighting for Us: An Enemies-to-Lovers Holiday Romance (Heart of Hope)
He’s the man who ruined Christmas for me forever. The one who broke my heart. The same man who still holds those broken pieces in his palm. Oh, I wanted to punch him when I saw him years later. But I was the one responsible for fixing him. DJ is a discharged Army Ranger with a broken back. I’m his physical therapist. And his ex-girlfriend. My job is difficult to say the least. Especially when his rough hands remind me of his touch. When the pain in his eyes tell me that he still loves me. Maybe I’m delusional. I probably am. Because I’m seeing two pink lines on a pregnancy stick. My job just became more difficult. And the secret is getting bigger by the day. Will this be another round of heartbreak or…a surprise happily ever after along
with the surprise baby? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Exes, Ohs, and Mistletoe

Exes, Ohs, and Mistletoe
Gwen has had it up to her eyeballs with her workaholic husband. She filed for divorce months ago, but he still hasn’t signed the papers. And when he confesses that he hasn’t told his mother about their separation, she backs Russell into a corner, threatening legal action.

But Russell has his reasons. Like the fact he hasn’t told his widowed mother that Gwen wants out. Or that he’s still madly in love with his wife even though he realizes he’s been more dedicated to his work than Gwen these last few years. After procrastinating as long as humanly possible, Russell reluctantly agrees to sign the papers, but there’s a catch. A big one. Gwen must pretend to still be in love with him while they spend the holidays with his mother in Holly Grove, Vermont. And maybe, just maybe, this sweet small town with its Christmas magic might ignite an old flame, and give their teenage daughter the Christmas present of a lifetime. $2.99 on Kindle.

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The Greatest Treasures: A Gift of the Magi Inspired Sweet Love Story

The Greatest Treasures: A Gift of the Magi Inspired Sweet Love Story

Sofie has always been poor. Now she’s poor and alone. She would keep her hair salon open and work through Christmas if she could. It would be extra money and people to spend the day with. But nobody gets their hair done on Christmas Day. Everyone in the small town of Poplar Ridge will spend Christmas with those they love. Everyone except Sofie . . . and Jack.

Jack, the son of a wealthy rancher, has loved Sofie since the moment he saw her in the second grade. And now that they’re both twenty-one, their love is something that causes everyone in town to put their hand to their heart and sigh. Everyone except Jack’s mean cousins. Is it possible to end a love like Sofie and Jack’s? Or is it a treasure not even nasty relations can touch?

Treat yourself to this quick, clever take on O. Henry’s classic, and remember just how wonderful love can feel. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Hot for the Holidays: First in Series Second Chances Romance Collection

Hot for the Holidays: First in Series Second Chances Romance Collection
Love second chances and romantic suspense? Let this FREE collection heat up your holidays! Second Chance Billionaires in every book! Included:


A fiery heiress. A global empire. And a hot billionaire hiding in plain sight. Meet Davis R. Black … aka Richard. Some know him as a tech mogul. To Jaclyn, he’s the King of the A-holes. Which is why this billionaire is hiding his in plain sight.Because if she knew who he was, there’s no way she’d let him get close. She’d never date him. Or kiss him. And she sure as hell wouldn’t lose her ever-loving mind from the taste of his lips or the sin of his touch. Would she?


Kathryn Chase never imagined saving his life would lead to her submission. Jake Russo thought he could leave it all behind. Being a soldier. And his life as a Dom. A brush with death will do that to a man. Make him believe that abandoning the past would be his only future. But he had one cross to bear. Watching over Kathryn Chase . . . in secret. Keeping an eye on this woman. Her unangelic guardian paying back a debt.


Every billionaire has a dark side. Alex Drake has everything. Money. Power. A dangerous dark side that shouldn’t be played with. But when one woman wants all of him, and another only wants to protect him, how far will one man go to teach each of them…His game. His rules.

Warning: Full Steam Ahead. Lexxi James Books are seductive, suspenseful romances filled with fun, sensual, and sizzling high-heat love scenes. Free on Kindle.

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Christmas Triad

Christmas Triad

Three marine brothers delivering BIG Christmas packages for one very lucky lady.

The Wolf brothers were my childhood friends.
All three of them were hot as sin.
It made for some very awkward teenage years.

Now, they’re back in my life.
Older, stronger, more protective, and hotter than ever.

When my creep ex shows up in town to cause harm…
My former childhood friends circle the wagons.

Now I find myself wanting more than just a friendship.
How will I ever choose between the three of them?
What if I don’t have to? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Double Mistletoe Trouble

Baby, this year you get to be on the Naughty and Nice Lists


Last Christmas my heart was broken.
This year I’m not looking for love.
I’m focused on one thing.
Winning the Holiday Harbor cookie competition.
Only, I plow into two hot doctors and my plans change.
They want to help me put up my tree.
Sprinkle me with hot cinnamon kisses.
And unwrap me like a present.
Will they keep me from my dream?
Or make all my holiday wishes come true?


Living in a town full of holiday cheer isn’t easy for two bachelors.
But then we met her.
Holly isn’t like other women.
She takes sleigh rides and jingle bells to a new high.
We’re not Scrooge
We’re not the Grinch.
We’re generous in more ways she can imagine.
We’ll be her Santa and give her everything she’s every wanted.
Just in time for Christmas. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Christmas Present

The Christmas Present

Alexandria’s Christmas has gone further off course than the S.S. Minnow. Searching for a Christmas miracle in order to reconnect with her family during their tropical island Christmas celebrations, she finds herself navigating hazardous waters as her ex-fiancée circles like a great white shark. When her brother’s friend, Declan, a notorious playboy, agrees to help her right her seriously listing lifeboat, will the Christmas magic of joy and love teach them that belonging is more than a place? $2.99 on Kindle.

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Mountain Man’s Gift

Mountain Man's Gift

Four years ago, I offered give the mountain man of my dreams my V-card.
Only to be turned down miserably.
Now Santa has a special surprise in store for the two of us.

Boone Callaghan was BIG in every sense of the word.
His body. His presence. His charm.
But crushing over my bestie’s big bro was complicated.

I kept my feelings locked up.
Until one drunken night I offered to give him my V-card…
Before being turned down miserably.

That was the last time I saw of him.

Now, I’m back in town to take care of my sick father.
We’re drowning in bills and it’s feeling like the worst holiday season ever.

In comes the man I vowed never to see again.
Impossibly hotter than ever.
This time he’s a single daddy.
D.I.L.F. is more like it.

Boone desperately needs a nanny.
I desperately need the money.

The winter days may be freezing outside.
But inside the Callaghan residence, it’s burning up.

But there’s a darkness from the past that refuses to stay locked up.
And I find myself protecting Boone’s son as my very own.

How do I tell Boone in the middle of all of this…
That we have a Christmas miracle on the way? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Liam: The Enforcer

Liam: The Enforcer
What happens when a top hockey player gets stranded in Breckenridge and shares his room with a cute woman who has a few secrets? Find out in this close proximity holiday read! $0.99 on Kindle.

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Mr. Dalton’s Christmas

Edward Dalton’s life drastically changed on Christmas Eve nine years ago when he and his wife were struck by an out-of-control car. On that night, he lost his partner and his career. Since then, he’s led a solitary life. His job at Macy’s pays the bills, but he’s kept his distance from others, even the caring Maria Esperanza, a fellow department manager. However, when he grudgingly agrees to join his old friends at a ski lodge for Christmas, his life will change once again thanks to a magical encounter.
$2.99 on Kindle.

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Christmas at the Bay: A Chesapeake Novel

Christmas at the Bay: A Chesapeake Novel
An aging mother wants nothing more than to spend Christmas with her family…

Carol Taylor has been through it all.

After going through a nasty divorce with Robert and her four grown children and grandchildren scattered across the country, Carol is planning to spend Christmas alone.

That is until her dying father gifts her a month at a bay house in the Chesapeake Bay.

When Carol arrives, she receives the surprise of a lifetime, but then tragedy strikes.

Will she get to spend Christmas with her family like old times?

Will she find new love?

Christmas at the Bay is a touching stand-alone novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat and fill your heart with warmth and love this holiday season. $3.99 on Kindle.

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Doctor Lucky Charms

Doctor Lucky Charms

This holiday season, there’s more than gingerbread in the oven.

I met the hottest man ever…
Then proceeded to tell him to shove his money up his Irish rear.

It wasn’t like I’d run into him ever again.
Not like I’d see him while visiting my OBGYN.
Wearing a thin paper gown on an exam table.

That’s exactly what happened!!
The Irish guy I told to go to hell is my OBGYN. FML!!

The humiliation doesn’t stop there.
Dr. Lucky Charms is apparently famous.
Him and his siblings are the stars of a reality TV series.
And every woman in Ireland is obsessed.

I came to a foreign country to start something new.
Now I’m convinced I’ve thrown my entire life down the drain.

Couple all that with a positive pregnancy test…
And I’m headed for the craziest holiday season ever!! $0.99 on Kindle.

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Rediscovering Us

Rediscovering Us

Josh and Maggie both want a second chance at their marriage. Will one magical Christmas in Havenport be enough to mend their hearts?

Josh took his family for granted and lost the love of his life along the way. Now he’s pulling out all the stops for a second chance with his wife.

Can they rekindle their fire and rediscover the love between them? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Her Christmas Wish

Her Christmas Wish
Bella Clare lost her Christmas spirit. Matt Baldwin is determined to bring it back. Can their guardian angels save the day and help Matt show Bella that Christmas without him is no Christmas at all? Free on Kindle.

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Merry & Sprite

Merry & Sprite
Opposites attract in this hilarious and sexy holiday romance with a little bit of magic and a whole lot of heart.

Jonathan’s to-do list:
1. Deck the halls
2. Throw Forrest off the nearest cliff

Jonathan Thomas moved across the country to escape his ex, only to end up planted next to a guy who drives him even further out of his mind. Forrest Wilde has no problem doing every little thing he can to work Jonathan’s last nerve, crashing into his tidy life and well-built walls with obnoxious flirtations and merry mischief.

When Jonathan is mysteriously hit with a spell that forces him to grant the wishes of the local townsfolk, he strikes a deal with Forrest to help him find a cure. As the saying goes, keep your friends close, and the impossibly hot guy who may just be an imp closer.

Toeing the line between naughty and nice, Jonathan and Forrest work together to break the spell. But as the tension between the two nears its breaking point, Jonathan is forced to decide if it’s really hate he feels — or something he’s willing to risk everything on for the greatest wish of all.

Merry & Sprite is a slow-burn contemporary MM Christmas romance set in a small beach town on the Southern California coast. The story features enemies-to-lovers, hijinks and banter, rival Christmas tree farms, and a little black cat. This warm-hearted romantic comedy is sure to cast its spell on you this holiday season! $4.99 on Kindle.

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A Convenient Christmas

A Convenient ChristmasAbigail Smith loves Christmas so much she made it her business. Whether it’s simple gift wrapping or arranging a sit-down feast, clients of A Convenient Christmas can count on Abby to meet all of their holiday needs. When her oldest and dearest client hires her to add a little cheer to her son’s life, Abby is up for the challenge.

Until he fires her.

Finn Edenbury is too busy trying to get through the holiday season to enjoy it. The divorced dad is not looking forward to spending this year alone since his daughter, Melody, will be with his ex. Which might be why he overreacted when he found a beautiful, tree trimming woman in his living room.

An unexpected change of plans mean Finn will spend the holidays with his little girl after all. Finn turns to Abby with an apology and a request: help him make Melody’s Christmas magic.

The Queen of Christmas can hardly say no even if she still thinks he’s a bit of a Scrooge. That is, until they spend time together. These two opposites end up wanting something for Christmas that neither of them expected: each other. $3.99 on Kindle
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Holiday Fake-Out: 22 Fake Holiday Dates to Heat Up the Season

Need a date for the holidays? We’ve got you covered with 22 fake holidates to heat up your season! Travel from small towns to cosmopolitan cities, snow-covered mountains to gorgeous mansions. You’ll meet sexy billionaires, brainy tech gods, buff journalists, sinfully cocky athletes, and sizzling hot chefs. They’re naughty and nice (and everything in between) and they’re enough to fulfill any romantic fantasies. $0.99 on Kindle.

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A Doublewide Christmas

A  Doublewide Christmas

Two lonely people who are brought together during the holidays by a mysterious eight-year-old boy and a dog named Harry. $2.99 on Kindle.

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Postmark Christmas

Postmark Christmas
She is destined to spend the holidays lonely and alone in her Victorian mansion. He has plans to skip the holidays to land a huge business deal. But one little Christmas letter, and the magic of the most wonderful time of the year, changes both of their plans.
If you love Hallmark Christmas movies, you’ll love Katie Bachand’s magical holiday romance. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Candy Cane Christmas (Collection 2)

Candy Cane Christmas Collection 2
Fans of Hallmark movies, Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle Series, and those who love to read by the fire, will love this set of four delightful holiday romances from USA Today Best Selling Author Author Lucy McConnell.

Enjoy these sweet love stories packed with handsome guys in need of a dose of Christmas spirit.

Snowed In at the Castle
A light-hearted holiday romance about an orphaned woman who gets snowed in with a prince for Christmas.

Marrying Miss Kringle: Stella
Christmas Magic is up to no good in this holiday romance about Santa’s daughter’s quest to find true love before Christmas.

One Tough Christmas Cookie
Will Faith find a way to celebrate Christmas once again and believe in the Magic; or, will she leave town, Reindeer Ranch, and Caleb in her rearview mirror?

Her Small Town Fake Fiance
What if everyone in town knew you were engaged to a man… except him?A big dose of holiday spirit any time of year. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: The Mechanics of Mistletoe

The Mechanics of Mistletoe

He can be a teddy or a grizzly. She’s a genius with a wrench. Can the pretty mechanic tame this cowboy’s wild side, or will they both be left broken-hearted? Free on Kindle.

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Free: Christmas Miracle on Easter (Sweet Romance)

Christmas Miracle on Easter (Christmas Miracle Series Book 3)
Jack’s back…

Jack, Charlotte and the rest of the gang are back for another holiday miracle in Christmas town. This story has Jack doing something he never thought he’d do—once again. Try this clean romance. Free on Kindle.

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