Casanova Boss

Casanova Boss
One whisper to run and everything changed.
Not in a good way either.
My husband was dead, and I was now on the run with my two young girls.
Our lives were never going to be the same again.
We were on the run and when we finally slowed down, we were in Canton, Washington.
It was a small town, with some big personalities.
The first one I met was my new boss and soon-to-be protector.
He was a Casanova type, the ladies loved him, and his eyes were fixed on me.
I ignored him at first, but Marcus wasn’t the sort that a woman could deny for long.
I was no different.
It was hard to deny my desire for Marcus.
He was everything that I wanted in a man.
Strong, kind, handsome, dominate. Incredibly hot.
He was also in the dark about who I really was.
I still had people chasing me that had killed my husband.
They were tracking us down, which meant no time for romance.
I couldn’t drag Marcus into my problems.
I wished things were different, but my life was dangerous. There was no space for a sexy mountain man or the secret baby that came next. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Aspen: A Love Story

Aspen: A Love Story

For two unlikely strangers, the snow swept mountains of Aspen remind us all that love and luck thrive on uneven ground. While newly widowed Mark stews in the shadows of success and loss, conservative Susan shoulders a weight of uncertainty from her romantic past. Can a single dinner for one change the course of fate? Can these starkly different individuals reconcile their own demons enough to see eye to eye? The scene may be right–but what of timing? In the heart of Colorado, under the watchful eye of the majestic Rocky Mountains, visionary Mark and stubborn Susan share a dance of swirling emotions that can only lead to something explosive. Suddenly, without meaning to, they set themselves down a path of self reflection–and personal reconciliation. Will Mark and Susan be able to overcome their own personal ideals and misgivings leading them to palpable passion? Even in the cold mountain town of Aspen–the flames of fervor flicker brightly. $4.99 on Kindle.

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Lost: A Mountain Man Rescue Romance

Lost: A Mountain Man Rescue Romance

A sexy, moody, broody mountain man who only wants his solitude. A city woman trying to find herself in the backwoods. One horrible rock slide that leaves the two strangers stuck together…whether they want to be or not. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Mountain Man’s Reward

The Mountain Man’s Reward
Funny, sweet, curvy, and giving, Cora Lance is almost perfect.
She owns the local beauty shop, Hair to Eternity.
(Yeah, she’s a little quirky.)
Firefighter, Judd Wellington has had his eyes on Cora for quite a while.
He likes everything he sees in the pretty little red head.
He hasn’t made a move, because she’s the Fire Chief’s daughter.
That means sweet little Cora is off-limits.
Judd is determined to lock down his need for Cora.
He figures the best way to do that is to avoid her and to never, ever be alone with her.
But what happens when the town of Thickwood, Colorado, is flooded, leaving Cora and Judd trapped in his cabin completely alone with nothing to do.
But each other. $0.99 on Kindle,

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Eric (Strauss Bear Shifter Brothers of Colorado Book 2)

Eric (Strauss Bear Shifter Brothers of Colorado Book 2)
Lydia is the only bear shifter I’ve ever loved. She’s the only woman I’ve ever wanted, and her betrayal still stings.

She left me without as much as a goodbye. I didn’t think I could forgive her for crushing my heart, for not saying anything before she left. And I definitely didn’t think I’d see her again, much less at the Black Bear Lake Lodge.

Lydia isn’t innocent. Those gorgeous eyes are hiding a secret. She has an agenda, or else she wouldn’t be back. I need to find out what it is, and if it has anything to do with my past. The part of my past that I’d rather forget. Lydia might be here on a mission, but I know her heart is pure.

What we had…was real. What I see in her eyes…is real. Her return will either heal my heart or lead to my ultimate destruction. Well, what’s it going to be? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Best Friends with an Alaskan Man

Best Friends with an Alaskan Man
They were best friends, but he wanted more.

After an amazing date, Sabrina Wells knows she has to protect her heart or she’ll fall hard for Hunter Gaines. She asks what he wants in a relationship, and his vague answer does nothing to encourage her hopes for the future. She draws a line in the sand and tells him they can only be friends. Soon after, she starts dating someone else.

Hunter retires from his career as a cop with the LAPD to follow his dream of living off-the-grid in Alaska, and he regrets not snatching up Sabrina before she moved on with another man.

When Sabrina breaks up with her boyfriend, she decides it’s time for a visit to Alaska. She toys with the idea of sharing her true feelings with Hunter, but once the words are out there, she can never take them back. Telling him how she feels could ruin their friendship, and she’s not sure that’s worth the risk.

Hunter is willing to risk everything to be with Sabrina. But will it be enough? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Mountain Man’s Curvy Love

Mountain Man’s Curvy Love
Mountain Man’s Curvy Love is a steamy sweet high heat BBW instalove romance. There’s a rough older Alpha Mountain Man & a curvy young woman he wants to make his bride! Lyla was hired by his family to bring Xander back to civilization, but can he convince her to stay on Devil’s Back Mountain? This book is over the top naughty – loaded with you-know-what! These two love to get dirty. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Molly’s Choice

Molly’s Choice

When an injury puts paid to Flynn Black’s professional fighting career, he retreats to his home town to lick his wounds. Angry and bitter at the loss of the only thing he’s ever known, he withdraws from the world, becoming as cold and aloof as the Colorado mountains that surround his home. But when he discovers the one thing that he wants more than fighting, he knows he’s going to have to make some changes – and he’s going to need help.

No one is more surprised than the perfectly poised Molly McIntosh when her reclusive neighbor comes to her with an unusual request. Flynn Black has decided that he needs help becoming more…civilized, and that Molly is just the woman for the job.

Flynn is as coarse as Molly is refined, as foul-mouthed as she is cultivated, yet there’s something about the prickly ex-fighter that intrigues her, and he’s a challenge she can’t resist. Molly thinks her privileged upbringing has prepared her for anything, but it didn’t prepare her for her growing feelings for the surprisingly sensitive man that lurks beneath Flynn’s hard exterior – a man she knows can never be hers. $3.52 on Kindle.
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Mountain Man Crush

Mountain Man Crush

The one guy I always wanted is finally back in my grasp.

My older brother’s best friend.

The hottest guy from my youth. The one that kept me awake at night.

And still does.

I wanted him to notice me so badly, but he never did.

And now I’m grown and have kick-ass curves.

A trip up the mountains brings me face to face with him again.

Nothing has changed except me. And my increased desire for this rugged, heartbroken man.

He’s been my crush all my life, but we’re about to be far more.

This time, I’m not giving up or giving in.

Not until he’s all mine. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Stranded: The Cole Mountain Brothers

Stranded: The Cole Mountain Brothers
Now she’s stranded on Cole Mountain. Emily’s family is pressuring her to return to her New York City life from the mountains after the snow storm.

I won’t let her go so easily. I plan to keep her right here on Cole mountain. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Accidentally His

Accidentally His
I found Jordan freezing on my mountain.
I warmed her up – the best way a man can…
Hey, it was the polite thing to do!
Now I’ll protect her from more than the storm.

I gave up trusting people.
Being a multimillionaire makes you real cynical.
Now it’s just me and my woods – that’s how I like it.

Until I saw Jordan shivering in the snow.
Young, inexperienced, and badly equipped.
And 100% delicious.

I wasn’t planning on her hanging around.
But I can’t let some sweet innocent blunder into a storm.
Guess we’ll have to wait it out.
With Jordan heating up my cabin, I know how to pass the time…

Turns out she’s a girl with a past.
And I’m not the only wolf on this mountain.
But I’m the toughest. I’m the strongest.
And I’ll protect my woman to the end. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Triplet Babies for the Mountain Man (A Mountain Man’s Baby Romance)

Triplet Babies for the Mountain Man (A Mountain Man’s Baby Romance)
I thought my past defined me… Until I found her.

I said goodbye to the world a long time ago.
There was nothing left for me in it.
I wasn’t worthy of a second chance.

But then I found Marnie on my cabin’s doorstep.

She was injured and lost.
And her gorgeous face and body did things to me I hadn’t felt in years.
She made me want to step back into the world again.

It didn’t take long – our attraction was uncanny.
We started something, a fire, that neither of us could fan out.

Marnie soon got pregnant, and it was okay.
I wanted a family.
I’d always wanted one.
Things were looking up.
Happiness was within reach…

Until he came to get his revenge.

Now Mercer, my rival, wants to harm my woman.
Well, not on my watch.

I know I did a terrible thing, but that doesn’t mean Marnie should pay for it.
I will protect her, even if it costs me my life…$0.99 on Kindle.

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