My Favorite Gift

My Favorite Gift

This year, I only have one wish for Christmas.
I want my wife and our unborn child back.
My enemy took the love of my life.
Quinn. My one and only.
To get her free, I need to fulfill his demand:
He doesn’t want my money. He wants my life.
I must kill myself to save Quinn. And our baby.
I guess we need a X-Mas miracle. The clock is ticking. $0.99 on Kindle
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The Party

The Party
He’s the town’s most eligible bachelor. But he’s more than that… much more.

Exhausted after catering a high-profile company Christmas party, Paige accepts an invitation to relax with the man in charge of the clean-up crew. He’s handsome and intelligent, but most of all he’s a good listener. When they say goodnight, she has no idea that the meeting will trigger consequences that will change her life. Free on Kindle

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Christmas is For Lovers (Boxed Set)

Christmas is For Lovers (Boxed Set)

All hearts come home for Christmas… This Christmas, fall in love with six hot and sassy Christmas lovers. On the ranch or at sea, Christmas is a time for love, homecoming, and family. Six bestselling authors bring you six full-length love stories to keep your toes toasty and your heart fluttering. Don’t miss out! Download Christmas is for Lovers today. $0.99 on Kindle. 

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Mary Elle…The Chosen One

Mary Elle...The Chosen One
A breathtaking romance…A compelling mystery

Aspiring artist Mary Elle McGann recreates a dream of the young Madonna and is suddenly thrust into the glittering world of the international art scene and into a passionate affair with wealthy French collector, Luc Bordeaux. For a single, incredible Paris weekend she’s Cinderella at the ball until reality intrudes and her fairytale fades as swiftly as her cross Atlantic flight home.

But fairytales are not destined to simply fade away. Her mysterious connection to the young Madonna grows with each new painting, drawing her towards a destiny that both awes and frightens her. At the same time her heart is leading her in the opposite direction…towards her fairytale ending with her modern day Prince Charming.

How can she choose between her destiny and her dreams of a happily ever after ending with Luc? $0.99 on Kindle.

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A Very Married Christmas

A Very Married Christmas Southern Born Christmas Erika Marks

Can the magic of the season bring the gift of a second chance at love? Find out in “A Very Married Christmas.” Just $2.99 on Kindle.

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Coming Home for Christmas

Coming Home for Christmas by Jenny Hale

Coming Home for Christmas is a beautifully written story about the importance of family, the magic of Christmas, and falling in love one snowflake at a time. Just $0.99 on Kindle.

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“Serenity’s Song”

Serenitys Song by Lynn Landes

There is a legend of the Winter Queen. It tells of a time when the guardian will fall. A Queen will rise gifted with power mighty enough to protect both worlds. Her role is to ensure the safety of the Saint and if necessary his children, until they come of age and choose a new guardian. Serenity has been chosen. Will she fight for her people? Learn more.