Free: A Cold Hand

A Cold Hand
When those long pale fingers wrap around your hand at midnight. The shake of the cold hand signals the end to your life. Ten stories, ten people who, in a time of need or weakness shook that hand. A Cold Hand is the third collection of short stories from a HARD PLACE.

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The Ascension Myth Complete Omnibus (Books 1-12)

The Ascension Myth Complete Omnibus (Books 1-12)
How Molly has survived military life this long, we’ll never know.
When her implanted computer interface is hacked by a nascent AI, Molly has to escape.

Grab the ENTIRE Ascension Myth Series today in one GIANT boxed set! Over 3,000 pages of Space Opera excitement!

Between the militaries’ high tech security shields and advanced personnel protocols, it makes getting out in one piece for Molly nigh on impossible.

What’s more, her new “companion” has a spunky attitude which only complicates matters further.

And her biggest problem?

The swiftest and most efficient way to get out is also the most embarrassing.

This boxed set includes all 12 books:

If you like your space opera with snark, action and characters that support each other, you will love The Ascension Myth where we find out if a dysfunctional genius can change the universe. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Charlie Holiday Box Set (Books 1-3)

Free: Charlie Holiday Box Set (Books 1-3)
Charlie Holiday doesn’t have assassins tracking his every move. His wife was kidnapped by drug-trafficking thugs. He doesn’t owe the casino $2.2 million.

He faces a fear much worse.

He faces a life of normalcy. Of regular-ness. Of living out his days in the simple, flat, one-dimensional sphere of the known. The expected.

Until one day he was offered a way out. An escape from the everyday. A ticket to transcend the humdrum future of boredom.

But when your life has been full of the expected and you wish for something unexpected and it arrives, what would you do?

Be careful what you wish for. Free on Kindle.

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Remembering Eternity: The Game Begins

Remembering Eternity: The Game Begins
The path to enlightenment often takes a detour through the past…
Skylar Seequn has left behind him wife, job, money, and status. He has vowed to rediscover the timeless bliss he knew as a child.

As he visits the California paradise of his glory days, he finds shaggy surfers, washed-up hippies, and a deranged Vietnam vet. Little does he know, he’s only at the beginning of an astonishing and wonderful adventure. Through the wisdom of spiritual Masters, he’ll take a wild ride through past, present, and future.

Experiencing his first love and the loss of everything he held dear all over again, Skylar’s new view on life may never be the same…

“Remembering Eternity: The Sun Inside – The Game Begins” is the first volume in an inspiring series of spiritual and metaphysical novels. If you like transcendental journeys and adventures that teach and thrill in equal measure, then you’ll love Richard Dietrich Maddox’s ode to the baby boomer generation.

Read “The Game Begins” to find the secret to permanent happiness. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Yaduk and the Gods of Seabor

Yaduk and the Gods of Seabor
Yaduk, a cowherd who lived in 294 BC, travels through black holes to an alien planet Seabor, a strange world of undulating liquid helium oceans and glowing radioactive forests. He gets romantically involved with the locals and joins them in their quest to control the future of the universe resulting in a series of hilarious and traumatic events!  $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Other One

The Other One

Ezra Orson never intended to be a murderer, but he’s on the brink of discovering something that will destroy not just his family, but the world as they know it. Tom has spent his whole life barely surviving in the Underbelly of a city that runs on cogs and cables. Felix is forced to leave the safety of his home to find a twin he never knew existed. Kaelyn wants to save a child. Onyx, a nation. But for Mliss, a clockwork city, there is very little time left. A world like a spinning coin. Two sides – never the twain shall meet. Except for when the balance is disrupted and the delicate thread, which holds everything together, starts unraveling. The world is spinning out of control now. The Twin Faced Gods are not happy. And someone needs to stop it. $2.99 on Kindle.

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First Born

From his first breath, people know that John Reed is special. Gifted with an uncanny awareness and ability to communicate, he also possess the power to heal. Before long, a local priest heralds the infant as a new messiah, inadvertently drawing the attention of Neo Tech, part of a clandestine organization whose dark web extends from major multinational corporations to the vaults of the Vatican. Neo Tech believes that John Reed is neither holy, nor even human, but the first alien-human hybrid. Find out what happens in “First Born.” $0.99 on Kindle.
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