Free: The Billionaire’s Unexpected Wife

Free: The Billionaire’s Unexpected Wife
I thought this Vegas fundraiser was going to be boring—another obligation to keep the family business alive. Wrong. I don’t remember a thing about the night we spent together, other than how good she felt against me, like she was made for me. We woke up the next morning with more than we bargained for—wedding rings. Too bad I don’t believe in true love. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Accidentally All Of Me

Free: Accidentally All Of Me
I’m raising someone else’s kid.
My sister’s daughter, and where I thought I’d never make it as a single father bachelor, I was wrong.
This little girl has my heart. And only her.
Until a stray dog happens upon my place and we’re forced to call a vet.
And a beautiful woman showed up.
I didn’t believe in fate.
But it seems to believe in me.
The beautiful woman who helped us out with the dog shows up again later on a blind date across the table from me.
And I’m sold out for her before I realize what’s happening.
Pulling back is my only hope for survival.
After losing my sister, I’m far more protective of me and her little one.
But it’s a losing battle. No way I’m going anywhere, until I’m forced to.
It would seem I have a kid of my own in the world.
Maybe this is the breaking point where I can walk away from the all-consuming passion of my new romance.
Because I’m good with giving my time, my body, and all of my money.
But to her?
I’ve accidentally given all of me. Free on Kindle.

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All About the Treats

All About the Treats
I’m known for my treats.
A billionaire bachelor with a world-wide candy company.
And I’m good being single. Life is too short to fall in love.
Until her. A curvy, brilliant, out-of-the-box single mom who’s changing the world one Halloween at a time.
Her Halloweenfest event is stealing the world stage each October.
And I’m impressed with far more than her business skills.
For the first time in my life, I want more. All of her. Everything she’s got to offer.
I’m just hesitant on being a dad. Mine was terrible, and it wrecked me as a kid.
The only thing to wreck me more?
Her not telling me right away that she’s pregnant… with our kid. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Stay The Night (Book 1)

Free: Stay The Night (Book 1)
Building an empire comes first. Or it did until I met her.
My family’s billion-dollar hotel chain has been my life for as long as I can remember.
Travel. Women. Wealth.
That’s all I know, until fate grabs me by the throat and decides to not let up.
She’s a beach body, a beautiful, curvy California girl who hasn’t found the right person to give into yet.
I would have felt the same, but something about her has me pacing the floor at night.
And my father sent me out to her hotel specifically. The sly dog knowing that she’s exactly the woman I need in my future.
But it’s not that easy. It never is. Not until our love produces a little one. Then everything changes.
Especially me. Now I want more than just one night. I want forever. Free on Kindle.

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My Last Love Affaire

My Last Love Affaire
Get Married. Have a child.

These are the only two rules to get my inheritance.

Neither of which I want. My billionaire life doesn’t play well with either idea.

But no one asked me. My father’s company is up for grabs, and whichever of my brothers makes it to the finish line first wins.

In no time, I’ve found the perfect woman to play my fake fiancée while I figure things out.

Beautiful. Smart. Strong.

Everything I crave in a relationship and more.

But there’s a problem. She’s got a past I can’t ignore.

Not with just anyone.

With my younger brother.

To top it all off, she gets pregnant.

And the one person she doesn’t tell?

Me. $0.99 on Kindle.

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My Last Chance

My Last Chance
I’ve made lots of mistakes.

But never one like this.

Back in high school, the girl next door spent a serendipitous night in my arms. But she wasn’t my type or really up to my level.

So I walked away not knowing her secret–our secret.

Years later, I’m still at the top of my game, ruling my own chunk of the world.

She walks into my office a different woman. Strong, sexy, and dead set on revenge.

I need to walk away again, but I can’t. She’s a different person, and yet, all the things that first had me taking a chance with her pull me back in–deeper this time.

She’s going to wreck my life, one bad decision at a time, and f*ck me, I’m going to let her.

The fact that the little man who calls her mom acts like me stops me in my tracks. He even loves the same things I do.

Surely not.

No damn way I’ve been a selfish bastard and haven’t considered the possibilities of our night together so long ago, but it’s true.

He’s mine, and I’m instantly in love with both of them.

I need one more chance, and I’ll do anything to get it. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Wyoming rancher Sarah Trask is on the run from the law after a dirty sheriff shoots her brother, and the only man she can turn to for help is her unborn baby’s father… a man unaware he is about to become a dad. $0.99 on Kindle.

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High Hopes

High Hopes

Twenty years ago Grace got pregnant after a drunken mistake with best friend, Sam. A penniless student, Grace gave up the baby for adoption without telling Sam. Now Grace’s daughter has traced her and is asking about her father. Can Grace confess to Sam without wrecking his marriage? $0.99 on Kindle. 

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Free: Broken Legacy

Broken Legacy
BROKEN LEGACY~ An Amazon #1 Bestselling Historical Romance!
Orangeberry 2013 Hall of Fame Best Romance!

Lord Gerard Lenister needed the lady…after their meeting, her wanted her.

For seventeen years Lady Eloise Granville lived in France thinking herself a bastard. Not until her life was threatened did her father cross the English Channel to reclaim her as his legitimate daughter. Now four years later a revolution roars its ugly head in France. Rumors abound of Lady Eloise’s life before her emergence in England…rumors that link her to the notorious leaders of the French Revolution.

Lord Gerard Lenister knows well the whispered connections Lady Eloise has across the Channel and the disdain that Society holds for the lady. It matters little to him. He could have cared less if she was the incarnation of a she-devil. He would marry Jezebel herself if she helped him on his mission. He is that desperate…but soon he discovers that Lady Eloise is not what she seems.  Free on Kindle.

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Secret Baby: Billionaire Stepbrother

Beck doesn’t know one night of passion with his stepsister produced a son, but he comes back home after selling his company for a cool billion, and he finds Millie visiting with a baby that she says is hers and some other man’s. His first thought is rage that another man has touched her. He wasn’t the one that ran away from their taboo relationship after one hot night … she was. But now when he looks at her baby boy, something doesn’t feel right.

Millie thought she’d never come back home, and she was alright with that if it meant protecting her son. But she heard her mom and stepdad broke up, and she started thinking it might be safe to return. She wouldn’t have come home, if she’d known her stepbrother was there. But then she was caught, and she was horrible at pretending. Until she fell into back into bed with her stepbrother again … unprotected. $0.99 on Kindle.
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