The Mountain Man’s Reward

The Mountain Man’s Reward
Funny, sweet, curvy, and giving, Cora Lance is almost perfect.
She owns the local beauty shop, Hair to Eternity.
(Yeah, she’s a little quirky.)
Firefighter, Judd Wellington has had his eyes on Cora for quite a while.
He likes everything he sees in the pretty little red head.
He hasn’t made a move, because she’s the Fire Chief’s daughter.
That means sweet little Cora is off-limits.
Judd is determined to lock down his need for Cora.
He figures the best way to do that is to avoid her and to never, ever be alone with her.
But what happens when the town of Thickwood, Colorado, is flooded, leaving Cora and Judd trapped in his cabin completely alone with nothing to do.
But each other. $0.99 on Kindle,

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