About Face

About Face

A Cautionary Tale to Anyone Doing Business in China

In the early 1980s, with the encouragement and mentorship of Dr. Armand Hammer, founder and Chairman of Occidental Petroleum Company, Carole Sumner Krechman and her husband, Sheldon Krechman, were presented with the opportunity to expand their U.S. roller rinks business into China. They excitedly pursued the opportunity—two innocents abroad in an exotic and unknown land. They eventually abandoned all hope of building a chain of roller rinks but through a convoluted series of events, became involved in a large and complicated joint venture with the Chinese to build a five-star, modern office and hotel complex and conference center in downtown Beijing—the first of its kind in China. Juxtaposed against the ancient world of Beijing, it was a towering beacon of light signifying a China that was stepping into the twentieth century.

Little did they know their joint venture would ensnare them in a dangerous web that included the most ruthless of China’s security agencies, the FBI, the CIA and a cast of characters who seem straight out of a Hollywood spy thriller. Their story is personal and full of real people. The security and espionage apparatus of the People’s Republic of China has a human face. In fact, the multiple meanings of the word “face” make it a useful metaphor for describing the reality of the People’s Republic.

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Free: Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy!

Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy!Is U.S. capitalism failing?
Is China as an economic force that we should worry about?
Should we return Roosevelt-like policies to build a capitalistic society that works for all?

This book digs into these questions and more.

A note from the author:
I, too, had an excruciating 2020. To begin with, including COVID taking my storyteller’s (narrator) soul to heaven. I was trapped in a bottle at beginning of the year, questioning my identity. But, I took that challenge as an opportunity by writing through my own metaphorical coke bottle. When the darkness rolled in, through thick and thin, an amazing community was there for me with helping hands.

Within a few months, over 10,000 people read The Gods Must Be Crazy in over a dozen countries, offering ~100 rave reviews (Amazon + GoodReads), and even achieved the #1 bestseller rank in many Amazon categories! Above all, I donate the royalty from this book for a greater purpose to Mother Teresa Mission (Missionaries of Charity). As a token of gratitude, I am making the book free as a New Year’s GIFT.

Book Trailer 1: “The Gods Must Be Crazy”: https://youtu.be/pe50Rx1DjOc
Book Trailer 2 “Trump endorses The Gods Must Be Crazy” (Satire): https://youtu.be/5ZlJncOLZjM

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Oriental Vagabonds: A Tale of a Far East Tramp

Oriental Vagabonds: A Tale of a Far East Tramp
The eve of World War 2. Hitler is finalizing plans for the conquest of Europe and flexing his muscles in Spain, while the Japanese are poised to invade China, and eyeing off the resources of the East Indies and Indochina to fuel their war machine.

Dangerous times, but there are still profits to be made by men like hard-bitten Skipper Bill Rowden and his vagabond crew, as they work their aging tramp steamer around the treacherous waters of the Far East. Uncharted reefs, tropical storms, corrupt officials, smuggling and piracy are all in a day’s work to Rowden and his crew, which includes an embittered hard drinking aristocrat, a knife-wielding Welshman and a hot-headed, hard-fisted Australian.

On what begins as a routine voyage to New Guinea, Rowden discovers an illegal shipment of arms concealed in his ship, setting off a chain of increasingly dangerous events that drag him unwittingly into the center of Nazi, Soviet and British attempts to gain the upper hand, before war finally breaks out.

Entangled with Chinese warlords, triads and a beautiful Russian adventuress, Rowden narrowly escapes Shanghai before the bombs start to fall, but his enemies are closing in. Deep in the Pacific, in a remote coral fringed lagoon, Rowden and his crew face a violent and explosive confrontation, with little more than fists and wits to keep them alive. $2.99 on Kindle.

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