Free: Africa: Open for Business: Discover the ABCs….

Africa: Open for Business: Discover the ABCs….
Welcome to “AfriCAN” – the can-do continent, the vast, vibrant and diverse continent offering a wealth of human and natural resources that translate into opportunities for business, your business.

Complicated? Not necessarily. Africa, with all its diversity and largesse, can be difficult to understand, to grasp. Just like most new business ventures. However, successful business in Africa is as straightforward as ABC: Appetite, Bandwidth, and Capital.

It starts with growing an Appetite to actually go and build a well-rounded understanding of the reality on the ground today, of who your customers are and what they need, distinguishing between real and perceived risks, and identifying accurate market intelligence.

Then you’ll understand the Bandwidth successful companies give their Africa-focused teams to build relationships and to learn how culture and history influence business, the first place to start your business, and to identify the best type of market entry and business setup.

With the right appetite and bandwidth, you’ll make better decisions regarding Capital which is about more than just the money to run the business. Successful companies invest in social capital, cultural capital, and economic capital.
Throughout the book, you’ll find stories of entrepreneurs, local and global companies – some that have gotten it right and others that did not.

Based on the author’s 30 years of wisdom, successes, experiences, mistakes, stories, and friends she acquired working and living across the continent of Africa, this book challenges perceived ideas of Africa. It is a call to go beyond the imagery of the past and to explore, embrace and invest in “AfriCAN” – the can-do continent. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy!

Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy!Is U.S. capitalism failing?
Is China as an economic force that we should worry about?
Should we return Roosevelt-like policies to build a capitalistic society that works for all?

This book digs into these questions and more.

A note from the author:
I, too, had an excruciating 2020. To begin with, including COVID taking my storyteller’s (narrator) soul to heaven. I was trapped in a bottle at beginning of the year, questioning my identity. But, I took that challenge as an opportunity by writing through my own metaphorical coke bottle. When the darkness rolled in, through thick and thin, an amazing community was there for me with helping hands.

Within a few months, over 10,000 people read The Gods Must Be Crazy in over a dozen countries, offering ~100 rave reviews (Amazon + GoodReads), and even achieved the #1 bestseller rank in many Amazon categories! Above all, I donate the royalty from this book for a greater purpose to Mother Teresa Mission (Missionaries of Charity). As a token of gratitude, I am making the book free as a New Year’s GIFT.

Book Trailer 1: “The Gods Must Be Crazy”:
Book Trailer 2 “Trump endorses The Gods Must Be Crazy” (Satire):

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Cyber Economics: Digital Resources are Changing the World

Cyber Economics: Digital Resources are Changing the World
This business strategy book delivers a fresh perspective of the dynamics of digital transformation. Writing for professionals and focusing on the global business leader’s point of view, António Belo Santos identifies and reviews current dynamics generating key strategic consequences for businesses emerging from the generalized adoption of digital resources by society as a whole.

Focusing on the dynamics of Cyber Economics for the business strategist, António Belo Santos reviews critical strategy developments emerging from digital transformation in agriculture, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, cyber security, education, fashion, Fintech and banking, health and wellness, insurance, marketing and the consumer, real estate, transportation and smart cities, tourism and hospitality.

Adopting a keenly direct approach and using concise, straight forward language, António Belo Santos contributes to a holistic perspective of the dynamics currently operating in the marketplace as a consequence of widespread digital transformation. See price on Kindle.

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ConsterNation! The Economics Behind the Angst

ConsterNation! The Economics Behind the Angst

The United States is becoming a nation of consternation. From rancorous political debates to anxiety over stagnate wage growth and underemployment, the general under-performance of the economy across all social economic lines is instantaneously fraying the country’s collective nerves. ConsterNation! takes a moment to peel back and examine the long-term economic fundamental that is holding the economy back from realizing enough of its potential, thereby causing all economic angst. It brings forward new terminology that better ascribes the current state of U.S. economic affairs (“processsion”) as well as offer a single-metric, known as the Yield Curve Difference (YCD), that tracks the relative health of the economy in real time. Given the analogous tone and sharp delivery of author Paul Allen Winghart – Founder of Wing-O-Metrics LLC and owner of SurplusProductivity.Com (“Your premier source of original economic content), ConsterNation! is a book unlike any other when it comes to 21st century U.S. economics. It doesn’t take someone with a Ph.D. in economics to readily appreciate the forces at play in the current landscape. In fact after just a few pages, the reader will find that they have a real sense of what is the critical knowledge necessary to better understand what they are up against in today’s economy. $5.00 on Kindle.

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