Free: Zentangle: Guide to Drawing Patterns Shapes for Beginners

how to draw Zentangle
Have you always been interested in zentangle? Do you want to learn how to make beautiful amazing shapes and patterns? Inside we take a look at some of the best techniques on the art of zentangle. This is the perfect guide that gives you access to the best tips and a step by step guide for beginners to understand zentangle. After reading this book you will have the perfect way to master your skills and craft with zentangle, and start making beautiful drawings. Free on Kindle.
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Follow the investigation of Agents Perez and Tyler as they investigate a new kind of college educated drug dealer. Tyrus has made a power play to take over the Miami drug scene by creating a new deadly, highly addictive drug. He has eliminated all rival competitors and now Perez and Tyler’s investigation is a problem that must be handled. Prepare yourself for raucous car, boat and motorcycle chases through the streets of Miami and Biscayne Bay, along with over the top fight sequences. This is the first book in this wildly entertaining serious. Free on Kindle.
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Caleb’s Journey

Caleb's Journey by Daniel Pagac
How far would you go to restore the honor of your family and redeem their good name in the eyes of the king? Follow Caleb Hart as he journeys through the world of Mithkre down a path that will lead him to face the indestructible Lord of the Undead, Xerax, to do just that. $1.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Acrylic Painting: Complete Guide to Techniques

Would you like to learn how to paint? Are you a painter and what to learn how to fine tune your skills and get better? Inside you will learn the best techniques when it comes to acrylic painting. This book is a complete guide for anyone with an interest in painting in general and a focus on acrylic painting. Download today and be well on your way to making wonderful masterpieces. Free on Kindle.
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I’ll Be Seeing You

The murdered woman could have been her double. When reporter Meghan Collins sees the sheet-wrapped corpse in a New York City hospital, she feels as if she’s staring into her own face. And Meghan has troubles enough already without this bizarre experience. Nine months ago, her much-loved father’s car spun off a New York bridge. Now, investigators are saying that there’s no trace of his car in the river, and they suspect he faked his own death. With frightening speed, links start to appear between Meghan’s father and her dead lookalike. Meghan may be in danger herself, but she’s determined to find the truth to the mystery. $1.99 on Kindle.
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Free Photography Tips

Correcting Facial Flaws And Other Photo Tips on Target Photo Training

When you take a picture of someone, it is your job as the photographer (whether you are an old pro or the greenest newbie) to make them look like a million bucks! Whether it is teenage acne, scars or senior citizen’s wrinkles… Unfortunately, virtually ALL of us have various facial flaws that we would rather not see in the portrait. Here is a quick and easy photo training volume that will teach you how to minimize or totally eliminate the flaws and make your “model” love you! Learn more.

Photo Backdrop Secrets


DIY Photo backdrop

Professional level backdrops will make your photography look truly stunning…the bad part is, they are extremely expensive! “Photo Backdrop Secrets – DIY!” shows you how you can easily make your own backdrops – for pennies on the dollar – that will rival the best professional ones. Learn more.

Control Viewers! Make Your Color Photography “POP!”

control-viewersIf you want your photographs to be stunning and elicit that “WOW” factor, win photo contests and so on… you have to consider the COLORS.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to control the viewers emotions is through effective use of colors. As humans, we are hard wired to respond to certain colors in certain ways. Tap into this deep seated propensity and finally learn to control your viewers emotions and get the “OOOHS” and “AAAHS” you’ve been wanting!

this e-book, Control Viewers! Make Your Color Photography “POP!”, is a fast easy read and you will never look at colors the same way again.

Strategic Posing Secrets – Hands & Arms!

strategic-posing-secretsAnyone who has done many photographs of their friends and relatives is VERY familiar with the question: “What should I do with my hands?” Unfortunately, many of us don’t really have a good answer!

Download YOUR free copy of my e-book, “Strategic Posing Secrets – Hands & Arms!” and after you spend about an hour going through the easy to read and understand book, you WILL have an answer. Not just an answer, but one that can move your photography to a whole new level!

Grab YOUR copy today!

Model Release Templates!

model-release-templatesYOU ARE GOING TO BE SUED!

Just because you are not a “professional” photographer, doesn’t mean you can’t get sued by your subjects.

Consider this… If you post a photo on Facebook, Instagram, your blog, your website, enter it in a contest, display it ANYWHERE… you need a model release! If you don’t have one, you can – and in these litigious times WILL – be sued.

BTW – it is almost impossible to get a release signed after the fact, your subjects greed kicks in and they will want to be paid (if you can even find them). But getting a release in advance of or during the photo session is easy, they will be flattered and eager to sign.

Here is an e-book that will give you the templates you need to create a release that will cover most any situation you will ever encounter!

Get your copy right now – while it is FREE!

How To Shoot Weddings Like A Pro!

how-to-shoot-weddings-like-a-proIf you are “into” photography, it is only a matter of time before one of your friends or relatives will ask you to shoot a few pictures at their wedding. Don’t get upset… They have no idea how involved it can all be!

How To Shoot Weddings Like A “Pro”! is not a book about how to make pretty pictures – there are thousands of books about that. This e-book is about WHAT pictures to take!

Keep this e-book with you and you will NEVER miss an important shot again!

Essential Posing Secrets

essential-posing-secretsWhen you are shooting portrait photos, one of the easiest (and free) ways to move your photography to the next level is through posing.

With “Essential Posing Secrets ” you will learn everything you need to know to consistently get professional looking images.

This e-book is easy to read (takes about an hour) and easy to understand.

Get YOUR copy today and by tomorrow you will be getting the “OOOHS” and “AAAHS” you’ve been seeking.

Photo Composition Mastery!

photo-composition-masteryWhen you want to move your photography to the next level, one of the easiest ways to do it is by improving your photo compositions. The e-book, “Photo Composition Mastery” is designed to do just that.

In only an hour or so of easy reading, you will discover everything you need to know to get the “WOW” factor you’ve been seeking.

Posing Mastery – Sitting, Kneeling & Lying Down

posing-masteryHave you ever been taking a picture of someone and wondered how you could make it stunning and get the “WOWs”, “OOOHs” and “AAAhs” that the professionals seem to get so easily?

Posing is a major part of getting the quality you are after – and better – it’s FREE! No expensive gear, fancy camera’s and so on. Just tell your subject how you want them to pose! (BTW – the legs form the base of EVERY pose, even if they aren’t showing in the photo.)

Chec out this e-book, “Posing Mastery – Sitting, Kneeling & Lying Down” and you will see how easy it is to get better photos – immediately!

Stunning Portrait Photography – Posing and Lighting!

stunning-portrait-photographyLearning to take stunning portraits is something we all want to do eventually… Why wait until “eventually”?

With this e-book: “Stunning Portrait Photography – Posing and Lighting!”, you will quickly and easily learn how to do everything you need to get the ooohs and aaahs we all crave when people see our photographs.

It’s really easy to do – just check out “Stunning Portrait Photography – Posing and Lighting!” and see for yourself! Get YOUR free copy right now while you are thinking about it…

Building A Portrait

building-a-portraitSooner or later, you will want to take a portrait photo of someone… Why do a third rate “selfie” when you can do a FIRST RATE portrait – one that will rival those of the best professionals.

With this easy to read and easy to understand e-book, “Building A Portrait” withing about an hour you will know everything you need to know to get the OOOHS and AAAHS you’ve been wanting.

Check it out right now!

Photographing Children – Tips, Tricks And Ideas!

photographing-childrenThis e-book, “Photographing Children – Tips, Tricks And Ideas!”, Started out as just a listing of a few tips on getting great photos of your kids. Then, in response to reader requests, it was expanded to include more and more portrait photography tips. Now it is more than just a guide to children’s portraits, but a thorough study of portrait photography in general.

If you’ve ever wondered why portraits done by “professionals” always turn out better than yours… here’s why.

Take a few minutes to check out this e-book today and by tomorrow you will start getting “oohs” and “aahs” when people see your portraits!

50 Keys To Better Photography!

50-keys-to-better-photographyDo you know how to properly use a monopod? Really? Only one in a thousand photographers does and it can make ALL the difference between a prize winning photograph and a big yawn. In this e-book: “50 Keys To Better Photography”, you’ll learn how to properly use a monopod in key number 14.

Do you know what “the ten foot rule” is? You will after you check out key number 17.

Do you know how, why or when to use “Kodak Yellow” in your landscapes? Key number 34 tells all. NEVER leave home without a rubber band! Why? read key number 28!

And so on, and so on… There are “50 Keys To Better Photography” in this photo training volume and for the next couple days it can be yours for – FREE!

Master Photo Exposure

master-photo-exposureDid you know there are literally dozens (maybe hundreds) of “correct” exposures for a photo? But, there is only ONE that will perfectly match YOUR vision. BTW – it is virtually never the one selected by the camera on automatic.

Understanding exposure is a vital step in finally getting YOUR vision into the camera. AND it’s not that hard!

This e-book: “Master Photo Exposure”, is fast and easy to read and understand. Within about an hour or so, you will see your photos leap to the next level and you will never look back.

Master Photo Shutter Speed

shutter-speedOf all the major factors affecting the quality of your photographs – selecting the correct shutter speed is one of the most important. If you are trying to show ANY movement in your photo whatsoever, it is the shutter speed that will do it.

From showing individual droplets of water in a waterfall to blurring them into that cotton candy effect we all love (or something in between) – it’s all done with the camera’s shutter speed!

This e-book; “Master Photo Shutter Speed” will quickly and easily take away all the mystery and have you shooting like a pro in not time! Get YOUR copy right now while it is FREE!

Master Photo Lighting

master-photo-lightingAll photography is about working with light. We all know about natural versus artificial light, but do you know the difference between hard light and soft light? Read through this e-book; “Master Photo Lighting – Soft Light” and you will know everything you need to know to work with soft light and put the “wow” into your photos!

Bonus – there is a bonus section where you will learn to make your own softboxes for less than $10.00. Why pay hundreds for a commercial one when you don’t have to?

Master Photo Aperture!

master-photo-apertureThe aperture is one of the 4 major factors in photo exposure – and for some reason, it tends to be the most confusing so we put our cameras on automatic and settle for second rate images.

Now, you can FINALLY understand aperture – and learn how to most effectively use it. This e-book; “Master Photo Aperture” is easy to understand and only takes about an hour to read through. You’ll see improvements in your photos almost immediately!

Quotes Of Love

quotes-of-loveThe Perfect Gift for Dad Any Day – A collection of 12 unique photographs with a famous quote celebrating fathers. There are also 12 specially selected poems for fathers to show your appreciation for all they do for you.

Photo Mastery – Shadows, Form And Texture

photo-masteryWhile it is true that photography is all about capturing the light… it is also true that it’s the shadows that give out photographs their depth and three dimensional realism. Learning to study the shadows just as much as we study the light will immediately vault your pictures into the next level and get you that “WOW” factor you’ve been seeking.

Master Photo Lighting… Light 101

master-photo-lightingPhotography is all about “writing with light” – that’s actually the root definition of the word photography. Understanding light in it’s various forms, qualities and quantities – then learning to manipulate it is easier than you may think.

Now with Master Photo Lighting… Light 101, you’ll quickly be writing with light – like a photographic Shakespeare!