50 Keys To Better Photography!

50-keys-to-better-photographyDo you know how to properly use a monopod? Really? Only one in a thousand photographers does and it can make ALL the difference between a prize winning photograph and a big yawn. In this e-book: “50 Keys To Better Photography”, you’ll learn how to properly use a monopod in key number 14.

Do you know what “the ten foot rule” is? You will after you check out key number 17.

Do you know how, why or when to use “Kodak Yellow” in your landscapes? Key number 34 tells all. NEVER leave home without a rubber band! Why? read key number 28!

And so on, and so on… There are “50 Keys To Better Photography” in this photo training volume and for the next couple days it can be yours for – FREE!

Master Photo Exposure

master-photo-exposureDid you know there are literally dozens (maybe hundreds) of “correct” exposures for a photo? But, there is only ONE that will perfectly match YOUR vision. BTW – it is virtually never the one selected by the camera on automatic.

Understanding exposure is a vital step in finally getting YOUR vision into the camera. AND it’s not that hard!

This e-book: “Master Photo Exposure”, is fast and easy to read and understand. Within about an hour or so, you will see your photos leap to the next level and you will never look back.

Master Photo Shutter Speed

shutter-speedOf all the major factors affecting the quality of your photographs – selecting the correct shutter speed is one of the most important. If you are trying to show ANY movement in your photo whatsoever, it is the shutter speed that will do it.

From showing individual droplets of water in a waterfall to blurring them into that cotton candy effect we all love (or something in between) – it’s all done with the camera’s shutter speed!

This e-book; “Master Photo Shutter Speed” will quickly and easily take away all the mystery and have you shooting like a pro in not time! Get YOUR copy right now while it is FREE!

Master Photo Lighting

master-photo-lightingAll photography is about working with light. We all know about natural versus artificial light, but do you know the difference between hard light and soft light? Read through this e-book; “Master Photo Lighting – Soft Light” and you will know everything you need to know to work with soft light and put the “wow” into your photos!

Bonus – there is a bonus section where you will learn to make your own softboxes for less than $10.00. Why pay hundreds for a commercial one when you don’t have to?

Master Photo Aperture!

master-photo-apertureThe aperture is one of the 4 major factors in photo exposure – and for some reason, it tends to be the most confusing so we put our cameras on automatic and settle for second rate images.

Now, you can FINALLY understand aperture – and learn how to most effectively use it. This e-book; “Master Photo Aperture” is easy to understand and only takes about an hour to read through. You’ll see improvements in your photos almost immediately!

Quotes Of Love

quotes-of-loveThe Perfect Gift for Dad Any Day – A collection of 12 unique photographs with a famous quote celebrating fathers. There are also 12 specially selected poems for fathers to show your appreciation for all they do for you.

Photo Mastery – Shadows, Form And Texture

photo-masteryWhile it is true that photography is all about capturing the light… it is also true that it’s the shadows that give out photographs their depth and three dimensional realism. Learning to study the shadows just as much as we study the light will immediately vault your pictures into the next level and get you that “WOW” factor you’ve been seeking.

Master Photo Lighting… Light 101

master-photo-lightingPhotography is all about “writing with light” – that’s actually the root definition of the word photography. Understanding light in it’s various forms, qualities and quantities – then learning to manipulate it is easier than you may think.

Now with Master Photo Lighting… Light 101, you’ll quickly be writing with light – like a photographic Shakespeare!

Correcting Facial Flaws – And Other Photo Tips!

correcting-facial-flaws-and-other-photo-tipsWhy allow your photographs to be ruined by crooked noses, scars, acne and so on. Just by the way you pose your “model” you can easily minimize or fix these types of issues.

Read through “Correcting Facial Flaws – And Other Photo Tips!” (It only takes a few minutes – and your subjects will LOVE you.

Quotes of Love (For Mothers)

Quotes-of-LoveThis unique Kindle has special quotes and poems to celebrate mothers, complemented by original photographs of beautiful flowers.

The 5 Star reviews confirm this is a wonderful way to thank your mother for all she does for you, so give her a gift she’ll treasure this Mother’s Day.

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