Free: The World Is My Oyster – Volume 1

The author survives with odd jobs in Tokyo, celebrates Christmas in Rio and learns that fat women are sexy – in Jamaica.
He endures a freezing winter in Helsinki, experiences warlike conditions in Haiti and ekes out $200 for a bottle of bottom-shelf whiskey in Alaska. Free on Kindle.
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Top 10 Travel Mistakes To Avoid

Top 10 Travel Mistakes To Avoid

Here’s how to avoid some of the biggest pitfalls travelers experience.

It does not matter if you are new to traveling or need a little brushing up. In this guide, you will find new innovative strategies to protect yourself while traveling domestically or abroad. This guide is the yellow brick road to having a successful vacation and is value-packed with some of the best resources that you can gift to a loved one or friend.

You Will Learn:

  • Tips on how to decrease the anxiety of using an itinerary.
  • Ways to get extra money quickly before your vacation.
  • Budget hacks to help you save and find out how to fit in as a tourist.
  • What to do when you need to cancel a flight for emergency reasons?
  • Who do you need to contact first if something happens overseas?
  • What they don’t tell you about your first trip to the airport.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of traveling with pets.

Bonus & Extra’s

  •  Excess to top insurances, they don’t tell you about.
  •  An exclusive offer and extra income secret are revealed (you don’t want to miss out on this one).
  •  Glossary of airport terms

$0.99 on Kindle.
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Dude, Where’s My Walking Stick?

Dude, Where's My Walking Stick?

After my life was suddenly flipped and turned upside down, I decided to take a long walk across New Zealand’s South Island to clear my mind and heal my soul. With a pack of old, worn out equipment, very little experience, and a body that hadn’t seen a lot of physical exercise, I set off alone and terrified, to tackle the Te Waipounamu section of the Te Araroa: a 1,300 kilometre trail through some of the most incredible and beautiful landscapes Aotearoa has to offer. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, I survived 69 days of wet feet, sore muscles and far too much muesli. This is my journey… $2.99 on Kindle.
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How to Live the Dream: Things Every Van Lifer Needs to Know

How to Live the Dream: Things Every Van Lifer Needs to Know
Are you bored with living in the city, going to work, and never seeing anything outside of your house or office? Do you feel like the walls are closing in on you? Do you finally want to say “goodbye” to the city streets and “hello” to the open road?

Everywhere on social media, you see breath-taking pictures of people who have launched themselves into van living with complete success. They seem to live the ultimate lives of freedom, rebellion, and careless, peaceful existence. Are you ready to join them?

Van Life is a lifestyle associated with freedom. With four wheels on the road at all times, you can go anywhere and do anything. No more stuffy conference rooms. No more waiting. And in many cases, no idea what to do next!

In her debut publication, Kristine Hudson guides her audience from the wishful thinking stages, through the various levels of preparation required to put the key in the ignition and leave your “stationary home” behind.

Here are just a few of the things that “Every Van Lifer Needs to Know:”
•Whether van life is right for you- a look into balancing the reality with the dream
•Creating an environment of health and wellness no matter where you go
•How to choose your new home… and how to make it your new haven on wheels
•What you’ll need to prepare for life on the road
•How to plan your new lifestyle and secrets to transitioning to road life
•Storage solutions to maximize your space
•Planning a budget …and much, much more!

Take a second to imagine how badly you want to hit the road… then think of how ready you feel! No matter how deeply you wish to delve into the #vanlife lifestyle, author Kristine Hudson has tips that will help you become more prepared and confident about your plans. If you’re ready to leave behind all of the noise, clutter, and frustrations of the stationary lifestyle and explore the country from a van, skoolie, or RV, click to add How to Live the Dream: Things Every Van Lifer Needs to Know to your cart now! $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: The Unstoppable Dream 2 – Sailing and Touring Down Under

The Unstoppable Dream 2: Sailing and Touring Down Under
Join Mark and Helen, who sailed their catamaran, Charabia, from Florida to the Panama Canal, that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, to Australia.

Sail with them as they cruise the Australian east coast from Bundaberg to Sydney, navigating picturesque bays, rivers and harbors. Travel with them as they explore several Australia states and cities from their bucket list.

Follow them as they continue to fulfill their dreams in this second book in The Unstoppable Dream series. Free on Kindle

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Free: Mystery Along the Danube

Mystery Along the Danube
Who would have thought Rosetta’s exotic trip to Europe would involve thieves and kidnapping? (Book 1 of 3) Free on Kindle.
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A Walk for Sunshine: A 2,160 Mile Expedition for Charity on the Appalachian Trail

A Walk for Sunshine: a 2,160 Mile Expedition for Charity on the Appalachian Trail
Jeff Alt takes you along every step of his 2,160-mile Appalachian Trail adventure filled with humorous, frightening, and inspirational stories including bears, bugs, blisters, captivating characters, skunk bedmates, and hilarious food cravings. As Alt walked more than 5 million steps through freezing temperatures, driving rain, and sunny skies, he was constantly buoyed by the knowledge that his walk was dedicated to his brother who has cerebral palsy. Alt’s adventure inspired an annual fundraiser which has raised over $500,000 for Sunshine, the home where his brother lives. This is the 20th-anniversary edition. As you walk along with Alt, experience the success of turning dreams into goals and achieving them. Alt’s lessons from the trail celebrate family, stewardship of the earth, good health, and the American spirit. less $0.99 on Kindle.

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Cruising from Boston to Montreal

Cruising from Boston to Montreal
Discover historic wonders and modern delights guaranteed to enlarge your heart and expand your understanding of Canada and its people.

This travel memoir will introduce you to the fascinating heroes, stunning beauty and staggering tragedies that have helped shape Canada’s Maritimes, Quebec City, and Montreal.

Midwest Book Review says, “The first-person descriptions read with the drama of fiction and the excitement of journal writing….”
$0.99 on Kindle
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Free: Tales From A Greek Island

Tales From A Greek Island
Often surprising, sometimes bizarre, never dull. Roger Jinkinson takes us far off the tourist-beaten track to explore life — and death — in a small village on a remote Greek Island. Meet the people he has come to know over 25 years — at once traditional and modern, hard-bitten and generous, stoic and resourceful.
Learn how they fish, keep bees, hunt goats, make music. Read about the man who tried to ransom a floating crane, about the mule that outwitted the German army and the death of a giant. Read and you will feel the very pulse of a community as it fights to maintain its unique and vibrant culture. Free on Kindle
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The World’s Most Traveled Man’s TOP 60 TRAVEL TIPS

The World’s Most Traveled Man’s TOP 60 TRAVEL TIPS
The Best Travel Tips coming Directly from World’s Most Traveled Man, who visited total of 230 countries including every single one of the 195 recognized by the United Nations. Learn the secrets of traveling the world through this spoon-fed, all-you-can-eat collection of the best travel tips by the most trustworthy voice in the travel industry. Commonly known by his blogger name “The Digital Globetrotter,” Ian has spent more than half of his life as a full-time digital nomad. $0.99 on Kindle
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