Prepare Your Home for a Sudden Grid-Down Situation: Take Self-Reliance to the Next Level with Proven Methods and Strategies to Survive a Grid-Down Crisis

Prepare Your Home for a Sudden Grid-Down Situation: Take Self-Reliance to the Next Level with Proven Methods and Strategies to Survive a Grid-Down Crisis

You can stockpile all the rice you like… but do you know how you’re going to cook it if you’re without power for months on end?

If the power grid fails, it’s not just your lights that go out. It’s your water supply. It’s your heating and cooling system. It’s all your usual ways of cooking food or doing the laundry.

Without the grid, life as we know it changes in an instant.

Are you prepared for that?

In Prepare Your Home for a Sudden Grid-Down Situation, you’ll discover:

– The most likely causes of a grid-down situation — and how they’ll affect your family
– Easy immediate short-term solutions to see you through the first few days of disaster
– Grid-down cooking options (you’ll be amazed by how many ways there are to feed your family a delicious hot meal without your cooker)
– A full range of emergency backup solutions you can fall back on if you’re currently totally reliant on the grid
– What to do when cash means nothing — think outside the box to make sure your family thrives
– The ultimate guide to making sure your family has access to clean, safe water (no matter what’s going on outside)
– Exactly what you can do to stay healthy and well when the toilet won’t flush, the washing machine’s useless, and a long hot bath is out of the question
– Everything you need to know about communicating with the outside world in a grid-down emergency
– A clear breakdown of your off-grid power options — so you can plan now for any unexpected event
– Easy DIY projects you can work through right now to sharpen your skills and prepare for the worst

And much more.

If you thought your stash of canned beans and laundry supplies was enough to see you through an emergency, think again. It’s a great start… but have you thought about how you’re going to cook those beans? Do you know how you’re going to wash your clothes?

Being prepared is about more than stocking up. It’s about thinking outside the box and learning essential survival skills.

But don’t worry: These skills are accessible to anyone… and you’re about to discover them.
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Practical Survival Skills: Nature’s Larder – Wild foods survival guide

Practical Survival Skills: Nature's Larder - Wild foods survival guideWith this comprehensive wilderness food guide, you can guarantee your survival and eat well in the wild Nature already has everything you need to survive. You just need to know where to look for food, how to identify what will save you and what will kill you, and how to gather it at no risk to your safety. Nature’s larder is abundant in all kinds of nourishing treats. But there are also a number of look-alike poisonous species you need to know about.

In Practical Survival Skills, you will discover:
– A portable guide with essential information on how to discover the abundance that nature’s larder has to offer
– How to perform the universal edibility test — discover the poisonous species before it’s too late
– The basic foraging and bushcraft skills for every survivalist, hiker, and outdoor enthusiast out there
– The easy plant identification technique –discover edible plant families and know what NOT to forage
– How to make your own tools and utensils, traps and weapons, and cooking equipment absolutely from scratch
– Everything you need to know to find, gather, and purify water that’s drinkable if you get lost in the wilderness for a long time
– A comprehensive survival foods index with plants, berries, roots,
herbs, and protein sources you can find anywhere around the world And much
more. When you prepare today, you invest in a safer tomorrow. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Practical Survival Skills: First Aid & Natural Medicines in a Survival Situation

Practical Survival Skills: First Aid & Natural Medicines in a Survival SituationKnow how to take care of yourself and your loved ones when disaster strikes with these essential survival skills.

Can you foresee when the next disaster will be? Do you know what to do if a medical professional isn’t available? Are you equipped to survive the unpredictable situations in life? It’s incredible how far modern medicine and
technology have come. You can Google ‘how-to’ for almost anything, find quick solutions, and help is just a phone call away. If you are in a well-functioning city, it is all readily available to you, anytime. But if you’re out hiking or camping in the
wilderness… Cut off from bustling urban amenities with no phone
signal or ways to get help… And you are faced with an injury in the best-case scenario, or worse, with a life-threatening accident… Well, then you are on your own — and whatever you do must suffice for as long as your survival predicament lasts. Luckily, nature has your back! Any survivalist knows that the best medicine for any type of injury is preparedness. You no longer have to freeze in the face of danger. Everything you need for a DIY splint, pain relief, and assuring your long-term survival can be found in the great outdoors. Discover what goes in a natural first-aid kit, how to stop bleeding using a simple stick hack, and the key principles of first-aid in the wilderness. Survival skills give you the necessary knowledge to keep yourself and those around you healthy and alive.

In Practical Survival Skills, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:
– An essential handbook to protect you, your family, and others when help
is not available right away… or at all
– Practical first-aid skills and crucial knowledge of nature’s remedies that could one day mean the difference between life or death
– Illustrated steps for you to assess injuries, administer first-aid, and use resources available in the wilderness
– 7 common items you can use as improvised treatment for sprains,
strains, and broken bones — no special equipment or preparation needed
– How to do an evaluation of injuries in 6 steps — know the signs, symptoms, and treatment plan
– A comprehensive list of survival medicine plants — discover nature’s aspirin, how to identify poisonous plants, and where to find a plaster in the woods
– The ultimate instructional guide for you to be your own doctor in any
survival situation And much more.

Even if you already know the basics of first-aid, anyone can freeze when faced with stressful situations and unexpected events. Survival in an everyday urban environment requires very different skills than in the wilderness. Practical Survival Skills is tailored to saving your life in austere environments and providing you with a survivalist mindset. When the next disaster strikes, are you willing to leave your life up to chance?

If you’re no longer willing to gamble with your wellbeing and the safety of your loved ones, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button. $2.99 on Kindle.
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