Battle For The Nine Realms: A Middang3ard Boxed Set

Battle For The Nine Realms: A Middang3ard Boxed Set
What if J.R.R. Tolkien’s work wasn’t fiction, but a primer to help humanity get accustomed to a harsh truth?

Grab the entire first arc of Middang3ard in one boxed set today!

There are nine known realms, a world for each race, including dwarves, gnomes, and elves.
In the middle rests Middang3ard.
Each world knows the others. Each, except Earth.
Humans long ago turned their backs on magic, throwing their stock into science and technology, their governments shielding the people from the reality of what was going on elsewhere.
So be it. Humans were never very good at getting along with other races anyway.
Then the Dark One appeared, threatening to overrun the nine worlds, starting with Middang3ard and ending with the humans’ planet.
The second planet just went dark, Earth can’t stay out of the fight, but can it do anything to save its own future?
Now, humans must send elite warriors to Middang3ard to fight, else humans will fight on the shores of their own lands when the Dark One invades Earth.
Too bad their elite starts and ends with Robert ‘Suzuki’ Fletcher and his team of Mundanes.
Included in the boxed set is Never Split The Party, Late To The Party, and It’s My Party.
“It’s about time the truth is told about the MMORPG games and
other fantasy tales. They weren’t flights of fancy, but manuals on
how to fight in a magical world. A magical world just a portal away.
Get your gamer gear on you N00bs, class is in session.”Dakota Krout, author and lead agent for the Humanity Preparation Program,GameLit Novels department $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Gradation Game

Free: Gradation Game
“Submit your hero or villain character for a chance to be one of 15 winners of a grand prize of 10,000 vitts!”

Albeido thought that he was entering a reimagined version of his childhood superhero persona into a contest for a casual chance at some easy money, but instead he’s thrown into a fatal game with one objective: wipe out the other teams.

Taking on the form of Mothcop and gaining his powers, Albeido has no choice but to play along while deciding who to trust as he tries to solve the mystery of the masterminds behind the Gradation Game and its true purpose. Free on Kindle.

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Into The Game: Dungeon Crawl Quest

Into The Game: Dungeon Crawl Quest

When a mysterious package arrives from the recently deceased Dungeon Crawl Quest game developer, college student Riff Jenkins finally gets his reward for being one of the RPG’s top players: a special Grimoire and an invitation to LA’s premiere gaming den. But the Grimoire is much more than it appears. When Riff syncs it to a computer at the den, he’s virtually transported inside the deadly world of his favorite on-line game. Will he find a way out before the servers are shut down, and he dies in the game for real? $0.99 on Kindle

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The Ultimate Minecraft All-In-One Guide

The-Ultimat-Minecraft-All-In-One-GuideFrom the super successful authors of various Minecraft books, strategy guides and novels, here comes the Ultimate Minecraft Bible – the mother of all Minecraft books. “The Ultimate Minecraft All-In-One Guide” has every single known and unknown tip and trick, basic and advanced strategies and other secrets that will make you master the game in no time. Right from getting through the first day and night on Minecraft, to Mining, building amazing structures and buildings to fighting mobs to using Seeds, Skins, Redstones and Mods, you have it all in this volume.

This is your ONE book to everything there is to know about the Minecraft game. Read, learn to play and become an expert on Minecraft in a jiffy!!

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