Too Blue

Too Blue
Way out in the middle of nowhere, Blue is alpha to a pack that is a refuge to outcasts. They have lots of lands and all their needs are covered but one. They are isolated so most of the pack are still waiting to find their soul mates. They decide to have a singles event that will bring in unmated wolves and raise a little money since that’s never a bad thing, right? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: To Hunt A Wolf

To Hunt A Wolf

He’s the pack’s #1 most wanted. My greatest enemy. My one true love.

And I get the dubious honor of tracking him down.

The target? Levi Wild, the rogue wolf cast out by the Black Moon Pack years ago. The untamed bad boy and rebel who stole my heart and then broke it into pieces–last spotted fleeing the scene of our slain alpha.

Hunting Levi is going to be messy for both of us. Because I know the moment my wolf sees him, she’ll want to claim him all over again.

But I refuse to let my heart make the same mistake twice. Not with my own survival hanging in the balance. Loving Levi was dangerous the first time, and now, exacting my vengeance might just prove fatal.

…but a chance at revenge against the mate who rejected me? Let the hunt begin. Free on Kindle.
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Free: Chelsea’s Alpha

Chelsea Dansler is a vampire huntress who is imprinted on, and later mated to, the pack alpha of her town. Together they battle vampires and other wolf packs who want vengeance against them, all while the passion between them gets stronger by the day and their relationship heats up.

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Alpha’s Moon

Alpha's Moon

My alpha ordered me to keep away from humans.

My wolf is highly unstable. Nearly feral. I can’t be trusted around civilians.

Certainly not with the lovely kindergarten teacher whose scent drives me wild.

But she needs a fake boyfriend for a weekend wedding trip. A big guy to intimidate her ex.

How can I refuse? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Wolf’s Broken Mate

Wolf's Broken Mate
I had dedicated my entire life to Brandon
Loving him and obeying him.
Yet on the day we were to be bonded,
He rejected me in front of our entire clan,
Humiliating me, telling me I wasn’t good enough.
Lost and alone, I managed to get myself kidnapped
By the one person who hated Brandon worse than I did.
Then something unexpected happened,
I fell in love with the enemy of my enemy.
I found freedom to find myself and to find my destiny –
To face down Brandon and challenge him
For the position of Alpha of our clan.
Would I survive the experience?
Would I be able to capture the heart of the man who
Kidnapped me but imprisoned my heart?

$0.99 on Kindle.
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Wolf Seducers: A 10 Book Wolf Shifter Collection

Wolf Seducers: A 10 Book Wolf Shifter Collection
I knew we were mates from the time we were kids. I thought Soren knew it too.

Now he’s a rich, famous pop star and I’m left in his dust without an explanation.

When he comes back to town, I’m moving on with someone else…or am I?
$0.99 on Kindle
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Blind Wolf: Paranormal Romance Box Set

From New York Times Bestselling author Aubrey Rose comes a shifter romance boxed set that’s as hot and wild as you can imagine ! This werewolf shifter BBW romance collection, has some naughty language, and a lot of naughty sex. Be warned!

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“Arctic Moon” by Lynn Landes

arctic moon urban fantasy

Archer is marked for death by the very pack he must save. He is the last of his species to carry the gift. Now he must lead his pack to safety while protecting the humans he has come to care for.

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