Wolf’s Broken Mate

Wolf's Broken Mate
I had dedicated my entire life to Brandon
Loving him and obeying him.
Yet on the day we were to be bonded,
He rejected me in front of our entire clan,
Humiliating me, telling me I wasn’t good enough.
Lost and alone, I managed to get myself kidnapped
By the one person who hated Brandon worse than I did.
Then something unexpected happened,
I fell in love with the enemy of my enemy.
I found freedom to find myself and to find my destiny –
To face down Brandon and challenge him
For the position of Alpha of our clan.
Would I survive the experience?
Would I be able to capture the heart of the man who
Kidnapped me but imprisoned my heart?

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Wolf Lost

Wolf Lost
Sawyer Holt can’t go home. The alpha who murdered his father wants to marry him to cement his political power.

Dez Sullivan is just getting used to being an alpha werewolf when Sawyer blows in, activating his new instincts and overwhelming his common sense.

Both men are searching for a new start; their meeting is pure Kismet. $0.99 on Kindle.

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