Baby for the Boss

Baby for the Boss
“It’s going to be our little secret.

Will you agree to be my fake fiancée?”

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!

Why did I agree to this?

My feelings for my boss were never fake.

I know he doesn’t do relationships,

And only needs me to keep his job.

Then, why is it getting so hard?

Why is he turning into my romantic fantasy?

It was all supposed to be fake, no strings attached.

And the pact never talked about the two lines that I now see on the pregnancy strip!

Oh no, Oh no. Oh no! $0.99 on Kindle.

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Well Hung: A Secret Baby Romance

Well Hung: A Secret Baby Romance
Xavier turns up back in my life, at work of all places
I find myself in his arms
Now, I’m carrying his child but can’t tell him
Because no matter what I say it will ruin us

We were college sweethearts
But even my billions weren’t enough
Imagine my surprise when Chloe turns up
Problem is I’m supposed to marry my dad’s business partner’s daughter. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Jocked Up

Jocked Up

When Drake’s mom announced her engagement to Bethany’s dad, Drake fled town in the name of his football career. Six years later, with the engagement called off, he’s back as the superstar quarterback. But running into Bethany makes him realise that she is the only thing he ever wanted, since the very beginning… Drake wants his second chance! But all Bethany can see is trouble. Someone she should avoid at all costs, now she has a child. She isn’t convinced that he’s a changed man, or ever will be… $0.99 on Kindle.

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