Free: “Sweet Ginger Poison”

Sweet Ginger Poison Ginger Lightley Mystery Series

Cozy mystery about Ginger Lightley, a 61 year-old bakery owner turned sleuth. After a young man drops dead while eating one of her cakes, the new police chief charges one of Ginger’s employees with murder. Ginger is determined to save the young woman from prison by finding the real killer. But her initial investigation reveals the shocking truth that the police chief just might be correct. Free on Kindle.

The God Organ

The God Organ

In 2063, a biotechnological revolution sweeps the nation. Behind this movement is Chicago-based medical giant LyfeGen. The company leads the biotech industry with their Sustain, an implantable artificial organ designed to grant its recipients near-immortality. But many of the recipients are suddenly dying. And now extreme religious groups, radical movements, and competing corporations all want LyfeGen to collapse rather than allow “the god organ” to fundamentally alter the human body. Just $0.99

JustKindleBooks review: Melchiorri’s captivating conspiracy thriller dives headforemost into the future perils of anti-aging technology.

immortal organ



Emily didn’t want to go watch a bunch of bikers fight each other, and by the time the fight is over, her best friend is shot dead and Emily finds herself clutching the leather cut of a sexy guy named Gaige as she’s on the back of his motorcycle, escaping gunfire….

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Women’s Fiction “Slut”

slut by Saranna DeWylde

Rebecca “Bex” Foxworth uses her body as she sees fit, and she has embraced the label “Slut,” infact it’s become her armor. It protects her from ever having to share her true self. The loop in her head tells her she’s innately flawed and wholly unworthy….

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Erotic Romance: “His”

His Dark Erotic Romance Novel
When I followed him home, I was just playing Nancy Drew. Trying to find out his secret. His kiss was intoxicating, and I thought he was harmless. (Just $0.99)

erotic romance novel



Fantasy Romance: “Corrupted Hearts”

Corrupted Hearts Epic Fantasy Romance

Between two demons, trust isn’t easily earned. But neither Lilah, the deceptively angelic woman with the feathery wings, nor the draconic Glaurakos, with his leathery bat wings, can deny there’s something special between them.

As they head out on an adventure of a lifetime, fighting foes and saving the world, it’s their love that poses the biggest threat to their success. Just $0.99 Learn more.