Mentally Ill: A Memoir of Resilience

Mentally Ill: A Memoir of Resilience
A true story of addiction, mental illness, and the triumph of the human spirit…

Alone, out on the streets, and suffering from devastating mental illness, Antonio lived a life few could imagine. Suffering trauma and abuse at a young age, he grew up feeling lost, and alone. But despite his struggles and hardships, he survived,
and managed to heal from the psychological scars of his past…

Now, Author Antonio Cosner shares his experiences dealing with an abusive childhood, and the terrible ramifications it had on his adult life. From bullying and sexual addiction to drugs and life as a runaway, his journey was a harrowing descent into pain and self-destruction. But despite all his hardships, he was able to pull his life together, graduate college, and find work in the United States Army Reserve.

This heartfelt memoir is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. A sobering look at the true face of mental illness. And a rallying cry to all those who suffer from pain and addiction: You are not alone.

And there is hope…$4.69 on Kindle.

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Free: Suicide: A Mother’s Journey Through Her Child’s Pain

Suicide: A Mother's Journey Through Her Child's Pain
This book is about the insights of a mother after her daughter dies by suicide. The mother thought her daughter Leah was painfully shy at a young age but consistently was told by counselors that her daughter would grow out of it. However, this shyness was a sign of depression at a young age. Leah was a child in a dysfunctional marriage with no love or recognition from her Dad. Her mother believed the only way to help her was to move and leave the marriage multiple times without success. After Leah’s death, her mother finds diaries that Leah wrote at various times in her life. It is only at this time that Leah’s mother realizes how much alone Leah felt and how she suffered emotionally during most of her life. Leah portrayed one life to others but had no self-esteem or respect for herself. Her lack of belief in herself led to her untimely death by suicide.

The book discusses the coping mechanisms that Leah’s mother used after her death and how f faith helped her realize that God always has a purpose and Leah would one her to go on. The goal of this book is through the insight into Leah’s feelings and actions, help parents and others realize signs and symptoms in their child or others of mental illness. Parents do not have to feel alone when working with a child or other person that is mentally ill. There are more and more resources to reach out to in mental health if you believe your child is mentally ill. Start looking when you first have a suspicion. Don’t ever give up. Survival through faith in God is possible. Free on Kindle.

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A Child from the Wishing Well

A Child from the Wishing Well
Gerard’s single wish is to break out of paranoia and mental illness to re-discover his daughter Rosie’s love for her him as a father.

Ashamed he cannot relate to his girl, Gerard accompanies and stays with her for violin lessons at the home of tutor, Ruth Stein.

Ruth, fascinating him for her musical sensitivity, becomes a confidante. Against his better judgement and his wife’s reservations – the paranoid, Gerard, can only cling to believing the tutor can bring him to bond closer to Rosie.
But soon he must wrestle with his suspicions again, for Ruth mothers Rosie, almost smothers…

Reaching out to a broken doll, propped in the darkness at the bottom of Ruth’s garden well, Gerard wants to believe that what he touches and smells is just the decay of rotting sacks enfolding a doll; the closest to a child that the lonely old spinster could cling. Investigating, Gerard’s fears for Rosie’s safety begin to mount.

Rosie notices her father’s new concern and begins to draws closer to him but, if she is in real danger, can Gerard save her?

And even then, can he triumph over the emotional void of paranoia; feel, accept, he and Rosie could share the love of which others speak? $0.99 on Kindle.
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