The Honest Griever – Truths God Reveals on the Journey from Pain to Purpose

The Honest Griever - Truths God Reveals on the Journey from Pain to Purpose
Do you long for a book that’s brutally honest about the hard work of grieving a deep loss?

Do you want that same book to give you a reason to hope for a brighter tomorrow despite your heartache?

The Honest Griever does exactly that. It chronicles the author’s journey after the death of her husband of 31 years. Through the heartbreak, she openly shares her struggles and her victories — and how God walked beside her, teaching her to stand on his unfailing promises.

Here’s what you’ll find:

• A raw, transparent look into the full spectrum of grief emotions
• Practical suggestions for stepping back into life
• Touching examples of God’s revelations and guidance
• Rich scriptures to comfort, instruct, and encourage
• A biblical approach for every step on the grieving journey

Losing a spouse will turn your world upside down, as can any major loss in your life. Allowing yourself to fully grieve, while acknowledging God’s work through your pain, is a powerful combination.

The result is a new creature who is refined by the fire of the affliction, not destroyed by it. You don’t need to pretend you aren’t hurting. But you, too, can learn how God can turn pain into purpose.  $0.99 on Kindle 

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Free: Accompanying the Dying

Free: Accompanying the Dying

Accompanying the Dying describes the human skill and art of companioning someone through dying. There is a wide gap in this knowing (of how to accompany the dying), which is why this book is timely and needed at this juncture of the “death positive” movement. The book is meant to empower us as a society to understand how to die well in this modern age. Free on Kindle.
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Christian Nonfiction: “Anne Among Us”

“Anne Among Us” is one of the first books ever written about a miscarriage by a father. Read how even the shortest of lives can leave a lasting impression. This passionate account shares the fear and the drama of an unplanned pregnancy, a tragic miscarriage, and a lack of trust. But it ultimately discovers a rich hope. Surprisingly it’s as much about healings and family reunions as it is losses. $0.99 on Kindle.
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