Mom’s Words of Wisdom & Common Sense: Post-Millennial’s Guide For Real Life

Mom's Words of Wisdom & Common Sense: Post-Millennial's Guide For Real Life

These words are for young adults and teens coming into adulthood. Life doesn’t have to be so hard if you have wisdom, common sense, love, and encouragement on your side.

So, reflect on these words, keep believing in yourself, and tackle life head-on. You’ve got this! $9.99 on Kindle.

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The Honest Griever – Truths God Reveals on the Journey from Pain to Purpose

The Honest Griever - Truths God Reveals on the Journey from Pain to Purpose
Do you long for a book that’s brutally honest about the hard work of grieving a deep loss?

Do you want that same book to give you a reason to hope for a brighter tomorrow despite your heartache?

The Honest Griever does exactly that. It chronicles the author’s journey after the death of her husband of 31 years. Through the heartbreak, she openly shares her struggles and her victories — and how God walked beside her, teaching her to stand on his unfailing promises.

Here’s what you’ll find:

• A raw, transparent look into the full spectrum of grief emotions
• Practical suggestions for stepping back into life
• Touching examples of God’s revelations and guidance
• Rich scriptures to comfort, instruct, and encourage
• A biblical approach for every step on the grieving journey

Losing a spouse will turn your world upside down, as can any major loss in your life. Allowing yourself to fully grieve, while acknowledging God’s work through your pain, is a powerful combination.

The result is a new creature who is refined by the fire of the affliction, not destroyed by it. You don’t need to pretend you aren’t hurting. But you, too, can learn how God can turn pain into purpose.  $0.99 on Kindle 

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Salt & Light: Being The Hands & Feet of Christ (In a Cruel and Dangerous World)

Salt & Light: Being The Hands & Feet of Christ (in a cruel and dangerous world)

Salt & Light is a powerful and bold book. In this book, the author provides testimony and discusses situations where the line of duty blurs and where acts that align with personal beliefs and Christian faith become difficult to discern. Poole shines a light on the unsettling issues that are sometimes overwhelming in public service, and gives scripture-based advice on how to stay lucid and consistent with one’s beliefs. This book lifts the veil and shows readers that police officers also yearn to do what is right according to their conscience and religious beliefs. Filled with biblical references, Salt & Light offers material for reflection and a way forward. Even those within a different career field will find insights to keep them connected to their faith while performing their duties. Salt & Light effectively and clearly delivers a message of exhortation and guidance for all who serve. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Live a Bold Life: Your 30-day Mission to a Fearless Future

Live a Bold Life: Your 30-day Mission to a Fearless Future
Are you playing it safe because of fear, self-doubt, or uncertainty?

Patricia Brooks had been, but the sudden death of her father forced her to change. Her book recounts how she found the courage to move to France and how you, too, can find your courage to live a more satisfying and exciting life.

Inspiring, thought-provoking, and interactive. Accept your 30-day mission and Live a Bold Life! $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: How to Be Human

Free: How to Be Human

Straight to the point essays providing insight to what you passed by on life’s path. Rooting back humanity to our genetic essence, why we stray from seeking fulfillment is explained. For once, how we go about our daily thoughts and actions will not be overlooked as if it doesn’t matter. A better you is revealed in these pages. Free on Kindle.

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Free: Onward: The Art of Leadership

Free: Onward: The Art of Leadership

Onward: The Art of Leadership reveals a new vision of leadership and success, tailored for 21st-century leaders and taught through the lens of literature, history, and cinema.

On our adventure we’ll master public speaking with Winston Churchill. We’ll learn negotiation tactics from Nelson Mandela. Pixar will teach us the power of brand equity. We’ll plan our retirement years with Michael Corleone himself, and grow our wealth with Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko. We’ll shine a life-saving light on addiction and discover the key to overcoming life’s greatest tragedies alongside Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl.

Jurassic Park. Napoleon Bonaparte. The Matrix. TED Talks. Alexander the Great. Elon Musk. Star Wars. These are our teachers. And through them, we will transform our approach to leadership and life.

Onward: The Art of Leadership. Timeless principles. Today’s voice. Free on Kindle.

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