Free: Aerial’s Flow

Journey of innovation, friendship, and environmental care!
Storm in the Air World!

Join the adventures of the Guardians in their tales from different worlds. Discover the secrets of the Fire, Water, Earth and Air. With Storm and the Brainstorms, the Air people, in a journey of innovation, friendship, and the vital lessons of environmental care. Free on Kindle.
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Free Children’s Book

Buttercup Cottage is a new series with 7 delightful puppets, But in this series, all is not well with Sally Spider, she just can’t get up her web, because she has no energy. She calls on her friend Moonworm and with the help of some of the other puppets, she learns how where she can get energy. The Buttercup series is written with speech bubbles (cartoon style) that younger children will love and that will encourage them to learn to read.

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