How to Survive in The Woods

How to Survive in The Woods
Survival situations can be downright scary. Even the most prepared individuals can find themselves being shook to their very core by the mental and emotional stress that emergencies bring about. If you aren’t already prepared, the situation can become even more stressful, and potentially fatal depending on the severity of your emergency.

In How to Survive in the Woods, I am going to show you essential life-saving strategies that will serve you in times of need. While this book is geared toward maximum survival needs, which would have you living in the woods for an extended period of time, it is useful for all emergencies.

Being prepared can be the difference between life or death in many circumstances, even at-home emergencies we may face. Having the knowledge you need to survive even the most dire emergencies means that you will have the knowledge and confidence you need to survive much smaller emergencies, too.

Throughout the chapters of How to Survive in the Woods we discuss different survival needs and methods and how to fulfill them with both conventional tools, and improv tools that you may need to “make up as you go.” This way, you can start to see the benefit of everything around you, and apply the creative can-do mentality that is needed in survival situations.

The specific topics we cover in How to Survive in the Woods include:

– Why you would need to survive in the woods (and why the woods are the best place to go)

– Different emergencies and the circumstances they can create

– The difference between bugging out and bugging in

– The most important elements of survival

– What you need to meet those elements of survival

– How to pick the right spot for your camp, and how to secure it

– Important safety and protection skills you need for in the woods

– How to acquire, store, and prep food safely (including hunting tips)

– What you can cook with minimal ingredients

– How to start a garden in the woods (and how to grow it all the way to harvest)

– Essential medicines you can create from plants

– The importance of canning, and what types of foods you can preserve and how

As I promised, everything you need to survive any circumstance in the woods is outlined here. From finding the right spot for camp and preparing your shelter, to feeding yourself and treating illnesses and injuries, you can find it all inside the pages of How to Survive in the Woods. To make it that much better, each chapter ends in specific action steps you can take to prepare yourself and your family today.

If you are ready to discover the art of survival and to start taking tangible action toward protecting yourself and your family from any situation, such as a disaster or a societal collapse, this is the go-to book that will prepare you. $0.99 on Kindle.
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For Kevin Jenkins, nothing good can come out of being kidnapped out of his comfortable old slippers to save Feynard’s mythical Forest from the Blight. He’s bedridden, afraid of beetles, and he doesn’t believe in magic. But his abductors, a Unicorn and a Dryad, think differently.

The Unicorn Zephyr believes he’s the champion the Forest has been waiting for. The Dryad Alliathiune thinks he just needs a jolly good slap. Everyone else thinks he’s a wet blanket, an impostor, or by complete coincidence, some sort of mighty High Wizard.

Throw in a Dark Apprentice with a fondness for shiny black boots and slaying everything in sight, a ten-foot swamp monster, a lethal romance, and a prodigal Faun. What could possibly go wrong?

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