Free: Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer

Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer

This is a compelling book by an author who is wearing multiple hats — as a doctor, an academic, a lung cancer advocate, and ultimately, a patient himself. Dr. Alachkar’s knowledge-based, yet deeply personal and relateable book will give you a variety of viewpoints on questions like the meaning of life, finding hope in a terminal diagnosis, building resilience, finding or losing one’s faith in a higher power, and much more! From its heartfelt personal accounts of how these strong individuals cope with cancer, to the thought-provoking search for meaning that underlies it all, this book is sure to run you through your complete gamut of emotions. If you seek a greater capacity for empathy or find relief in shared experiences, acceptance of altering realities and changed identities, then you can’t afford to miss this book.

This book is about the essence of the human experience at its limits. It is for Every Reader! Free on Kindle.

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Missing Pictures

Missing Pictures

After divorce, a woman tries to heal from depression with group therapy and serial dating, but it’s two women she meets in Group that may hold the key to a future she never expected. From the 4-time award-winning author comes a female friendship love story that explores the gritty realities of living with mental illness with sharply dark humor and an interminable optimism, culminating in an unforgettable story that will either leave you with an empathy you didn’t expect, or feeling understood like never before. $0.99 on Kindle.

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A Love Attempt: Your Practical Guide to Love

A Love Attempt: Your Step-By-Step Action Guide to Develop Your Love Competence

Developing your emotional intelligence? Learn simple and practical techniques to cultivate your love competence…

Everyone wants love. We’re so desperate for it that we are frequently willing to take any deformed shape of it. But what if we can bring in the idea in a developed and genuine form to make it available to every person?

By following his easy-to-apply practical exercises, Morhaf invites you on a journey of dialogue and reflection to improve your Empathic Abilities.

Inside A Love Attempt, you’ll learn:

– The Pragmatics of Love
– How to Love by recognizing and capturing the opportunity.
– How to reconstruct what is being and learn about context and biography to communicate with love
– How to become oriented to understanding and agreement to act communicatively with Love
– How to develop a strategy to reinforce and abstract some learning about yourself to Become Authentic with Love
– And much, much more!

Dr. Alachkar’s elegant but transparent manuscript is packed with thought-provoking insights and concrete action steps to make salient our native competency for loving so we can then orient our next actions toward embracing love. If you want to learn the conceptualization of love and say “My next act is A Love Attempt!” then you can’t afford to miss Morhaf’s essential guide.

Unlock your true love potential with this easy-to-follow guide Today! $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: Rational Empathy

Free: Rational Empathy

When you think about Morality/Ethics, what comes to your mind? Is right and wrong a mere personal opinion, or is it nothing more than a cultural construct? This book explains why both of these notions are wrong.

Morality is based on empathy and derived through sheer logic! And why is morality important? Understanding morality helps maximize happiness for ourselves and the world around us. This book is not written for the philosophy enthusiast, but for the common man. It has the potential to change the way the field of moral philosophy is going to be looked at – mainly because of some reasons:

1) It explains the straight link between morality and happiness – and thus shows that being moral is not a sacrifice, but a win-win phenomenon which primarily brings happiness for ourselves in addition to those whom we interact with or influence.

2) It busts the myth that we are not in control of our feelings. Understanding this means that we understand how to create happiness and reduce suffering.

3) Additionally, it shows why things like empathy and love are not in conflict with rationality and intellect – thus debunking the false conflict between valuing truth and valuing happiness and feelings.

4) Philosophically, it shows why objective moral truths exist – thus debunking the popular notions of morality being completely subjective or something defined by cultures, religions or any authorities. Free on Kindle.
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