Breaking The Chains Of Anxiety

Breaking The Chains Of Anxiety

This book offers 65 life-changing tips to win the battle over anxiety! You’ll discover a 5-point practice approach that targets various compositions of our human existence – cognitive, psychological, physical, nutritional, and spiritual. The inspiring true-life stories (and essential mindsets) in this book are encouraging and compelling!
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Free: Stop Fear and Anxiety: Secrets to Easily Break Free from Fear and Obtain Happiness with Simple, Powerful Steps That Will Produce Results in Less Than 1 Year!

Stop Fear and Anxiety: Secrets to Easily Break Free from Fear and Obtain Happiness with Simple, Powerful Steps That Will Produce Results in Less Than 1 Year!
Have you always been overwhelmed on how to overcome fear and really want to take control over your life? If yes, this book is for you! This book, How to Stop Fear and Anxiety, exhaustively addresses how to break the cycle of fear and take total control over your life. Free on Kindle.
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Free: The Power of Decluttering Your Mind: A Simple Guide to Eliminate Negative Thoughts, Anxiety, and Overthinking!

The Power of Decluttering Your Mind: A Simple Guide to Eliminate Negative Thoughts, Anxiety, and Overthinking!

On a scale of one to five, how often do you find yourself stuck in these conditions?
– excessive worrying
– feeling left out
– experiencing low energy levels
– pessimism and procrastination
– intense self-doubt
– taking out your frustrations on others
– total emotional breakdown

If you’ve scored higher than a three on most of the list items, chances are you might need a little reinventing.
Juggling life can be challenging at times, especially when everything decides to happen all at once. Sometimes, we can’t help but feel alone, small and helpless in such a big world. Breaking free from a toxic mindset might be tough at first. However, it isn’t impossible to focus on the good things.

If you’re determined to get past petty insecurities, rise above your fears and create the life you want to live, this book has got you covered!

The Power of Decluttering Your Mind is your fast, friendly and wholesome guide to effectively eliminating negative thoughts, anxiety and overthinking!

Benefit from chapters filled with eye-opening advice, effective coping techniques and testimonials on:
– discovering and accepting the root of your troubles
– releasing your hold on past traumas and future anxieties
– mastering mindfulness
– creating reasonable boundaries for yourself and with others
– managing internal and external stress
– bracing yourself for new challenges and the possibility of failure
– championing an unshakable positive outlook on life
And so much more!

Don’t be afraid to set concrete and marvellous goals for yourself. With courage, patience and commitment, you’ll be manifesting your best life before you know it!

You deserve to fully love yourself, take delight in all opportunities that come your way and experience genuine relationships with others.

Above all, you have the power to rise above negativity.
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Overcoming the Stress Struggle

Overcoming the Stress Struggle
Stress can control your life. It can throw your day off-course, run you down, and cause tension in relationships. But only if you let it.

There are many methods for controlling and managing stress, and having them all in one handy book gives you the tools you need to overcome the roadblocks of stress.

Arming yourself with a robust understanding of what causes stress and how it affects you in your circumstances is the launching point in the journey to taking back control of your life.

If you’re tired of being one of the millions whose lives are controlled by their stress, then it’s time to take that first step.

Once you understand how stress works, you’ll be able to make a plan to help you tackle it—no matter your situation—so you can kick stress out of the driver’s seat.

Overcoming the Stress Struggle: A Simple Guide to Managing Life’s Stress and Anxiety will teach you how to lay out that plan, with key insights such as:

The different types of stress, like social or financial
How time management can help you prevent stress from boiling over
How to manage responsibilities that seem overwhelming
How self-control can help you keep stress in check
How to build your confidence and strength of mind

Backed up by strong research and real examples, the information in this book provides the perfect opportunity to help you lessen your stress.

It doesn’t matter whether you feel like stress has held you back too long; it’s never too late to take back control and start living your life to the fullest.

You only live once, so make it count. Don’t let stress ruin this beautiful opportunity called life. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Calm Amid The Chaos

Do you want to know the proven sequence of steps that you can take right now to ease your anxieties and stress in your life?

Calm Amid The Chaos is your guide to a positive state of mind as we will show you how to shift your perspective and immediately improve your life with practical guides and steps. These proven steps will empower you to relieve stress, manage stress and more importantly, never feel overwhelmed by stress again.

The book will serve as a guide that you can comfortably follow along at home, taking you from the start all the way to the finish. It will be a thorough guide providing anxiety support for women and men from the basics all the way to advanced tips so you are well equipped with the knowledge. Lastly, practical steps and exercises will be also provided so you can follow along easily and apply what you have just learnt. $0.99 on Kindle
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