The Awakening

the-awakeningErika Wilde turns up the heat in THE MARRIAGE DIARIES, a brand new sexy series about a married couple who take intimacy and passion to the extreme.

After nearly twenty years of marriage, Jillian Noble is ready to put some spice back into her sex life with her gorgeous husband, Dean. After seducing him at his office, Jillian reveals what she wants, and her husband is more than happy to oblige. Erotic fantasies are fulfilled, and forbidden passions surface as they open themselves up to a provocative world where boundaries are pushed to the limit and pleasure is the ultimate goal.

But Dean has a dark past, and even darker desires that he’s kept a tight rein on all these years. When he gives his wife a taste of his more illicit appetite, will she embrace his carnal needs, or beg for mercy?

This short novelette of 11,000 words contains two short erotic interludes between married couple Dean and Jillian Noble.

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Romantic Suspense: “Entangled Dreams”

Romantic-Suspense-Entangled-DreamsWhen Alexandra was eight years old, she thought she was a princess in a fairytale, but she didn’t know she was one tragedy away from reality.

Now twenty-two, disaster strikes again and she’s determined to change her life. Unfortunately, one night of indiscretion propels Alexandra into a situation that will force her to make choices that will eventually endanger her life.

It’ll all come down to two men, one decision, and a final encounter that will change their lives forever.

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Food Addiction and How You Beat It

food-addictionI know that you have heard a lot about how dieting can help you attain anything in life be it great health, losing weight, enhancing your skin complexion or transforming the appearance of your hair. With so many diets out there to choose from, you may probably wonder what makes one superior than others. The answer to this is fairly simple; everyone is different, so does the manner in which we respond to various foods.

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Hello Love by Karen McQuestion

Hello Love by Karen McquestionTwo strangers find a second chance at happiness and love when an extraordinary dog comes into their lives.  Read more.

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Dream Warriors

dream-warriorsJoseph Colafranceschi is a fifteen-year-old, self-described geek, living in the Bronx. The second youngest of twelve sons of the former U.S. ambassador to Italy, Joey discovers that a small Egyptian statuette, given to him by his father, endows him with power to control his dreams.

After his brothers throw him down a manhole, Joey is drawn into a hidden society of warriors who have been battling a reincarnated Egyptian Pharaoh for over 3,000 years. In the dream world, everyone is not what they appear to be, and it’s impossible to tell who to trust. As Joey slips deeper into a world of gladiator battles and clandestine missions within other people’s dreams, he catches the eye of a beautiful Egyptian princess.

The only thing that keeps him grounded in reality is his best friend Alex, but even she may not be who he thought she was.

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The Jonas Trust Deception

the-jonas-trust-deceptionThomas Gunn is ex-British Special Forces, with a talent for infiltration and assassination. Skills that a year ago he reluctantly called on, to expose an international conspiracy that led to the murder of his father and death of his best friend. He thought it was all behind him. But a desperate call from his journalist friend Morgan, propels him into an even more sinister plot that threatens global politics and the security of the United States. Racing to follow her cryptic clues, Thomas and his partner Julie are thrust into the deadly path of Mexican drug cartels, corrupt politicians, the CIA, FBI, MI5 and ruthless Wall St brokers. What evil end-game binds these unlikely players together? It appears the shocking truth lies in the painful memories of Thomas’s past during covert operations in Afghanistan at the height of the war. A past he had hoped to forget but will not forget him. 

Was he used as a pawn in an evil “game” back then? Is he still being “played” even now? Outraged at the thought he does something so unexpected that its boldness and daring will take your breath away! But how high a price will he have to pay for uncovering the truth?
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Best Friends, Fantasy Lovers

best-friends-fantasy-loversFriendship has never been so tempting…

Tommy and Capri have different backgrounds, goals, and motivations.

He’s an Irish guitarist in a new band with dreams of being a rock star, and not one serious bone in his body outside of playing music.

She’s an American valedictorian, who takes her responsibilities seriously, and dreams of being at the top of her profession.

Despite Tommy and Capri’s initial attraction to each other, both know a relationship is doomed from the start. In lieu of romance, they become best friends who share everything, including their ambition to succeed, their desire to make each other laugh, even their hidden secrets and darkest fantasies. When they begin to act out their fantasies with each other, non-platonic feelings start to creep in, and they must decide whether their friendship can survive what neither of them wants–being in love.

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The Human Forged

the-human-forgedIn an escape from the tethers of modern technology, former Army Specialist Nick Corrigan ventures into an underground rave in an abandoned Estonian prison. There, he is abducted and cut off from the rest of the world, including his fiancée. He unwittingly becomes embroiled in a biotechnological nightmare and embarks on a dangerous adventure to return home. The only person that might be able to help him is a man Nick never knew existed—his clone.

Back in Washington, CIA analyst Sara Monahan makes a startling discovery while tracking the use of biological weapons in an ongoing war in Africa. She races to uncover a global conspiracy that may shake the very essence of what it means to be human.

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Reservoir Cats

reservoir-catsMeet Squirt, a Somali cat who believes that having a pedigree means that he is just a bit better than the rest! He is conceited, irreverent and opinionated but also the most loyal friend anyone could wish for.

Squirt brings you his unique view of the world with diary extracts, acute observations and some interesting (if somewhat strange) ideas.

Reservoir Cats is a romp of a read for animal lovers!

Sinful Rewards 3: A Billionaires and Bikers Novella

sinful-rewards-3Bee Carter’s carefully constructed world is tumbling down around her designer knockoff heels. Pleasing others isn’t working for this small-town fashionista. Bee decides to throw caution to the Chicago wind for one night and release her inner bad girl, accepting a sexy challenge from an unknown texter, exploring the backseat of a limousine with gorgeous billionaire Nicolas, and entering a rough, tough biker bar with the mysterious Hawke.

Two hot men, one wicked night. When this good girl goes wild, who will make her erotic dreams come true—the enigmatic billionaire or the tattooed bad boy?

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Between the Cracks and Burning Doors

“There are certain events in your life that are markers, and when they arrive, there are no longer days, weeks, or even years: only the before, and the after.”

Cain Foley committed his first murder before he could even drive a car. Not that he would’ve had anywhere to drive to. When he was fifteen, America was one of the poorest countries in the world, and its’ citizens took their hatred of that fact out on each other through gangs and violence. Children that were barely tall enough for carnival rides peppered the streets selling drugs (or themselves) so they could buy their next meal.

Every night on the news, Cain watched as an angelic blonde woman who lost her own child swore she’d end it. She assaulted America’s televisions with praise for the Parental Morality Law: a set of rules that spells out exactly what it takes to be a parent in the eyes of the government, and the consequences of breaking those rules. He prayed every night that she would come and rescue him before his father took his belt off again.

Before she could save him, Cain faced a fatal choice: fight back or die on the basement floor.

He chose life.

Now on the run, he finds himself being hunted by a police officer with his own special brand of torture. Before he can save even a handful of children who have been swept up in the gang life, he must first cover up not one, but two murders: his father’s, and one committed by a teenage madam who is either the love of his life, or his final undoing. As he feels himself being pushed further and further to the edge, he realizes that surviving his father was just the beginning.

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Light Me Up

light-me-upWhen the lights go out, bad boys burn even hotter…

Join eight NYT bestselling and award-winning authors as they introduce you to their red-hot series in this explosive collection. Whether you like cowboys or criminals, bootleggers or Army Rangers, Masters or MMA fighters, there’s a hero—or two—for you.

Light Me Up includes seven complete stories and zero cliffhangers, each book the first in its series:

Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders #1) by Lorelei James

Tank (Blue Collar Billionaires #1) by M. Malone

All Fired Up (DreamMakers #1) by Vivian Arend & Elle Kennedy

In Kelly’s Corner (Fighting Connellys #1) by Roxie Rivera

Tucker’s Fall (Purgatory Masters #1) by Eliza Gayle

Beyond Shame (Beyond #1) by Kit Rocha

Glutton for Pleasure (Pleasure #1) by Alisha Rai

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The Candidate’s Daughter

The-Candidate's-DaughterThe plan is simple: kidnap the daughter of Senate candidate Richard McClaine, take the money and run. Nobody gets hurt, the kid goes home alive.

Twenty-two-year-old car thief Kelsey Money thinks it’s the worst idea Matt and his drug-fueled brother have ever come up with. But Matt’s the planner. He’s the one Kelsey has always depended on.

Then she discovers the part she wasn’t told – that six-year-old Holly McClaine won’t be going home alive. So Kelsey makes a decision. Saving Holly means betraying Matt. It’s a dangerous move. Especially when she discovers that Holly isn’t the only one surplus to Matt’s requirements.

Across town, Elizabeth McClaine has no idea what her daughter was wearing when she disappeared. When Holly was born with Down syndrome and a cleft palate, Elizabeth placed her only child in the care of a nanny while she fought postpartum depression.

But when Holly is kidnapped and Elizabeth discovers the detective leading the hunt has already failed one kidnapped child, Elizabeth knows she cannot fail hers.

Now both women have twenty-four hours to find Holly. Because in twenty-five, she’ll be dead.

The Candidate’s Daughter is a fast paced thriller about love and loss, failure and redemption, about mothers and daughters, and the bonds between them.

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MIRACLES – Expect Something Wild

miraclesMIRACLES – Expect Something Wild: 25 Inspirational True Stories of God’s Unbridled Power, is the first book by Christian Author Connie Bryson in The Art of Charismatic Christian Faith Series. 

Experience God in a fresh way as you read about the supernatural modern miracles of God this author has witnessed over the course of her life of faith and continues to see. Believe anew for your gifts of the Holy Spirit to be manifest. Be encouraged by these stories that believers of all stations can experience God’s powerful anointing and the ministry of His spiritual gifts today. You may be used to perform miracles of healing. He may give you visions and dreams, orprophecy. You may even be blessed to hear the audible voice of God. Allow this book to encourage your prayer life, individual and group ministry, spiritual growth, relationship and intimacy with God.

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Heat of the Moment

heat-of-the-momentIn this heat wave, anything and everything goes.

A Red-Hot Summer story.

Shelby Harper has lusted over Navy SEAL John Garrett for over a year, but no matter how many sexy signals she sends out, the man shows a complete lack of interest in getting naked. Then she overhears Garrett talking to his SEAL teammate—a discussion in which they conclude she’s vanilla. Stung, Shelby sets out to show them exactly how un-vanilla she is.

Garrett can’t believe it when sweet, sexy Shelby suggests a wild and sweaty ménage. He’s been trying to figure out how to ask her out without coming off as a guy who only wants to get in her pants—her friendship is too valuable to him to risk it. But if a crazy, heat-wave three-way is what Shelby wants, then he’s ready and willing to give it to her.

Once she gets it out of her system, however…well, then he’ll let her know he wants her all to himself.

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More Than a Client

more-than-a-clientWhen Martin Johansson goes out of his way to make amends with Tiffany Winters, a dissatisfied customer, he doesn’t expect the sight of the Nubian beauty to throw him for a loop. He wants to satisfy her in more ways than one. After one date, he knows that engaging in just a business relationship with her won’t be enough.

Tiffany’s business obligation tosses Martin, owner of Elite Courier, in her path. Their attraction to each other blossoms after only a few phone conversations, and then ignites into full-blown passion when they finally meet in person.

Will Tiffany learn to trust again after her recent divorce and become more than a client?

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Resist Me

resist-meDue to mature themes, strong language, and sexual situations, this series is intended for adult readers only. 

One fateful morning changes everything. 

Lisbeth Anderson, the lone eyewitness of a shocking murder, believes the FBI witness protection program may be the only way for her to survive. But when a powerful explosion reduces the safe house to ashes, killing all of the FBI agents on duty, will she turn to a perfect stranger for help? 

Ethan McCoy, an former-Marine-turned-firefighter, has never really cared for any woman. He lives his life to the fullest, enjoying the bad boy stigma and cultivating a particular taste for dominant sex. Girls come and go, allowed to stay only long enough to satisfy Ethan’s wild appetite. 

One morning at dawn, Ethan’s fire brigade is called to a fatal house explosion that levels the structure. When he pries open a trap door to the hidden panic room under the house, he finds a gorgeous, though disheveled brunette. Lisbeth instantly turns Ethan’s world upside down, and he’s overcome by the burning desire to protect her, no matter the consequences.

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Captured Boxed Set


CAPTURED is a steamy collection from today’s hottest authors featuring 9 sexy bad boys trying to capture your heart, every way they know how. New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Opal Carew, Cathryn Fox, Eve Langlais, T. J. Michaels, Sharon Page, S.E. Smith, and Pepper Winters, along with Teresa Morgan and Mandy Rosko bring you nine tales of sensual seduction featuring alpha male heroes determined to have their way, and willing to do anything to get it, even if that means a little seductive persuasion…

We’ve included a real mix of stories, from light & funny to dark & sinister, contemporary to paranormal.
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