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Trouble Makers

It was all just in good fun, two girls going to Trouble concerts and screaming ourselves hoarse along with the rest of the fans. Bree’s fascination with Rob, and mine with Tyler, was a fun little fantasy, a distraction from our boring everyday lives, mine as a dental hygienist and Bree’s as an elementary school music teacher, until one day the we meet them, and they invited us on tour. Sometimes you just have to go for the ride and see what happens next. $0.99 on Kindle.

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Flash Bang

Sebastian Parks makes his living  finding wanted felons on Facebook and thumping them into custody. When the body of a teenage Muslim boy is found in front of a Denver nightclub, Parks is called to find the killers and make them pay. This hard-boiled thriller is just $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Quilt, Unravelled

Visit New Zealand through the eyes of the Clarke Family. Haunted by their violent past their journey towards closure is stitched in to an heirloom quilt. Youngest member Paul is trapped in an unhappy marriage and longs to break away from his farming heritage. Meanwhile in the spectacular South Island of New Zealand attorney Joanne Kyle strives for a successful career. Their lives are brought together by tragedy and both must change if there is a chance to love. $0.99 on Kindle.amazon buy now

Free: “The Redemption”

On the night of the league championship game, after MVP quarterback Sonny Wade leads his team to a berth in the Galaxy Bowl, he and his fiancée vanish into the night and no one has seen them since.

Detective Michael Gallagher who teams up with colorful Detective Leo Cannoli of the LAPD asks the question, “Where is Sonny Wade?” Was he kidnapped or killed by the mob, did he run away with his fiancé or was there another person out there who wanted him dead?

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Free Children’s Book

Buttercup Cottage is a new series with 7 delightful puppets, But in this series, all is not well with Sally Spider, she just can’t get up her web, because she has no energy. She calls on her friend Moonworm and with the help of some of the other puppets, she learns how where she can get energy. The Buttercup series is written with speech bubbles (cartoon style) that younger children will love and that will encourage them to learn to read.

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Free: “Naked in LA”

Cheating is always a bad idea. But with the President of the United States? From Jack Kennedy’s Malibu hideaway  to the Hollywood of Monroe and Sinatra, Magdalena experiences the highs and lows of chasing her dream of being a star. But even Camelot has a dark underbelly, and when the White House and the Mob clash, she is caught in the fallout.

In the tradition of Casablanca and Gone With the Wind, the story of Magdalena Fuentes is a sprawling epic of passion and destiny, stretching across three decades and two continents. Free on Kindle.
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Image of Deceit

Bygie Hudson’s isolated life as an artist was perfect… except for her husband. Her seclusion is shattered when the police arrive to tell her there has been an accident. The man she’d been married to for fifteen years, and considered divorcing for fourteen, is dead… and they believe she may be behind it. Find out what happens in “Image of Deceit,” just $0.99 on Kindle.

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Free: “All My Love, Detrick”

Detrick, a German boy, was born with the qualities that the Nazi’s considered superior, ensuring his future as a leader of Adolph Hitler’s Aryan race. But on his 7th birthday, an unexpected event changed the course of his destiny forever. Find out what happens. Free on Kindle.amazon buy now

Burning Embers

Passion. Torment. Secrets. Betrayal. A vivid story of first love, set against the exotic, dangerous wilderness of Africa…

Coral Sinclair is a feisty, independent woman: a successful freelance photographer who has left her cheating fiancé and is returning to the land of her birth, Kenya, to take her rightful place as mistress of the family plantation. But beneath the strong veneer is a naïve girl who is frightened to trust any man again. Particularly the enigmatic Rafe, a neighbouring entrepreneur with a reputation for womanising. And yet, when she is with him the attraction is engulfing. He is the only man to make the embers within her burn.

Should Coral give in to the longings of her body, her heart – or listen to the whispers in her mind that tell her Rafe is a man harbouring deep and torturous secrets?amazon buy now


When it comes to death and love…only one is guaranteed. Four decades ago Nora died. A tragic event for someone so young; however, four decades ago Nora was also given a second chance to walk among the living. A Death Warden with a mysterious past, her job is to escort the newly expired towards the light, battling with the Soul Hunters who want the freshly dead to help with their own evil purposes buried in the dark…. ($1.99 on Kindle)

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Romantic Suspense: “Mountain Ridge”

Roxanne Wickenburg lived her entire life in Mountain Ridge, a small, crime-free town in Arizona. But on her first wedding anniversary in Hawaii, her cozy world changes, and threatens to end in heartbreaking disaster. Just $0.99 on Kindle.

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Flawed and Damaged

flawed and damaged

“Flawed and Damaged” is a story about chance encounters, falling in love, opening up to another person completely and healing. $0.99 on Kindle.

Travel the World Without Worries

Travel The World Without Worries gives anyone all the information and confidence needed to go on a big adventure trip abroad–focusing in particular on popular backpacker destinations in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central & South America. The book’s trail-tested advice comes from the author’s own experiences of travelling the world non-stop for 2 full years and counting. $0.99 on Kindle.amazon buy now

Free: “Evil Lust”

If it weren’t for interference of the succubus with Henry’s actions, he and Claire could have been together. But under the magical spell, Henry is about to give into his lust for Charlotte. Hopefully Valtina can come to prevent this marriage from falling apart. In order to do this, she must use the tools in her leather satchel to break the spell and help Henry forget about what he felt for Charlotte so that he can be free again to love Claire. Free on Kindle.amazon buy now

Free: “Kindle Unlimited Made Simple”

This book showcases all the essential insights and information about Kindle Unlimited especially the publishing industry. It basically deals with giving information to the readers about Kindle and about the paper media. Since this book focuses more on the Amazon’s new book subscription service, it lets the readers know more about it through its comprehensive way of relaying the ideas and details.amazon buy now

The Orange Moon Affair

the-orange-moon-affairThomas Gunn (former Special Forces) and his partner Julie are running for their lives. It began when Thomas decided to investigate the murder of his wealthy industrialist father.  Find out the dark secrets that Thomas uncovers in edge-of-your-seat thriller. $0.99 on Kindle.

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IRRADIANCE (Dystopian Sci-Fi)


In a bioengineered, telepathically networked society of comfort and safety, the only relationship that matters is the one between a Citizen and the Community. But the Community also hides a terrifying secret: their planet is dying—and they have no intention of saving the people. $0.99 on Kindle.

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