Free: Mister Moonfeld’s Colors of Wonder

Mister Moonfeld's Colors of WonderA timeless story for all ages…

What if an elementary school principal had to return to the age of her students to regain her sense of wonder?

Principal Grace Sensible wakes up to a world drained of its color. But when a sprinkle of magic from the mystical groundskeeper, Mister Moonfeld, transforms Grace back into a 10-year-old, she begins to see the world in a way she had long forgotten.

Guided by Mister Moonfeld’s ageless puppy, Sunny, young Grace embarks on a quest to rediscover her true self before sundown.

This heartwarming tale celebrates the power of wonder and the importance of staying true to oneself, at any age. Free on Kindle.
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Author: Mister Moonfeld