Free: The Elk Virus: A Graphic Fantasy Novel

The Elk Virus: A Graphic Fantasy Novel
A coming of age and graphic fantasy tale of an outcast and street fighter Leon Dredman set adrift in a sea of racial and economic turmoil in the historical setting of Thatcher-era North London. Desperate for a change in fortune Leon learns of a vacant position as a warehouseman with the Constructivists, an enigmatic art cult rumoured to have knowledge of an ancient and powerful computer virus known as the Elk Virus. Leon is unwittingly lured into a quest full of magical realism to find the magical virus on the forbidden planet of Afriana. He soon finds however that his epic fantasy is fraught with danger from dark mages, worms, hostile trolls and other dangers. Brimming with dark treacherous twists and turns and backed by a powerful cast of complex supernatural characters. Leon, plunges into a survival fantasy adventure of unparalleled fervour that ratchets up the intensity with every step. Free on Kindle.
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The Philosopher’s Guild

The Philosopher’s Guild is a group of young people fighting to defend the city-state of Lothen from threats – such as Hobbes, a devious rogue serial killer; Nietzsche, a powerful warrior with a small army; and Nicky Machiavelli, a too-ambitious wizard in the king’s court. They experience life and its struggles, adventures, and losses in this fantasy novel by schizophrenic novelist Daniel Trump. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Cascade (The Cadinari Stream, #1)

Cascade (The Cadinari Stream, #1)
When an NPC from a D&D campaign Jordon was running shows up on his doorstep, begging for help in saving her world from a Fallen God that is hellbent on destroying the multiverse, Jordon must gather together his Outcasts and descend into the world of Taldora. But he quickly discovers that being an adventurer is more than dice rolls and improv. $0.99 on Kindle.

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The Old Wounds trilogy

In the realm of Ragnekai, the High King dies leaving the land leaderless. Lords make their moves in the ensuing power struggle, and the winds begin to blow cruelly for captains and commoners alike. But all is not as it seems. As events unfold, it becomes clear that there is a greater design being executed.
This trilogy gives the reader multiple points of view to witness this heart-wrenching fantasy. The reader will know more than any one character, but will be kept guessing as to what is still unknown. Hints are dropped, riddles arise, mysteries encircle all, and gradually the truth will be revealed.
The Old Wounds trilogy is the beginning of an epic saga that will thrill with each new release.

From $0.99 to $2.99 on Kindle.

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Najat has spent years as a senior-ranked diver, harvesting destins as they are born from pods in a sacred lake. Soon he must give up diving in order to fulfill his duties as the Kumasagi, the younger of two powerful mystics who can comfort and guide the souls of the dead.

After Najat falls ill during a diving mission, he finds himself in a mind-bending confrontation with a newborn destin, which leaves him carrying a piece of her soul and leaves her with a view into his memories. Neither one knows yet what they have taken from each other.  $1.99 each on Kindle

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Silke’s Strike Force

Silke's Strike Force

Discovering the hidden world of the superpowered would be great, if they weren’t all trying to kill her.

Her father’s death gave Silke Butters the powers to change the world. Unfortunately, he didn’t leave her instructions on how to use them. As Silke learns more about her superhuman abilities, she uncovers the dangerous secret that comes with them.

She is the product of a government experiment gone wrong…and she’s not the only one!

The revelation puts Silke in the cross-hairs of a terrorist group known as the Sin Squad, enhanced with powers of their own. Joining an elite strike force, Silke invents the alter-ego Karma to combat the dangerous threat.

Will Silke learn to control her powers as Karma? Or is being a superheroine more than she can handle?

A twist on the superhero story packed with powers, action, and character drama. $0.99 each on Kindle.


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Fateful Pathways: A Story of Theseus

Fateful Pathways: A Story of TheseusTheseus may be fated to be a successful king of Athens, but fate is a road with many forks. If monsters, witches, and hostile deities have anything to say about it, Theseus will not be king for long. $0.99 on Kindle
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