Desde el exilio: A Collection of Poems from the Exile

Desde el exilio: A Collection of Poems from the Exile
From the Exile was born as a poetic memoir to describe the experience of being born in Venezuela in 1988 to the publication of this poem collection in 2019.

This period entitles the last years of the Venezuelan democracy, already bruised by the discontent caused by the different political parties in the country before the arrival of Hugo Chavez Frias in 1998. In addition, it also describes how as the years passed, the elected president turned into an authoritarian figure sheltered by the Castro-communism ideology that firmly followed until his death in 2013.

Nevertheless, in spite of the death of the dictator, the suffering of the Venezuelans was far from culminating, because when Chavez died the power passed to his acolyte Nicolás Maduro Moros. The once time bus driver took the power of the country through fraudulent elections, that were controlled by an electoral council, mostly Chavista.

Maduro, who would follow the Chavista and Castro-communism legacy, led Venezuela to preside over the lists of the world’s most dangerous and poor countries. In this state, Venezuela struggled with hyperinflation never seen before in the oil nation’s history causing the scarcity of commodities, such as food and medicine throughout the region.

Resulting in millions of inhabitants fleeing in what was known by the name of Venezuelan diaspora looking for the future that was taken from them in other countries. The nostalgia for the lost country, from exile. $8.49 on Kindle.

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