The Devil’s Own Luck

Set in Southern England, 1815
Thomas Danfield’s sexual escapades have kept many entertained for years and he has no plans to alter his self-indulgence lifestyle by taking a wife. But his world changes drastically when he receives the unwelcome news that he is now the 12th Marquis of Clarendon. The new marquis grudgingly accepts that he must take on the responsibility of finding a bride and producing the next heir or the Clarendon line will cease to exist. On his way to see the Clarendon estates, he stops to visit friends and his quandary of finding a bride is solved. Caught in raging storm, he and his best friend’s youngest sister, Cecelia, are forced to take shelter in a deserted hunting lodge. His attraction to the free-spirited, red-headed beauty is too strong to ignore and the evening turns shockingly passionate. Three weeks later, he and the young lady he’s known since she was a infant are wed. Find out what happens… $0.99 on Kindle

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