Free: Regroup.Refocus.Rebuild: Helping Families Navigate from Break-Ups to Breakthroughs!

Regroup.Refocus.Rebuild: Helping Families Navigate from Break-Ups to Breakthroughs!
Raising children as a single mother is overwhelming; creating a need for a strong community, empowerment, inspiration, and information for all single mothers. With the right information and support, single mothers can raise healthy children, find new mates, and build wildly successful businesses and careers. Having successfully overcome post divorce huddles while raising her three children, Ms. Cabinda’s passion is to help other mothers attain the life they deserve. Mothers who have gone through a divorce or separation understand the challenge of starting over, alone, is quite daunting. Natalie Cabinda understands these challenges as she uses her personal experience as well as her professional expertise to show you how to embark on a remarkable journey to regroup your family, refocus your vision, and rebuild your life. Regroup.Refocus.Rebuild provides you with tips and strategies to:

• Rebuild your confidence and self-esteem
• Build a strong support system
• Develop a new road map
• Navigate new and challenging schedules
• Manage communication with children
• Raise high academic achievers
• Take charge of your finances
•Re-enter the career world
• Manage post-divorce issues

Rebuild your life with these strategies at your finger tips; her hope is to see you embark on a journey that takes you from your breakup to your breakthrough. Free on Kindle.

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