Free: The Neo Diet: Find Your Superhuman Health By Eating The “Wrong” Foods


Chances are that your diet will kill you.

At least that’s what research is suggesting. In the past few years, several studies have linked our food choices to most chronic diseases, and to the increase of overall mortality risk.

But even if we ignore all that, it’s important to know that your diet is not letting you achieve the best version of yourself. Do you suffer from indigestion, abdominal pain, weight gain, brain fog, headaches, joint pain, frequent colds, allergies, lack of energy, low libido, or even depression?

Yes, the food you eat is causing these symptoms. Your diet is making you fat, dumb, tired and sick!

Have you ever felt confused or unsure about what to eat? You are not alone. There is so much contradictory information about nutrition that it feels almost impossible to know what diet to follow.

That ends today!

The Neo Diet results from years of research done by Kevin to find answers for his own health issues. He read all the polarizing health & nutrition books, and everything in between. With that research, he became his own guinea pig and tested the very best (and well-researched) concepts from each of these diets. The conclusions from his research and experiment became this book. The informal and easy-to-follow guide he wished someone had written to help him.

Inside the Neo Diet, you will learn:

What are the so-called healthy foods that are actually making you sick.
How you can manipulate your “bad genes” and control your own health.
What research has to say about the whole carnivore vs vegan diet discussion (this might surprise you).
How to personalize your diet to respect your own physiology and to optimize your results.
The HORDIL strategy to hack your biology (aka biohacking).
How to perform physically and mentally like never before.
The 28-day plan to reset your organism to overcome the physiological blocks stopping you from achieving your health goals.
And so much more…

The Neo Diet will challenge you, but will guide you on how to lose weight, build muscle, revert chronic disease, clean up brain fog, become smarter, and boost your energy levels through the roof. You will finally become the superhuman you were designed to be!

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