Free: Rise Brother Rise: Your Time Is Now

Rise Brother Rise: Your Time Is Now
The transition into the Aquarian age is not an easy one for mankind. We will witness changes never been seen.We are moving into a time of spiritual awakening, because this age symbolizes the fore of humanity. America has been the vehicle of social, economic, and religious experiments. Are the Americans the wandering people from Atlantis? Did they make this world a better place with there advanced technologies, or did they lose the spirit they came with? Have they compromised themselves, their values, their morals,their associations and connections to this planet? Who really ruled this world till now? It was foretold that in the new millennium a universal ruler will rule in love, had He not appeared the earth would have been destroyed. There was a plan for us from the beginning. This book will give you the foundation of spiritual wisdom from the beginning. Are we ready for the transition into the new world? Free on Kindle.

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