Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligenge: Learn the art of self-management, self-awareness, social awareness and anger management to Live a Healthy Life

This book is about emotional intelligence (EQ), and centres around the ability of people to harness and manage the emotions we feel and then put them to use to solve the problems we encounter on a daily basis.

The book goes through the most fundamental topics of EQ, such as:

The importance of having Emotional Intelligence
The benefits of it to you and others
The components of EQ
Ways in which you can develop your own EQ
Using EQ in leadership roles
How low EQ can affect our mental state
Training yourself you be more emotionally intelligent

Not everyone is born with a highly developed Emotional Intelligence, but we can all improve it to some extent and with the help of this book you can start to improve your EQ, one day at a time.$0.99 on Kindle.

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