Free Romantic Suspense: “Deathscape”


Ashley is an artist suffering from visions of the dead. When a vision allows her to save police detective Jack Sullivan from a horrific death, he suspects her of being an accomplice to the serial killer he’s been chasing for years. A heart-pounding romantic thriller! Free on Kindle.


deathblow dana marton

Joe Kessler has always been the love’ em and leave ’em type when it comes to women, but there’s a lot more to this cop than his good looks and easygoing nature. When he meets beautiful single mom Wendy Belle, he is immediately attracted to her but she wants nothing to do with Joe and his reputation. After Wendy is threatened by her violent ex-husband, Joe is assigned to protect her and love starts to grow as they spend time together. Staying alive quickly becomes their priority when Wendy is attacked. This fast-paced romantic suspense will keep you reading past your bedtime! Just $0.99 on Kindle.