Dear Mr. Dad Bod

Dear Mr. Dad Bod
Dear Mr. Dad Bod: Where do I apply to be your baby girl?
This daddy is claiming his little princess, and he doesn’t care who is watching. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Dad Bod Rebel

Dad Bod Rebel
One ex-military single dad *with rules* + One sunshiney teacher + One headstrong daughter = A grump-sunshine romance that will melt your heart $2.99 on Kindle.
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Bratva Daddy

Bratva Daddy

My dark secret?
The single dad who hired me as a nanny makes me want to rip off his clothes.
But that’s not the dark part. I took the job to get close enough to take him down.
Six feet under to be exact.

“I know a little bit of self-defense.”
It’s a lie of course.
I could easily kill a man nine different ways with the tip of a ballpoint pen.

Dimitri Antonov may be a devoted father.
And to say he’s easy on the eyes would be a true understatement.

But I know what a true monster he is.
A monster who curls his hands into fists to stop himself from touching me.
And the kind who reprimands me through gritted teeth while his lust filled eyes burn through me.

A man like Dimitri Antonov would gladly devour me whole.
And I’ve got to do everything in my power to stop wondering what I’d be like if I let him…

This is Dimitri Antonov’s story. Follow the Antonov Bratva brothers as they rule their city and the hearts of their woman. If you enjoy billionaire, boss, Bratva romance suspense with unexpected twists and turns you’re sure to love the Antonov brothers. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Dad Bod Dreams

Dad Bod Dreams
He’s my best friend’s dad. The man who’s hosting me for the summer.
And he stars in my most secret daydreams. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Daddy Undercover (The Forbidden Attraction)

Daddy Undercover (The Forbidden Attraction)
Maeve trusts me with every fiber of her being, but I’m being forced to keep a huge secret from her. I never could have guessed that she’s the woman for me. And most certainly not when I was signing up for the job. Being undercover for the FBI means that I have to use her to get what I want. Her brother is a dangerous man. And Maeve? She’s innocent. It’s what draws me to her. My instinctual need to protect her is coming in the way of my job. She makes my heart throb against my chest, but I have to get her out of my head. It’s only a matter of time until everything is destroyed, and she finds out what I’ve been hiding… But what happens when I discover her little secret? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Free: Daddy’s Hot Boss

Daddy's Hot Boss
He’s already in control in the office but now he wants control in my bedroom too,
The problem is, he’s too close to home, twice my age, rough, dominant, big and spanks. Little, tiny me is not just forbidden,
But definitely too small to fit, in both untouched places.
Will we dare to cross that line? Free on Kindle.
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Secret Royal Daddy Romance Series Box Set

Secret Royal Daddy Romance Series Box Set
Royals. Murder. Secret babies. Filthy, forbidden love.

Escape to Sierran, an island country ruled by a royal family. Each royal guards a dangerous secret, and they end up falling for the one person they can’t have. Only time will tell if their love is written in the stars. $6.99 on Kindle.
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Dad Bod Foreman

Dad Bod Foreman
Madison and her sassy attitude are mine and I’m not letting her go. I know she watches me, and it only fuels the fire within me to claim her. I’ll soothe her annoyance and make her forget about anything other than building a future with me. $2.99 on Kindle.
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Royal Daddy

Royal Daddy


I’m her father’s closest friend.
And I’ve vowed to tame his estranged daughter.
But her fire is so d*mn fierce it reduces my rules to ash.
How will I protect her when all I want is to ruin her?

There I was selling crab cakes out of my food truck,
When the world’s biggest scrooge approaches me.
I can’t help but notice his impressively ripped body in a perfectly tailored suit.
His eyes pierce right through me – and make my insides flutter.
I’ve always been attracted to older men – but this one has all the warmth of an ice cube.

Fast forward and I find myself in a foreign country with my every move scrutinized.
Luc’s mission: Train me to be a proper princess.
A role I don’t even know if I want!
I’m determined to find answers about my mother,
But the harder Luc tries to turn me into a future queen…
The more I have a growing need to kneel before him.

He’s the farthest thing from kind.
Luc is possessive. Arrogant. And cold.
And now, according to the test in my hand…
He’s the father of my baby.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Big Bad Daddy

Big Bad Daddy
Charles was not a father material.
He was a bad-boy biker who needed my help.
Little did I know that helping him would blow up in my face.
He was a playboy, and I’d done the one thing I wasn’t supposed to do, fall.
I fell into bed with him
And worse yet, love.
I was long gone when I found out about our baby.
Charles will not be happy when he finds out everything I kept from him.
When he sees our child, he will know. She has his eyes…
Will he ever forgive me for keeping her secret? $0.99 on Kindle.
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Four Daddies for Christmas

Four Daddies for Christmas

Four untamed ex-military daddies.
One very unassuming girl.
Who said Christmas miracles don’t exist?

My family’s failing farm combined with my father’s debt has me tossing and turning.
Luckily a chance rescue brings me face to face with an opportunity I can’t resist.
I’ve been hired to take care of an adorable set of twins.

But I’m nervous for three VERY good reasons:
1. All four of my bosses are constantly working out in their mansion.
2. They’re older and more experienced in ALL facets of life.
3. It appears I’ve ignited a desire in them that can’t just be brushed under the rug.

I must be imagining it, right? How can all four men want me?
Well, one thing’s for sure: I’m ready to see where this takes us.

But the weather calls for a scary winter storm on the horizon.
And this storm brings all sorts of trouble.
Not to mention unexpected surprises.
$0.99 on Kindle.
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Secret Daddy

My darkest secret?
I allowed a complete stranger to seduce me.
That night I walked away with two things: His first name. And his baby.
Now he’s back and this time he’s not letting me out of his sight.

Those few hours we shared together were the most erotic of my life.
Dominic showed me what a real man’s touch was like.
He awakened parts of me I never knew existed.

But it all went up in flames after I learned the truth about him.
And I left as fast as I could.

Now, years later, he’s back and I’m freaking the hell out.

“We’ve got unfinished business.”

“No. You have the wrong girl.”

To which he replies: “Maybe I wasn’t clear. You left once. I won’t allow you to leave twice.”

Now it’s becoming abundantly clear to me Dominic has a few dark secrets of his own.
And that makes me especially concerned about the future of our child – and his reaction when he finds out. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Dirty Daddies 2022

Dirty Daddies 2022
Just say “Yes, Daddy”…
The Daddies are back and hotter than ever with 12 brand new, hot and spicy stories from some of the biggest names in the Daddy game. No matter how you like your Daddies, this anthology is stuffed with the best of the best. $4.99 on Kindle.
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Dirty Daddies Pride 2022

Dirty Daddies Pride 2022
The Daddies are back and dirtier than ever in this brand new Dirty Daddies anthology!

Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and gender pairings and these 26 brand new, smoking hot daddies are here to prove it. No matter how you like your daddies — stern and sexy or sweet and cuddly — this anthology has a little something for everyone. $0.99 on Kindle.
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Accidental Daddy

Accidental Daddy
Ready for a full length, steamy, standalone Christmas romance? This one promises to deliver all the festive feels, so cuddle up with your favourite beverage and experience this magical time of the year with a hot and scandalous romance$0.99 on Kindle

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Small Town Mountain Daddy

Small Town Mountain Daddy“Three babies!?! Are you flippin’ serious?!?

Ezra is the last guy I should be creating a human with.
Never mind three!!!
Hard headed.
And impossibly competitive.
We have entirely too much in common.
Now, one VERY poor lapse in judgment brings me to the scariest moment of my life.

How can I possibly raise three babies with the man I’ve resented all my life??? $0.99 on Kindle
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