Breaking the Bonds of Adult Child Abuse

Breaking the Bonds of Adult Child Abuse

Child Abuse That Did Not End When Adulthood Began. The Continuing Victimization Of Grown Children By Their Abusive Or Controlling Parents, Siblings, Or Family Members.


*The Only Form of Abuse still tolerated, accepted and condoned in our society.
*The Only Form Of Abuse in which it is considered okay for a competent adult to be controlled, exploited, or damaged by someone else.
*The Only Form of Abuse in which the victim is expected to continue suffering indefinitely, criticized for trying to protect herself, judged for escaping from her abuser, and openly discouraged from standing up for herself, talking about it, or revealing the abuse to others.

Where do folks get the idea that Christians have to be meek and mild, silently enduring mistreatment, tolerating anything anybody else does, and timidly standing by while abusers trample all over them and other innocent victims? Since when is it a sin to take a stand and speak out against evil? Since when is it wrong to stay away from the wicked?

In this book, you will learn about family abusers and their Silent Partners, why they abuse us and why we let them, setting and enforcing limits, godly confrontation, The Law of Sowing and Reaping and letting abusers suffer the Natural Consequences of their own behavior, how to tell if a comment is really a criticism, family jealousy and how to detect if a relative is jealous of you, recognizing and cutting ties with reprobates, improving your family holidays, how to forgive and what forgiveness really means, and what Jesus would REALLY do. Written with empathy, wisdom and understanding, and loaded with scriptural references, this book is an eye-opener that will help you claim your freedom and change your life. $9.99 on Kindle.

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