Free: A Chinatown Haunting Paranormal Thriller


Jasmine never believed in ghosts. Until she became one. She was pregnant when she died. But 8 months later, in the netherworld, she gave birth to Mei-Mei and haunted her living & breathing ex-lover to avenge her death. Now, her daughter is missing and Jasmine has no choice but to go back to the natural world and find her. Will they ever see each other again? Free on Kindle.

Free: “Descendant: The Protector”

daniel koch

Jason Hook has spent eighteen years of his life growing up in a world plagued by monsters. When Jason and his family are forced to move from their home in California to a small town in New York, he finds that some of the creatures are actually trying to save his life. For reasons he is only just beginning to discover, there is something about him that the creatures find very interesting. Jason is at the apex of a world at war where he must choose between life, death, and the possibility of becoming one of the creatures he has sworn to hate. But in becoming a creature, Jason might just have a chance to save humanity.

he extinction of the human race seems inevitableSee-Deal

By the Light of the Moon

By the Light of the Moon Laila Blake

At 19 years of age, Lady Moira has never been in love. She is a strange thing, and rumors about her are whispered throughout the realm. But when her father employs a wolf-shifter to protect her, he becomes the one person she can relate to and the life as she knew it will never be the same again. $0.99 on Kindle.

romantic fantasy 99 cents

“Beyond Shame”

beyond shame

Noelle’s innocence is undeniable, but so her their intense sexual attraction, and soon she’s crossing every boundary she thought she had. But if she wants to belong to Jas, first she’ll have to open herself to a dangerous world of sex, lust and violence. A world where passion is power, and freedom is found in submission. Free.


Fantasy: “The Key of Kilenya”

The Key of Kilenya

All Jacob Clark wants is to make the varsity basketball team. All the Lorkon want is to control the magical powers Jacob doesn’t know he possesses. But Jacob’s hopes for having his dream come true vanish when wolves employed by the Lorkon attack his home and chase him through a link to another world. He meets strange creatures—beings that have watched him grow up and expect him to be their leader. However, Jacob isn’t sure he wants leadership experience and he’s even more sure that he doesn’t want to go get some stolen, magical key, even if it does involve helping a pretty girl find her lost brother. Free for a limited time.

Werewolf Shifter Romance

Craving the Alpha

A summer job changes Kristen James’s life forever as she is bitten by a pack of evil wolves and turned into a werewolf. Rescued by another clan she is forced to choose between two brothers and her decision sets off a rage of lust and love! Free.