Free Horror Novel


Mark Triton has been a blessed man. Intelligent and wealthy, he has even met the woman of his dreams. There seems to be no limit to his blessings, until that fateful day. The plane crashed. They died. He lived. THEY WERE THE LUCKY ONES. From the mind of BL NORRIS, comes DARK MOON. Free on Kindle.


Thriller: The Devil’s Party


“The Devil’s Party” is a fast pace book of suspense that will take you on a roller coaster ride leading to a very satisfying end.

With playboy journalist Gavin Lassiter as the main character investigating the recent murder spree in the small, affluent town of Bedlam, he uncovers a secret the town’s super rich don’t want him to know.

With the help of a beautiful psychiatrist, Gavin risks his life to save his town. Murder, sex, lies and revenge….Learn more.