The Family Freeloader

The Family Freeloader

Is there a freeloader in your family? Are you tired of being constantly hit up for money, invitations, and favors? Are you fed up with always being the host and never the guest? Do your family members think they’re entitled to your help, but don’t think they need to show any appreciation, pay you back, or return the favor? Are you worried about not being a “good” Christian if you say “No” to a freeloader’s request? Written with humor, wisdom, and a healthy dose of common sense, The Family Freeloader is just what you need! In this book, Sister Renee Pittelli will:

• Help you recognize the various ploys that freeloaders use to get money and favors from us.

• Explain how con-artist relatives observe and test you, and what personality traits might make you seem like easy prey.

• Systematically debunk many of the most common sob-stories and surprisingly sneaky tactics used by our family freeloaders.

• Teach you 21 Ways to Spot A Con.

• Offer a step-by-step guide of effective strategies for turning down requests for money and favors, and deflecting the hard-luck stories, scams, pressure, and guilt-trips in your freeloader’s bag of tricks.

• Include an analysis of what the Bible really says about giving to the poor and needy versus giving to the idle and malingerers, with relevant Scripture verses.

The Family Freeloader is an invaluable lesson for all kind-hearted, generous people-pleasers, who love their families, on how to avoid being taken advantage of by the unscrupulous among us. $9.99 on Kindle.

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