Secret Baby Daddy: A Second Chance Romance

Secret Baby Daddy: A Second Chance Romance
Gorgeous Baby Daddy and a stupid mistake…

Just hearing his deep voice, I could almost tell that he was extremely gorgeous. The man’s words were soothing.
His familiar green eyes made me looking down at me, making my knees wobble like jelly.
And the gentle look on his face was enough to freeze me on the spot.
I still couldn’t believe that I’d just seen him again.
What the f*ck was he doing here?

There was nothing to worry about. Although the idea of him having an anniversary celebration with his woman stung a bit.
But what could I expect?
He always had a lot of women around him. He was one of the playboys.
It would have been more of a shock if he stayed single.
Every girl wanted that irresistibly gorgeous man. But for me, he was like an unreachable dream.

I pushed my wits and rationality aside to go after him.
And that was the stupidest thing I’d ever done.
A part of me wanted to believe that he was not completely a bad person. On some level, I was relieved that I didn’t find him back then.

But why did he have to appear in front of me after all these years? $0.99 on Kindle.

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Love Undercover

Love Undercover
They call him a shark.
Ruthless. Fierce. Controlling.
And I’m going to have to sleep with him.
It’s just a business arrangement.
I’ll figure out the truth and get out of this relationship.

Falling in love was never a part of the plan.
Neither was carrying his baby. $0.99 on Kindle.

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One Night Baby: A Romance Compilation

One Night Baby: A Romance Compilation
Emily’s looking for the father of her child.
I’m searching for the mystery woman who rocked my world one night.
I never thought I’d find her – or the surprise accident she’s been hiding from me…

It was just another charity ball.
Until I saw the beauty in the red dress.
Sassy and curvy, she had to be mine.
I told her I only do one night stands.
But she gave herself to me anyway – completely.
I commanded her body like the world was going to end.
And then she was gone, leaving me with an insatiable longing for more.
I searched for her everywhere.
Used all of my power and wealth.
And now I’ve finally found her.
She has something that belongs to me.
A secret she won’t admit to.
She’s in danger and only I can protect her.
I won’t f*cking lose her again.
I’ll crush the [email protected] who’s after her.
And reunite our family. $0.99 on Kindle.

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