Free: The BC Killer

Free: The BC Killer

Tyler Kane made his appearance in Personal Solicitor, the well-received first novel in the Tyler Kane Legal Thriller series. All novels in this series can be enjoyed as stand-alone stories.

In the award-winning The BC Killer, Kane received an eerie message from a mysterious derelict about his wife’s death. Before he could investigate the message from the derelict, he received a visit from a man who sought his advice. The man revealed some strange and confusing information about a murder that had recently occurred at a local country club.

Before they knew it, Kane, his assistant Leann, and his lifelong friend Earl found themselves challenged by a devious serial killer with a mysterious agenda. His methods of killing were unique and brutal. What’s more, Kane feared his client might be the killer.

The killer continued to claim his victims’ lives while leaving peculiar markings on their bodies. The authorities dismissed the markings, but Kane suspected that the killer was trying to leave a message. But what? Kane had no way of knowing that the answer would lead to an explosive climax that threatened both his life and that of his friends. Free on Kindle.

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