Enchantress Sacrifice

Enchantress Sacrifice
Would you fight a Beast and sacrifice your life? Elandra is an Enchantress, born to save an uncharted island and its people. She breathes light instead of air and experiences everyone’s feelings.

Hidden underground and raised by a monster and a secretive healer, Elandra receives her full powers at sixteen. She is expected to fulfill her destiny and go above ground where the natives want her dead. She falls in love with a shipwrecked teen and chooses a dangerous quest to become normal by finding a magical lagoon that can transform her.

Glaciers, wild animals, earthquakes, and lava flows endanger her life and the loved ones who help her. Will she pay the ultimate price to save them? Join Elandra as she struggles to choose a life she wants over her preordained destiny on an island unknown to the modern world. $0.99 on Kindle.

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