Horror: “First Contact”

first contact

Do you believe in ghosts? Sloane Osborne does and she’s desperately trying to make contact. When she does finally reach out to the other side she starts on a path she never thought she would take. Not only does she find her dead fiance, but also comes across the souls of the victims of a mass murderer.

Sloane knows she needs to find their killer to release the souls from their torment, the only problem is when she figures out who the psychopath is, she discovers she’s also his next victim. $0.99 on Kindle.

Horror: “Milk-Blood”

milk blood

A ten year old girl living in Detroit must deal with addiction, urban despair, and the monstrous homeless man who lives in the abandoned home across the street. $0.99 on Kindle.


revival stephen king

Stephen King’s new novel is a dark and electrifying story about addiction, fanaticism, and what might be on the other side of life.

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Horror: “Shadows Burned In”

Shadows Burned In amazon horror

David Jackson leaves a successful law practice in the big city to return to the hometown he fled long ago. At its center stands an abandoned house simmering in the town’s tortured past. David thought he’d buried his childhood nightmares along with his father in the town cemetery thirty years ago. But now his wife and daughter find themselves in real danger from the unquiet phantoms of David’s past.

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Free Horror Novel


Mark Triton has been a blessed man. Intelligent and wealthy, he has even met the woman of his dreams. There seems to be no limit to his blessings, until that fateful day. The plane crashed. They died. He lived. THEY WERE THE LUCKY ONES. From the mind of BL NORRIS, comes DARK MOON. Free on Kindle.


Free: “Turning Grace” (Zombie Alert!)

teenage zombie

For Grace Watkins, a typical teenage girl, life was going smoothly…attending her final year of high school, crushing on the popular boy in school, hanging out with her spunky best friend. And then the hunger started, along with romance, mean girls, physical changes, parties, blood, gore, and…murder? Grace is changing. She is changing into  something…something she never thought could happen in real life! Free on Kindle.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (Infinifilm Edition)


Nightmare On Elm Street, (DVD)

Unmasking (A Halloween Ghost Story)

Unmasking by Karen McCullough

The ghost who goads Trace Handley into attending a Halloween party then tags along isn’t just another party-crasher. David really is a ghost and he wants to get a message to the man who was tried and acquitted of his murder. Finding their target under the heavy costumes will take more than just a quick scan of the room. and Trace is a reluctant detective. David may have come for one purpose, but he seems determined to enjoy the party in his own way, even if he can’t actually participate. Learn more.

Horror: “Trolling Lures”


Reanimated corpses, shape shifting, violence, freight, and surrealism…it’s all in the horror novel “Trolling Lures.”

So it started with this Coyote. Not just ANY Coyote – but THE Coyote. Then along came Hillman, the slightly suicidal ex-cop. Throw in a ghost who may or may not be a real ghost and then add a Norse Troll and shake well. “Trolling Lures” is  like no other book that you have read before. Learn more.

Human No Longer

Human No Longer Vampire Horror

“Human No Longer” is a different take on vampires. Jenny Sanders wakes up from a coma to find her husband, Jeff, did not survive the attack on them by vampires and she gradually realizes she is changing into a vampire herself…the creatures she has always hated and once hunted.

But she is a mother of a boy and a girl whom she loves dearly. Without her, they’d be orphans so she must find a way to deal with her new blood lust and still be a good mother. For a while, against all odds, she wins the battle….until  the very vampires who she once hunted find her. They demand that she leave her children and join them or face death. Is she strong enough, clever enough and determined enough to avoid their fate for her…or will the vampires win and turn her into a monster like themselves? Learn more.