Free: Standish 2: The Virus

Standish 2: The Virus

A virus. A planet in danger. A race against time.

When a deadly virus appears on a highly advanced world, questions will be asked.

Where did it come from, is it a threat, and is there a cure? Is the virus from a natural source, or was it created in a laboratory?

After a senior government official gets infected by the virus, the Alliance’s premier special forces team will be sent out to investigate and determine who, if anyone, is to blame.

Val Standish and the Dynamic Operations Prime Team must deal with the virus and local bureaucrats as they try and unravel the mystery before things get out of control. Free on Kindle.
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Free: After the Virus

After the Virus

Up until the virus hit, Henry was just an ordinary guy with exceptional engineering skills. Now, the fate of the world must rely on Henry’s skills, his stamina, and a mishmash of survivors to rebuild it. The task seems impossible, but Henry was made to face the challenge after the virus. Free on Kindle.
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“Captives” by Jill Williamson

captives by jill williamson safe lands series

In a post-apocalyptic future, most of the world’s population has been destroyed by a virus. Several remote villages have thrived, but within the walled city of the Safe Lands, a new strain of the virus is thriving and has stopped the people’s ability to procreate. And so Safe Lands enforcers attack the peaceful outsider villages and take uninfected young people captive.

The story follows three brothers: Levi, Mason, and Omar. Levi wants to free his people—especially his fiancé, who has been put into the Safe Lands harem where she will be forced to experience artificial insemination. Mason wants to help the Safe Lands find a cure, which he believes will solve everything. And Omar thinks the Safe Lands is a much better place to live than their old village. But he’s about the find out that the grass is now always greener on the other side of a five story wall.

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